I've been having blood in stool for the past 6 months. What can it be?

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Since very early this year I started feeling bloatness after eating, I tend to burp a lot to get the air out. Then in around May to June or so, I discovered blood in my stool for the first time. First time, it was bright red blood floating on the surface of the water , and also blood on toilet paper. Then it happened a few more times in the following days.

Ever since then, it has been going on and off. So it's been about 5-6 months since the first time I had blood in my stool. Today I had blood, yesterday I had blood. Most often, the blood isn't that dramatic, there will be small streaks of blood on the stool itself. I haven't seen a doctor at all yet because my mother keeps saying it's just anal fissure and since it happened once, it is easier for it to tear again. But I don't feel any pain or discomfort during bowel movements at all since I had blood in stool.

My bowel movements are somewhat weird as well. Some days I will barely have much stool (the stools would be rather small, sometimes with no blood); some days my stool will be fairly normal size; some times I will even have something like a diarrhea (explosion or mushy, sometimes liquidy) stool (but this happens from time to time, even before this whole thing, so it seems kind of normal to me anyways). 

Outside of this, there really isn't anything wrong with my body as far as I can tell.

If there should be more information in order to make an assumption of what's wrong with me please don't hesitate to ask. I know I really should go see a doctor first but is it possible to at least rule out or make a rather good guess at what I have without going to a doctor?

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    Sounds to me a lot like IBS and maybe hemarrhoids, if it is bright red blood then that's what it is most likely, dark blood in stools is more serious, you will have to go to doctors to get checked over. Good luck

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    Sounds like it could be hemoroids, I have BIle acid malasorbtion and I get blood in mine from this due to being to loose or constipated

    Best to get it checked thou because that's how I got my diagnoses, I thought it was ibs before

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    Hi allen11

    Yes your mum is probably right you may have an anal fissure or a hemorroid..this is usually the cause of bright red blood.....if it continues see your doc to get some meds incase of hemrroids which can get very sore..hope you get to the bottom of your problem (excuse the pun).....best wishes....

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    Only a doctor can rule out possible causes for your symptoms.  Blood in your stools should always be investigated by a doctor.  It may be haemorroids or a fissure but you have passed blood for a long time   You should not ignore this.  A good guess is not a diagnosis.
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    Thank you everyone for the input, I can see that it might indeed be internal hemorroid; I'm not quite sure about IBS. I looked up online and it says IBS has symptoms like abdominal pain, but I don't have any pain. Also when I said I feel bloated after eating, it's not to the point it hurts, it just feels like there's a bit a gas inside. 

    I also forgot to mention, very early before I had blood in stool, I tend to cough a bunch after eating, like a chronic cough that still hasn't gone away. I'm not sure if it's because of my allergy to dust, but it sometimes feels like I'm trying to cough out mucus after eating. 

    Also these 2-3 days, my stool has been the mushy-muddy type (diarrhea style kinda). There wasn't much or any blood at all, maybe cause the stool was mushy and soft. However, I did observe my stool had peanut size small white-ish/off-white stuff. And also my stool has been rather dark green color.

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      Keep a food diary to see if you have any intolerances.  Maybe you are not digesting your food well and that might be the cause of greeness and other substances in your stool.  You also have change of bowel habit which is an IBS symptom along with bloating.   When I got IBS, it started with constipation but no pain. The pain came later along with loose stools and nausea with anxiety.  Definitely see your doctor.
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    Agree with Pippa58442

    See your GP.

    Blood in stool with altered bowel habit for more than 6 weeks needs investigation. It may be nothing but please let someone who has a clue make that decision.

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