I've been having AF for a few months on and off.my cardiologist wants me to go on Apixaban.

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Is anyone out there having similar problems as me? I've been having AF for a couple of months on and off and my cardiologist wants me to go on to Apixaban and also beta blockers to help slow down the heart rate.

The problem is, Apixaban doesn't have an antibote sothis worries me. Is there an alternative to taking these drugs? Warfarin does not appeal because of all the problems with diet etc and extra vit K that could interfere with it.

Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

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    The Apixaban of course is to avoid the risk of stroke  - I assume based on your age and risk factors your consultant would have accessed that and he should tell you what risks you have and therefore why he thinks right for you so you can be satisfied in your own mind.       I've been on Apixaban for 2 years.   I went on it along with other heart meds after not having AF for nearly a year after ablation.   I was disappointed to go back on meds and was convinced that warfarin didn't suit me so I was put on Apixaban.     When they put you on it they told me the problem you mention and I thought yeek.    In the 2 years I have been on it I have had no problems.    I had a camera procedure which could cause bleeding and my insructions were not to take it on the morning on that procedure.    For an operation I had to stop it 48 hours before.    I asked the dentist if ever i had to have a tooth out  in emergency would that be a problem and he said no.    So I am less fearful that I was.    Granted there are things that could happen to make you bleed other than planned events but I guess your chances of that happening are possibly less than the risk of a stroke if you have AF.     On balance if you are given the reason for the need for it and are satisfied its appropriate taking into account your risk factors then don't worry.    It's much easier than warfarin for sure. 

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      Thank you sooo much Kate. I've been reading up on the meds and which one to take and when my cardiologist suggested Apixaban I was rather confused about the side effects, but you have given me confidence. Are you also on a beta blocker?

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      I'm on Beta Bloker bisoprol 2.5 per day.   I'm also on Flecanide 150mg per day.  If you are being offered just Apixaban and beta blocker that is a more conservative approach than on a bigger cocktail of 3.     I think the Flecanide is giving me side effects or magnifying my existing one's  for different ailments but I don't know for sure.  From the forum is clear to see we all get AF for different reasons, we are all on different drugs and we all have different re-actions to them.     I had flutter in 2011 then 1st ablation in 2013 at that point off the drugs.  Then had AF in Jan 2015 so back on a different cocktail of all drugs.    I wish with the power of hindsight I went on the drugs one at a time to see how I was but then I don't have the power of hindsight and who knows if that Idea was even viable. I do feel more enpowered now about what to ask and suggest for myself.     Maybe  if it becomes necessary with the beta blockers start with the lowest dose and go up IF necessary. It's all about understanding what and why the consultant wants you to do it.    Good Luck. 

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    I have been taking Eliquis for 8 months and find it as safe as any . Warfarin requires constant monitoring as opposed to these new drugs .

    I wouldn't hesitate to take or at least try.

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    I took Apixaban for almost two years with no problems or side effects. I've recently been told that I can stop taking it as I have been AF free since my ablation back in April and my CHADS score is 1.

    i was told to go on warfarin for two weeks prior to the ablation and really found it difficult to get my levels right.

    I was very happy to go back onto Apixaban post ablation, it's just so much simpler.

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    Hi, I'm currently on Apixaban while I preapre for a cardioversion. I've never had any problems with it and will probably come off 6 weeks after cardioversion as my CHAS score is 0. I'm also on Dronedaron at the moment as well and that scares me more than the Apixaban. I was on Flecainide before but didn't get on with it.

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    Hi. I am on Rivaroxaban (Xeralto), one of the same new group of thinners but have stopped bisoprolol and subsequently verapamil after 2 ablations as both drugs did little for me except make me feel like a zombie and pile on weight. Although better than i was, i still get PAF episodes every 10-14 days, hence needing thinners. I am being monitored for liver function which has been throwing some 'borderline abnormal' results, which from reading the blurb with Xeralto, can happen. However, as others note, it is easier to manage than Warfarin and 1 year on, minor gum bleeding on teeth brushing is my only other issue and bigger bruises if i catch myself. I am scheduled for a third 'tweak' ablation in Feb, and if that finally resolves my PAF, i will aim to stop all meds at some point if possible. Apixaban is my alternatie thinner offered if i have to change at any point. Check up on side effects so you are fully informed. Good luck.

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