I've a chronic and extremely bad breath for more than 5yrs. I need help please.

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My breath smells very badly for more than 5yrs now. I ve gone to the doctor several times but to no avail. My teeth ve no problem and i did a general cleaning last week. I ve used all sorts of mouth washes, tongue scrapers, tooth paste and medicines but is like the smell comes from inside. Now my work and even my relationship with my family and love ones is hindered cuz they can't bear the smell. Please help me????

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    Do you have a constant white coating on your tongue? If so, you must start taking digestive enzymes before every meal. Your digestive system isn't properly digesting all of your food. Take a strong probiotic such as VSL3. Eat fermented foods as often as possible. Cut out dairy COMPLETELY and try to cut out sugar, as well. Drink a LOT of water every day. This will most definitely help your problem.

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    Hello Felix

    I to have the same problemrolleyes

    does ur smell come out of ur nose too?

    what ive read in several places is that u can try a three day water fast. many have been cured like this and its probably the most inexpensive treatment.also u can try a liver flush... hope this helps

    bob is onto something. i onced cured myself taking enzymes with my meals, but this happened only after completeing a three day waer fast. my bb went back to normal becaue i got so excited that i started eating a bunch of junk food and ice cream. so once u find u are cured, keep a balanced and healthly diet for at least three days to a week.

    Ima start another fast tomorrow... wish me luck

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      I would suggest eliminating dairy from your diet for good. Dairy is bad for your body, there's no other way around it. Tonsil stones, throat stones, tongue coating, all have a tie to dairy. Dairy stems from mucus. Just stop eating it and you will notice your health at level you've never experienced before.
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      Thanx pixiepez! Am I appreciate your assistance so much and wish u good luck. The smell comes out of my nose too so I will try what u said. Can u pls tell me much about the 3 day water fast?
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      thank u for ur relpy bobsmile

      funny thing is that my bb does smell like tonsil stones because i had a few when i had my tonsils removed but when i look at the far back of my tongue i dont see a thick coating. even when using a spoonrolleyes also my tongue doesnt get coated unless i eat lots of sweets (they make the smell worse too). maybe the smell is coming from inside? however, i want to b cured so ill stay away from dairy and see what happens..

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    hi again

    ur welcome. i dont want anyone to suffer from this...

    anyways.. a water fast is drinking nothing but water. no solid foods and no juice. the longest i did was three days. i didnt start again like i planned but i will start this week for sure. u can fast with me if u want the support. i know its harder to fast when u are trying it alone. before i try this i am going to do another liver flush. the doctor confirmed have a gallstone. do u have problems with ur liver? ur pancreas and liver can also be causing ur bb because they produce bile and enzymes,that are essential to digestion.

    also, if u dont want to do a water fast u can try Kunjal Kriya and/or Shankhaprakshalana. google these words. they are yoga techniques. i havent tried them but someone suggested them on a similar forum. they sound promising because they are yoga practices.

    one more thing i have been loooking into is eatig for ur blood type. ive been trying to change my diet but i feel like im not sure whats right for me and this give a good idea as to what ur body needs.

    lastly, ima see a nutritionist on Tueday and ill let ur know what he says.

    until then. best of lucksmile i know we an find a cure if we also work together

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    Follow the steps as given:

    1. Take a mild laxative on day 1.

    2. Do kunjal, that is internal stomach wash with tepid water, first thing in the morning on day 3. On day 3, after kunjal, within 20 mins eat a cooked preparation of rice with 'moong' lentil (ratio 2:1) with only a little salt and clarified butter (ghee) obtained from all indian stores. Avoid tea, coffee, all dairy products, citrus fruit for the day.

    Avoid kunjal if a patient of high blood pressure or heart problems.

    Test your breath; it is 100% bound to be clean.

    3. Subsequently, take the vow (and follow it up!):

        a) no dairy, mild black or green tea with little or no sugar

        b) a mild laxative once a month, if the problem repeats itself, but not more        frequently.

        c) kunjal now and then, say once in 15 days, but NOT on the day a laxative is taken.

        d) learn the easy yoga kriyas of agnisaara, kapalbhati and do some asanas involving the stomach.

        e) read up on the net and practice mudras which expel flatulence the natural way. They are deceptively simple to do, indeed laughably simple.

        f) avoid non-vegetarian foods and fried foods. Substitute with tasty baked snacks.

    All the best Felix, all is not lost. Most people have these problems, but they have learnt to deal with them. Some take laxatives every single day, which is harmful. So please follow these steps and give me a feedback won't you?

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      "On day 3, after kunjal, within 20 mins eat a cooked preparation of rice with 'moong' lentil (ratio 2:1) with only a little salt and clarified butter (ghee) obtained from all indian stores. Avoid tea, coffee, all dairy products, citrus fruit for the day"

      But clarified butter (ghee) is a dairy product, so your advice is contradictory.

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