I've been having blood in stool for 3 months! and worried sick it could be colon cancer..

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I'm 21 years old male..

So for about 3 months I started noticing little red stains on my stool almost everytime I have bowel movement, I didn't even know it was blood at first, but when it persisted for a week I went to a gastroenterologist, but he either didn't seem to really care or he wasn't very skilled, he checked me almost without touching while telling me to cough meanwhile, then he said that I just have some inflammations, prescribed me some ointment and few tabs and told me to come back after a week, but the bleeding didn't stop by then.. if not became more obvious.

e told me to stay for another week and when I asked him if I need to do colonoscopy he told me that it's unnecessary.

So I went to another doctor, after checking on me he said I've SEVERE internal hemorrhoids that's probably gonna need a surgery after treatment, it was a good news to me to be honest.

He prescribed some tabs, a drink and a suppositor.

I visited him after a week but the bleeding didn't stop, he said the same as the other doctor when I asked him if I needed a colonoscopy, and said that only if I'm worried.. and I WAS worried so I went to schedule a colonoscopy but was shocked by how awful the preparations and the operation itself, so voila! worry is gone! for now..

I stayed on the medicine for a little while then went to ANOTHER doctor, he checked me very well, and said that I've no hemorrhoids whatsoever! which was so weird to hear after the last one, but also was reassuring me that it's nothing serious, he asked for stool analysis and blood image, which turned out to be clear from anything except for Amoeba and hemoglobin of 13.2

He said that there's nothing to worry about and prescribed me some tabs for amoeba and told me to stay on the previous meds as well..

I stayed with him for about 2 weeks, with no results, but getting worse..

He was absent the last time I visited him so I went to a fourth doctor, which after checking said that I've a very mild hemorrhoids (that he didn't even mention until I asked) and that it's most likely ulcerative colitis, he prescribed me meds and a certain diet, and told me to expect results in 5 days, which was 3 days ago...

I now have many more symptoms (since the last month), I don't know anymore whether they're because of my SEVERE anxiety, or the side effects of the many meds I'm taking or just an underlying illness..

I'm now passing more blood (not much but more than ever) which sometimes drips rather than being only like streaks on the stool, and some white matter which I think is mucus, mild nausea, mild pressure at a certain point which I think is in the sigmoid (almost most of the time now) and rarely in other areas of the colon but mostly in the lower left quarter of the abdomen, and about at least 5 kgs weight loss (I'm now 76 last year I weighed 85 but I had changed my diet so not sure..), a feeling of hunger and little nausea at the same time and lightheadedness, stools have been a little thinner than usual but that's since the beginning of the 3 months, and only recently lighter in color.

My normal bowel movements used to be only once daily, but now they're 2-5 times a day, no diarrhea or constipation, I also noticed that the first bowel movement I have everyday is bloody, while the rest times have little to no blood.

I also would like to mention that before all these symptoms occur (including blood) I've had 2 severe consecutive constipations, but I can't find a relation here since the symptoms didn't occur right after.

Throughout the entire time I wanted to do colonoscopy but doctors were reassuring and always telling me "if you're only worried", well I am worried.. but I also don't want to undergo such thing for nothing.. but now I DEFINITELY intend to do it, but this can't be before a week or so due to the schaduling and the hospital work days and so, but I'm afraid I might DIE of anxiety before then, and because I feel that it's too late..I also have read about every single illness and possibility including colon cancer which I could NEVER rule out, I'm trully DESPERATE for some reassurance right now

I think I've most (if not all) of the symptoms of colon cancer, even though non of them is painful or severe but I'm still worried as I read that they don't have to be severe..

If it's really ulcerative colitis aren't 3 days enough to make the blood at least decrease, but not increase?

Did anyone else have a similar experience? could it really be colon cancer? my doctors seemed to never have considered this because of my age I think.

Another question, are 3 months enough for colon cancer to spread?

I'm looking forward to hear from you..


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    My goodness your having a lot of different issues

    Colin cancer can happen at any age it's just more common in people over 50 years old

    I would love to know how they diagnosed ulcerative colitis without a sigmoidoscopy that's a new one

    Blood coming from your back passage can be anything but if it's dripping it's more than likely hemaroids and it is bright red. You getting all worked up won't help and I know you can't help it

    But get to your doctor and get at least a sigmoidoscopy which looks at your lower colon on your left side that will tellbwherevthevbloid is coming from and it only lasts for 5 -10 mins instead if 30/40 mins for a full colonoscopy

    So stop thinking that your going to die that's not going to happen but get the bleeding addressed and then you can get on with your life

    I hope you get it sorted

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      It's true none of them mentioned sigmoidoscopy I don't know why, maybe they didn't have it in their clinics, the one who diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis was because of my symptoms I think, I just wish I could find a difference between my symptoms and colon cancer, that what keeps me worried and thinking..

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      No. I Believe you it's just it's got to be diagnosed by taking a biopsy of your colon as sometimes you cant see it with the camera the dripping of the blood sounds like hemaroids Colon cancer doesn't do that if you were constipated that can cause a small tear in your anus also hemaroids can cause dripping blood but you will need to be pretty firm with them ask for a sigmoidoscopy the preparation is the worst bit every body in here will tell you the same so get it checked out and that will put your mind at rest

      And you can come back on and let us know how you get on try not to worry

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    a colonoscopy (includes a sigmoidoscopy at the entrance) is the way to go with biopsies (even if macroscopically nothing is seen), that are taken.

    Why do you fear the prep? My child with 14 had it even done!

    Just make sure it is a prep, that is known to cause no cramping. (e.g. Picolax)

    It was far less toilet stops than thought and of course the colon needs to be squeaky clean in order to be correctly seen.

    Bright red blood is always better than digested black blood or invisible/occult blood.

    Since a nice hard rabbit stool constipation, we have experience with fissures (without anatomic obvious sagging hemorrhoids) and the bright red blood seems to come and come even stool was soft, taking a long time to heal it seems (months in now).

    So yes, go for a scope, all will be good! And hopefully - if fissures or hemorrhoids - this problem can be fixed or heal finally. It's no fun having blood dripping all the time even for benign reasons.

    As to hemoglobin (hb) level, I wished I had a 13.2 g/dl ever in my life as a female. biggrin

    Your hb value shows either that this was your range anyway

    (don't forget, a normal reference range is a mathematical Gaussian calculation, being slightly over or under in most parameters does not automatically mean, it's pathologic. There were normal healthy people in the study group, that were over or under, those 'extremes' get cut out for reference value Gaussian 95% calculation. Do you have a comparison value before bleeding? Also food will influence value. It does sound a bit low for men though, yes, but not surprising in your case.)

    or that it had decreased due to constant blood loss

    (welcome to the world of females).

    Anyhow despite the reason for a slightly male lower value (absolut fine for women), you are not anemic, so all good from the point of oxygen supply.

    You want to stop bleeding though.

    You can't do any of the bowel cancer screen tests (which sreen for occult blood.)

    All the best!

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      Thank you very much for your informative reply Sanya, and you're right I'm not considered anemic, but my guess is that I've been over 14 hg (the normal) before it happened (I'm very healthy actually), actually I did 2 blood tests.. the first was 13.7 while the second was 13.2 with only 11 days in between, I know that it can vary due to many variables but I think there's still an obvious decline here (which didn't seem to worry the doctor).

      I also made sure to ask every doctor if it could be a fissure or not, they all claimed to having inspected the rectum very well (with finger) and if there was something abnormal they would've known.

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      Yes, 13.7 and 13.2 g/dl is very close together considered same-ish value, but on the low side for a man.

      Well yes, if you could tollerate a rectal finger exam, it is not the common fissures as they are very sore. Very, very sore.

      Even going to the toilet hurts, burns, itchs. 

      Vein ruptures hurt less.

      Yes, colonoscopy is the way to go!

      Need a look if varices, inflammation or ulcer cause bleeding.

      GOOD LUCK!!!


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    I just noticed that pale stools could be a sign of jaundice, and as I wrote up there I started noticing lighter stools in color recently, is that true?? I can't really notice a difference in my skin color or my eyes, but does that mean something has spread to the liver?!

    I keep having all the reasons to worry as I'm waiting for my colonoscopy..

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      First of all:

      you hold a (and more) hemoglobin blood tests, so that kind of means, you had other serum tests too and basic standart is: liver panel.

      Nothing showed up there, right?

      So time to relax.

      Now into detail, if your skin/eyeballs are not yellowish, than you don't have to consider jaundice. (Skin can also yellow from eating carrots)

      (jaundice= icterus= a build up of total bilirubin in blood, levels of total bilirubin of 2.5 to 3 mg/dL = 42.8 to 51.3 µmol/ L and more will be visible in skin):

      The reasons for the bilirubin build up in blood can be pre- intra- or post hepatic. (please search internet)

      A real clay pale stool would be a typical post hepatic reason (meaning the liver is healthy at first, but its produced parcel (=bile) not delivered due to exit problems, and when too much bile backlog pushes back into liver, well than it get's effected, too)

      obstructive jaundice = normal bilirubin amount to process, excreted via urine (water soluble version thanks to liver) and bile,

      but due to bile duct blockage/drainage problem not able to flow out into duodenum.

      When bile does not go into guts, the stool looks constantly pale. 

      50 shades of brown are normal for stool colour possibilities due to diet. ;-)

      But if you have clay pale stools, please mention to your doc!

      Bilirubin is usually not done in basic serum, or is it.

      Have to say, that back in my lab days we visually looked at each serum and made a note on result, if the serum looked yellowish - very differnt shades of yellow intensity were not mentioned-, to indicate to order a bilirubin test.

      Going through your original post: what do you mean with 'amoeba'???that was found?


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    i have also fear of death that i have colon cancer, beacause i have also many symptoms of colon cancer such as unshaped/unformed/mushy stool and burping for 6 months but yet cannot see gastroenterologist, for 2 days i feel more symptoms such as burning in different places of abdomen for a sec , breathing problem,lttle heaviness in stomach ,gurgling,. but i  cannot seen any blood in my stool yet....so buddy what ur opinion for me???


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    Hi  sameh48216,

    I understand the worry that you are going through. Am going through the same challenge. it is more than 1 year now that am bleeding.I did colonoscopy and they diagnosed of having internal hemorrhoids,was put under medication but still it didn't stop i went back for sigmoidoscopy still result were the same. still am bleeding. went back to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he gave me the medicine to take and if it doesn't stop i go back for surgery. Am worried and i don't know what to do.

    Whoever has gone through the same and has made it can tell us more.


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    Dear sameh

    I have similar issue, went near 3 doctors and the issue used to continue, recently I had antibiotics nizonide , I felt like I cured but after 2 weeks again it's same but much better than before and now am having only loose bowel twice a day instead of 5 times .

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