I've been having EXTREME anxiety and hypochondria 24/7, what can i do to stop it?

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Hello, i'm really in need of help. i'm an 18 year old male who has never had any health problems besides a few syncopes. after smoking weed a month ago (i have done it many times prior) i have been having extreme anxiety, and i mean extreme. after smoking i thought i had something stuck in my throat or windpipe, so i went to the emergency room and they said it was a panic attack. i never had one prior to that. after leaving the hospital i still felt anxious, and i still do today. the next 5 days after that i was in and out of the hospital with different symptoms each time, once with chest pain, another with throat pain, once where i thought i couldnt breathe. each time they said it was a panic attack. but i didn't believe it. how could i suddenly be getting panic attacks and how can they feel so real? i've also been getting acid reflux which ive never had before. a lot of times i feel like i get something stuck in my throat and it drives me crazy and i get panic attacks every time. i have physical symptoms 24/7 even when i think i'm not anxious. right now my throat feels tight and like i have something in it. but in reality, i swallowed a dry piece of cereal and it probably just scratched my esophagus. a week ago i started having an itchy, sticky feeling in one eye, went to the dr said it was allergic conjunctivitis, its still there and i've been thinking it has something to do with this lump on my eye that's been there for years. my mind is always racing and i constantly check my pulse. when im eating i fear that ill accidently inhale my food so i haven't been eating much. this is extremely ridiculous i know. i've never been like this before. it usually gets worse at night and i usually fall asleep at like 6 or 7 am from all the stress. my throat is hurting right now and im getting nervous. this seems like and endless cycle and i regret smoking that weed and i don't think i'll ever smoke again. any help would be GREATLY appreciated! 

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    Hi there,

    What you are going through does sound very much like anxiety. My brother is going through similar (as have I in the past but I never smoked weed). The thing about smoking weed for prolonged periods of time is that it causes anxiety, and even depression. It plays havoc with mental health. Simply google weed and anxiety to read some of the studies and findings. So first, cut it out, don't smoke it again. This won't make your anxiety disappear but it's a start to getting better.

    The symptoms you described are very much panic attack/ anxiety related symptoms. The chest pain, the throat stuff. Try to accept your anxiety and treat it as such. Once you accept it you will stop focusing on every other illness you think it might be. It's worth going to your doctor and discussing your options.

    I know how awful it is to live with anxiety and health anxiety. Hope you get relief soon.

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    I stopped smoking weed after my family put me in a foster home at 17 because they decided they didn't want to take care of me, when I got out and smoked I had bad panic attacks. Stop smoking lol

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    Hi Riven...

    Well its all related to panic attack and anxiety...I did not belive it in the beginning same as u but by time there was not other explanation...cause all my check up were just fine...I visited more then 6 doct...I had this throat problem for more then 2 months...like something was stuck inside...and after some time I felt my eyes burning and itchy as well...so manyyy symptoms if I count I would not finish...and without a short treatment I could not deal with it just with meditation and going out to keep busy my mind...by time I got worse...thats why in my opinion u better check up with a good doctor...and u might use for 10 days clonazepam..it really helps u but its just for short term use...if it doesnt go within these 10 days i better check for a longer treatment. ..as per my case I had to take prozac for 4 months...

    Hope u will be ok soon..

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    Hi Riven, sounds alot like CHS. CHS is actually a poorly diagnosed symdrome usually caused by overusing Marijuana. Acid reflux like GERD may happend to you and constipation. Do you sometimes feel sharp pain in your chest? I understood this because I went exactly through the same symptoms as you did. I was very confused too. I kept searching on the internet to see what it was and was actually believing in some symptoms. I noticed this often happends when I smoked weed and gets better usually the day. You can use pepcids to help with stomach reflux which is a abdominal feeling at the top of ur abdomen. And then you lose your appetite usually after when you eat something.

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