I've been experiencing a lot different symptoms, that I suspect may be linked to each other.

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Age: 17

Sex: Male

Race: Scandinavian/Middle Eastern?

Height: 6'6

Weight: 158 pounds


I've for a very long time been experiencing several issues with my body, I suspect that some of these issues may be connected, and I would really appreciate if you could take a look.

I have other issues, like bad eyesight, second hand smoker, seborrhoisk dermatitis, which could also be linked.

3 Years ago, I caught the worst cold I ever had, which I belive lasted about 2 weeks? I was experiencing extreme fatigue and wasn't really able to do anything for the entire duration, after the sore throat and coughing was gone. I thought I was perfectly healthy, but I was still experiencing extreme fatigue, this went on for like a month, before I got I went to my local doctor, I was told I probably had Glandular fever, and that I would probably go away within like 3-4 weeks or so, I don't remember exactly. 2-3 Months went by, and I was still experiencing these symptoms. I then decided to go to a specialized doctor, who took some blood tests, and I was told that they had too many white blood cells, and I probably had some sort of infection that you get after having Glandular fever. I also went to the hospital to get my throat x-ray scanned, but I don't remember what they suspected it to be, no results. I was told to wait a month, and then get my blood tested again. My blood tests came back, showing no inbalance. I was still experiencing fatigue, this went on for another year, until the symptoms just dissappeared out of nowhere.

8 months ago, a cherry sized thing on my back appeared, which turned out to be an infection of the sebaceous gland. I was told to take pencilin/antibiotics, 3 times a day for 2 weeks. 2 weeks went by, and the infection seemed to be gone, only to reppear 2 days later way worse than before. I went to the doctor again, and I was told to take pencilin again, for another 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, this time, it didn't even dissappear, the antibiotics just did nothing at all.. I contacted my doctor, and I was told that it wasn't actually dangerous, and the only real reason to get surgery was if the pain was too much. But she wouldn't recommend it. I still have this issue currently, where it appears and dissappears once in a while, but for the most part I don't experience pain.

3 weeks ago, I noticed a non-visible small lump on the back of my head, marked on this picture. https://imgur.com/a/TcSAKHV I went on here to ask for help, and was told that it was probably a lymph node, and I should get it checked out. Which I did, I went to the doctor, and he sort just felt it, and said it was just a sebaceous gland.

2 Weeks ago, I started experiencing very uncomfortable pain in both my hands and fingers. I thought that this was probably linked to bad posture, but I got it checked out anyways. I was checked for marfan syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and hand arthritis, I didn't have any of them. My blood sample did however show that I was D vitamin sufficient and I had too many white blood cells, once again. I didn't have any viral infection going when I got my blood sampled. My doctor concluded that this all could have something to do with too little vitamin d, and told me to take daily supplements, for 3 months. I have started taking these, not really sure if I should be feeling any difference yet, but I am not. This is what I'm the most worried about, since my job is using my computer, and I'm not sure if I cause permanent damage, by still using it. I was 100% that I had carpal tunnel syndrome, since I have been experiencing a sharp tingling sensation very occasionally in my finger tips, starting like a year prior to this maybe a bit less.

A week ago, I started getting a weird feeling when I turn my back, it makes this "grinding noise", I can hear it pretty clearly, and it feels like I run out of breath or something, when this occurs. Now when I stand up to long, I get this very discomforting pain in the left side of my back until I sit or lay down. I want to get this checked, but I don't know how to explain it to my doctor.

That was pretty much everything, I really really hope that someone is able to guide me on how to go about my issue. Sorry for poor explanation but english is not my native language. Questions are very much welcome, I can provide pictures if asked for.

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    Do you eat a lot of sugar and carbohydrates? I'm diabetic and notice that if I eat too much sugar or bread, pasta, etc., I get boils and cysts. When I eat more of a protein diet, they disappear. A deficiency in B12 can cause tingling hands and feet. B12 is found in eggs, beef, chicken, etc. Sounds like you might need a higher protein intake and less sugar.

    I've always had a high white blood count. Some people just do. However, it could be allergies. Might be allergy to wheat or just pollen. Try an elimination diet. I eat a high protein/low carb diet and my skin has never looked better.

    As far as your back, it could be just a diaphragm spasm or arthritis in a vertebra.

    How is your digestion? That might hold some clues also. Take care!

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      Thanks for answering I really appreciate it 😃

      Yes, I would say I eat a lot of sugar, not too sure about carbohydrates.

      I think you're right, I don't think I have anywhere near enough protein in my diet currently.

      I'll try a high protein/low carb diet for a couple of months.

      I've been suspecting an allergy as well, so I tried not eating wheat for 6-7 months, but I did not see any diffence

      Yeah, I read about people having high white blood cell counts, but my last 2 years of blood tests are showing inconsistencies, which make me confused.

      My leukocyte count is high on the majority of my blood tests, but for half of 2016 it was just normal.

      My lymphocytes count however has always been high, sometimes close to double the average count, which has me worried.

      Would arthritis in the vertebra not be detected by a normal blood test?

      If not I'll contact my doctor regarding the possibility of this.

      I have trouble with digestion, I think.

      I've had this since very early teens, where I only have to "go" like every 2-3 days.

      If I eat a lot, I don't get this problem.

      Thanks again 😃

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    You certainly have a long list of ailments. Have you always been sickly? Or did this pattern of sickness develop only as you've documented here, and not before? You are only 17 years old. Are your parents involved in trying to find what's causing all this? You didn't mention them. At least one of them should accompany you on your doctors visits. I say this because the doctors appear to be brushing you off with "take a pill and call me in 3 weeks" types of treatment. From what you've written, they pretty surely have no clue what's causing your problems. The next time you visit a doctor, I recommend you see an Internal Medicine specialist. Advise him/her of your past visits and lack of results. Be clear that you expect to be treated with respect, diligence, and tenacity. Being told to take a pill and come back in two weeks is no longer acceptable. Your parents should be there to strongly reinforce the notion that the doctor must take ownership rather than giving you a brush off. All that aside, I agree with the other responder. Your problem suggests it may be diet related. At 6'6" and 158 lbs., you are very thin. If you don't already do so, start taking a multi-vitamin every day and supplement it with additional vitamin D. Try eliminating all foods containing gluten and simple carbohydrates. Before you do, though, look up gluten-free dieting so that you can ensure you're getting proper nutrition after you remove those elements from your diet. Be sure to eat plenty of meat. A simple guide is that each meal should contain a quantity of protein equivalent to the size and thickness of your palm. Also, for your next doctor visit, get a blood sugar test if you have not already done so.

    Good luck to you. Please update this thread to let us know how you're doing.

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      Thanks for answering, I really appreciate it! 😃

      I haven't always been sickly, I would say it started to develope as I documented.

      My parents are involved and they too are unhappy with my treatment.

      I'm already taking multi-vitamin every day, I'll start supplementing it with extra vitamin D.

      I'll start on high protein/low carb diet, and I'll make sure to update this thread with results.

      Thank you for the well wishes, have a nice day 😃

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