I think my SPD has lead to me having arthritis in my hips and pelvis.

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I’ve just been told that I’ve got Osteoarthritis in my hips and pelvis from the results of an X-ray, I’m feeling a bit shocked, I’m 25, and nearly one year post natal. During my pregnancy I got very bad SPD, but was reassured it would go once I had my baby. Fast forward a year I’ve been going to doctors saying it still isn’t going it’s getting worse they sent me for physio which sadly made the pain so bad I couldn’t even walk after. I’ve kept saying I feel twisted and one physio even agreed with me but refused to treat me until I had had an X-ray and scans. I don’t know what to do I've got this fear that while I've got this imbalance every movement will be making my OA worse and I know its a permanent thing which is so scary I cant shake the thought that the SPD relaxed my muscles and now there imbalanced and causing the joint to wear down. How can I get the doctors to help me. Is there anything I can do myself that might help.

sorry I've never posted anything before just looking for some advice.



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    osteoarthritis in the hips can be very painful xrays will show the joint damage and is a good way to keep track of the advancement over time. hip joint replacement may be something to consider in time.

    hio osteo can become debilitating over time and effect quality of life and mobility. joint replacement will help give back a better quality of life.

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      Thanks for replying the X-ray has shown the joint damage. I'm just convinced its from my hip problems during pregnancy. I didn't have any problems before that I think my hips are twisted i feel pain only in my right side and I walk funny sometimes it feels like one leg is longer than the other. Think I'm just struggling to come to terms with what I've been told was hoping someone had had a similar experience and might be able to advise me.

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      hi melissa i had problems with my back and hips in the last 3 months of my pregnancy once i had physio i was in bad pain everytime and physio refused to do anymore about 6 months after i had my son i got an mri scan they confirmed bulging discs in lower spine and i had to get surgery they done this about a year later everything they said went well so had physio during recovery everything got worse got emergency scan and told me osteoarthritis and refused to do surgery because its going inwards hitting nerves said i could end up paralised so now im 8 years on still having problems and now my knees have tears and buildup fluid im always in pain days i dont wanna do anything i do have other problems amongst these like fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hands but they cant do anymore so i pray you dont have any problems like me in the future i really do hope you get better and always speak to your doctor if you need to im sorry ive nothing refreshing that can help you im on alot off pain medications but still have pain

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      Hi Jenny,

      I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been suffering so much and nothing seems to be helping, I know I really struggle with the mental impact that being in constant pain brings. Such as not be able to go out with my family when I want to. I’ve recently decided to get a mobility scooter, and although I feel really self conscious I get to go out whenever I want It really helps my mental health. I’m just desperate for some answers I don’t know what makes it worse or what sometimes helps just feeling confused. Thank you for your reply though it helps to hear from people and makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone and things could always be worse.

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      Jenny, kudos to you for getting a mobility scooter. ultimately that is my next goal. could you pm the type you have and how you like it?

      I already have grocery shopper apps, they are great . no more lugging heavy bags and walking for miles without any place to sit, groceries are ordered online and delivered . roomba is also great . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!and apps for so many things helps take the daily load off and make life a lot easier.

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      Melissa .... kudos to you for deciding to get a mobility scooter.

      poor jenny shes probably wondering why that poor lady HOPE , gave her kudos.


      i am hoping to try one soon, maybe rent a few first. there are so many used and new scooters. have you decided on what scooter you may get?

      jenny... this is what happens when watching tv while adding to responses on these health boards. i gotta pay attention but sometime the subject on tv is very distracting interrupts my thought process and it doesnt take much these days. LOL

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    melissa and jenny, both your responses really hits home with my long experience with joint osteo. three hip joint surgeries, hand and knee surgeries. shoulders and back are painful with disc degeneration , spondylosis , its tough when effects are a daily struggle.

    i wish there was a better answer for all of us. its sooo exhausting i have very little energy in my 70's and been fighting joint issues and surgeries for 25 years one after another. theres always pain and always life adjustments so much lost due to osteo. but... there are lots of handicapped products to make our lives easier.

    i hope and pray that your lives will be better with all the adjustments necessary to be mindful of our movements while planning every detail when taking on normal daily tasks . reachers are my favorite helper. they are great i have 6 of them for several areas in the home. i can pick up a needle to a tiny pill they are so helpful. and many other products for so many uses.

    stay well and happy each day is a blessing life is good. one day at a time.

    hugs HOPE

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      Hi Hope,

      Sorry you’ve experienced daily pain too, it was a tough decision to get a scooter my partner ultimately made it for me. I went to shop mobility in the local area to try one out for a few hours then I rented one for a day out and finally ordered a TGA zest. We live at the bottom of a hill so I’d hardly been out at all before. But now I can get to the top of the hill no problem. And go out with family. I recommend getting a scooter with fairly good suspension as the curbs and bumps can sometimes hurt a little. I’ll have to look in to getting a rumba hoovering is so painful. I bet my little boy will love chasing it!

      Thank you for you response I wish you luck,


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    I was diagnosed early hip osteoarthritis in my late 30's. Have a lot of damage on right hip joint. Also some muscle/ligament damage. Had the old 'one leg longer than other routine'. This issue started with feeling misaligned in my late 20's and general fobbing off by doctors and various physios led to issue getting worse.

    Three years ago I was in chronic pain with this. Now reasonably pain free.

    What worked:

    • Cut out all nightshades from my diet. Have recently also moved to lectin-free diet. It may not be the cause of the damage, but will reduce inflammation.
    • Took additional things for pain that were non-drug based. Best ones were curcumin and something called SAME (S-adenosyl-L-methionine)
    • Followed the advice of a very nice person on this website who has now written a book
    • Did loads of yoga hip stretches and lower back stretches/poses to unkink muscles and strengthen them up
    • Went to a physio who told me I have s-shaped scoliosis - curve at base and top of spine - think that misalignment was main thing that f'd up my hip joints. I work on this now by strengthening core muscles and glutes.
    • Strengthening up quadricep muscles is a good way of supporting hip joints. If quadriceps are weak, also worth taking extra vitamin D as low Vit D can weaken quadriceps.

    I'm not sure what SDP is but it does sound like your are misaligned and out of whack, perhaps pelvis, etc. Not sure if you've been to physio but worth checking pelvis allignment and asking about scoliosis.

    I appreciate how frustrating this is, and how crap being in pain is. I use to only be pain free when sleeping, but trip was to get the inflammation down (curcumin, SAME, diet) and strengthen up the muscle groups that support hip joints.

    Good luck.

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      Hi Veronica,

      Thank you for replying and all your helpful tips. I’m sorry you’ve experienced chronic pain too. It gives me hope that your relatively pain free now.

      It’s so frustrating getting fobbed off all the time by everyone doctors are now telling me they don’t think I have osteoarthritis that the scan was wrong I asked for another scan but they refused saying it will make me feel worse.

      Implying the pain was in my head? It seems like they have no idea what’s causing the pain. All I know it’s that before I was pregnant I wasn’t in constant pain. During pregnancy I got diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) also know as pelvic girdle pain. I couldn’t believe the levels of pain I was experiencing I couldn’t even walk. Every time I went for help they wouldn’t do anything but say it will go once I had the baby, over a year later and it hasn’t. Thankfully I can walk a little now around the house so that’s something.

      I’m just at a bit of loss been going to physio for months tried every exercise even the rehabilitation centres. But everything they do makes it worse and they just don’t seem to understand they are telling me to strengthen everything at my local gym when I’m lucky if I can stand up for more than 10 minutes. They refuse to give me stronger pain killers because of the age of my baby.

      I’m willing to try anything I’ll start with the diet to reduce inflammation. I’m currently googling it. I’ll also find out more about the other things you’ve mentioned.

      Thanks again for responding your advice has helped me think more positively I thought I had exhausted my options. It's nice to know this isn't the case.

      Hope your well,


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