I think I may have colon cancer

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For 8 weeks now I have had dyspepsia but 5 weeks in I have developed diahorrea. I have a sensitive tummy anyway and I have had my gall bladder removed 6 months ago. But now I can feel a hard mass on my left hand side slightly up from my belly button its there day after day so its not a stool. I've been to the doctor who also (I think) felt it and put a stethoscope to it?? and has asked me to have a Liver function test.

I am beside myself with worry I don't think I've had blood in my stools but its hard to say as I have had haemorrhoids for many years. This last 2 weeks I have started to loose weight 4lbs in total so far I'm not sure if its because I'm watching what I eat or ??? I'm in such a blue funk I can't eat or think straight. I'm driving my family mad , I'm making plans for my funeral and sorting out my cupboards but the feeling of dread washes over me all the time. I am a drinker not excessive but a 3 glasses of 10% wine a night and 53 so I'm right there in the danger bracket.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this as I don't know what I expect peoplel to say perhaps just to hear someone else is going/gone through this. I fel so desperate I've got children on the cusp of adult hood and I'm terrified I'm not going to see them grow up. 

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    Loss of weight could be because of anxiety.  Having your gallbladder removed can lead to stomach trioubles like IBS which can cause the symptoms you are having.  Sometimes during gallbladder removal. Bile ducts can get disturbed.  Ask for an ultrasound, CT, endoscopy, colonoscopy. Celiac blood test, stool tests.  Worry will make your symptoms worse,  Don't google anything, just ask for these investigations.

    It took three and a half months and eight doctor visits to get diagnosed with IBS.  I was consumed with panic, terror, anxiety, and despair because no one could help.  I googled to give doctors something to go on and I too was convinced I had something very nasty indeed.  It did not enter my head I had something very common and non threatening.  Only one out of eight doctors recognised my IBS symptoms.

    Keep a food diary to check for any intolerances.

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    Hi clare67000

    Obviously your doctor is going in the direction of liver problems. You could have what's known as a 'fatty liver' whereby your liver can slightly swell. It would be in your best interest to cut right down on the wine or give it up altogether by gradually weaning your self of it i.e 2 per night for a week then 1 per night a week then one every other night until you have none.

    Your weight loss could well be you are watching what your eating or your constant anxiety.

    I think you have started to run before the gun has gone off. Just relax and have a positive attitude. Wait for your tests and go from there. I have a friend who has a fatty liver and she is fine but she does eat well and doesn't drink!....my best wishes to you for a favourable outcome......

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    If you are in the UK and your GP had the slightest thought that it could be cancer, he would fast track you through the system, scans mri's bladder and kidney tests, liver ct. You would be seen in less than two weeks.

    Please don't let your thoughts run away with you, the swelling could even be a hernia.

    Your liver is on your right hand side.

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    hi clare sorry to hear about your problem-----ist let me explain to you you don,t need to be worried about your liver because liver is on right side not on left side---so calm down ok i don,t know the doctor which you visit is i think un professional sorry to say-----take a deep breath man why you go to conclusion-----you are completely safe-----you will see your kids growing up and as well as your grand sons to-----i have my gall bladder removed 6 years ago i have polyps in my gall bladder------after gall bladder surgery biopsy of gall bladder was clear-----now come to the point from last 3 and half years i have terrible stomach problem and i feel heavy in my chest and pass different colour of stool-----some time fine some time soft stool some time loose stool----i visit physcians,medical specialists,chest specialist,cardiologist,gastroenterologists---almost do lot of tests liver function,cbc,tyroid,hepaptites,ultrasounds,echo of heart 7+ ecgs,2 stool tests,and as well as my blood is totaly checked when i donate my blood to my nephew he was serious------no thing shows bad------all of the tests comes normal-----people say and i google i eat oreo black biscuits few weeks ago i pass black stool thats it i go to the doctor as i google and google show me esophagus cancer and stomach cancer doc say me its fine no need to worry its because of biscuits but i insist him to endoscopy its done already no things shows bad-----i am worried about my intestine now which i discuss with doctor and he give me some medicine but i didnot feel any pain but i google it and my mind will be clear once i do colonscopy-------my request to you is that don,t google symptoms on google it will make your mind crazy-------and in my opion liver function test is totaly waste of time because liver is in right side--------you have any problem of stool like loose motions etc------may be its because of bowl problems known as ibs-----and let me confirm that you say you have gall bladder sugery is it laparoscopic surgery or open surgery------i have done laparoscopic surgey and in that surgon will check you liver and all stomach for infection while doing surgery of gall bladder---------so your stomach is clear may be its just a gastric problem i have lot of gastric problem after gall bladder surgery-----in my opnion just do ultra sound but nothing to be worried you loose weight because of anxiety or you think every time that may be you have some serious problem----------just try to talk to your doctor and use gastric medicine which will help you-----
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      Thank you haider43332its been a great help to hear about your problems post gallbladder removal . I had it done via keyhole surgery. I was so beside myself this morning I went to an out of hours doctor at the hospital he checked the LFT results and the full blood count and said everything was normal. My so called lump was really the main artery running down to the digestive tract and he could find nothing sinister but he will write to my doctor suggesting the endoscopy and colonoscopy so I left feeling reassured.
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      ok clare thats good endoscopy and colonscopy will help you--------i have my endoscopy recently its clear and i have stool problems thats why i insist on doctor for colonscopy but he is not intersted he give me one thing tablets and i am using it now but i need to do colonscopy as he say me next month we will decide------------just go for it and endoscopy and colonscopy will be also clear----------don,t be to much stress and don,t google any thing please i am 30 years and facing more complactions then you------after gall bladder surgery there is lot of complactions------we have to face it now if any further question plz send msg i will reply you

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