I've been having vision miscordination with fatigue and foggy head

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My symptoms are crazy, seems like they added on one by one. Imbalance to a certain extent, with thumping at the back of my head. I've had numbness and pins and needles in my body and head at different times. And yes I get shaky from within. Blur vision.

My lp results show that I don't have MS.

Taking it slow it's been 10 weeks. But I am a little better. Although I am still scared of driving.

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    Hi fats,

    I'm not surprised you are still scared of driving and you are very wise not to attempt it whilst feeling so rough.

    Does your GP have any idea what could be going on.  I'm wondering if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, if not then maybe suggest that your doctor refers you to a Rheumatologist who will do tests etc.  I really hope you start feeling better soon.

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    Hi fats,I know what your going through.I have been there.I started having

    electrical like currents\humming( like an old light pole at night) would

    sound running through my body.I had almost black out type symptoms

    and other weird symptoms.I found nothing wrong with me after each

    dr's visit or er visit.The buzzing thing freaked me out.I thought MS as

    well.I found the videos on YouTube for ms symptoms to be very

    helpful.It was just the connection of someone else describing

    similar symptoms to be comforting.I have had fibro for over 10 yes

    so hang in there and know your not alone and hope you find your


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      Hi Tory, it's hard to live like this. Such a struggle getting out of bed. I can hardy look forward to doing things.

      Have you found a cure?

      Good luck to you with best of health.

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      The only things I did that seemed to help was eleminating

      caffeine,lowering my sugars and stress as much as I could

      along with following the advice of if you don't have the energy

      to do something then don't and to stop feeling guilty when

      you can't.I know that's easier said than done but it does really

      make a big difference.I don't tolerate most meds,I have a

      sensitivity to everything it seems.But I don't like to take anything

      if I don't have to.

      I have found through the years that researching other diseases

      similar to fibro has been helpful.I do believe myself that chronic

      fatigue syndrome\ME is cousins to fibromyalgia.There is an ME

      symptoms list if you google.I believe it is by hummingbird.

      Alot of wonky symptoms on it that many of us with fibro seem

      to pick up.

      Thanks for the well wishes and hope you too find your way smile

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      Thats a very interesting read Tory,  I've only skimmed through it, but will read it more thoroughly when my head feels more able to cope.  Some things certainly seemed to jump out as Fibro symptoms.

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      Yep they sure do,and it's comforting to know that these

      crazy symptoms aren't all in our imaginations smile. One thing

      I learned when all my symptoms hit back in 05 I knew that

      I wasn't mental.The pain was real as we're all the up and down

      symptoms going on. Please don't let anyone including your

      physician to just brush it off.This will take time to sort out

      so be patient but persistent as you know your body.I went

      to upteen million apps through the years and finally got

      diagnosed 2 years ago.But things have gotten better

      through the years and dr's are coming around more

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    Sounds a lot like Fibromyalgia symptoms. Good advice to see a Rheumatologist. We sure get some weird symptoms. Each day has at least two or three. I do not remember waking up and feeling somewhat 'normal' for over 30 years. But we do have better days. So each day cab be a challenge but once you have a proper diagnosis, you will learn to manage it. The shaky feeling I get at least once a month. And the other symptoms are very familiar. Don't despair though; there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maggie 

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    Hiya fats and welcome to us Fibroites...it's sooo scary when you have different symptoms nearly everyday we all get them....I have had Fibro for 30 years, things come and go, I've had all those symptoms at some time or another, so try not to stress out too much as Fibro loves it when we are stressed..it tries to keep us that way..and gives us lots more symotoms...I really feel for you ..just do and go where you can at this time, it's really a day to. Day issue unfortunately, I've even been ambulances to the hospital I thought I must have a brain yum our ir something, I was soo anxious, it was the Fibro fog etc, so please try and be stress less. I'm  in a remission at the moment, comes and goes all the time, might be great for a few months, then it comes back with a vengeance, but only for a few days thank God, but be encouraged fats, there is light at the end of the tunnel though, do whatever it is to make yourself feel a bit better and yes, it is all about you, take your well being into your own hands, most people just don't get what we go through, be blessed and have a lovely day..luv from Oz,😘💐

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    Forgot to say fats...you need a Rhumotologist for diagnosis and an good gp with a good understanding of Fibro, if you haven't got one, find one, you will always feel better with each visit. I have just noticed that most of your replies say some of the same things..so be encouraged that you will never be alone, we are all here for you..😘💐

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    Thank you all so much, you all make me feel as though I am not alone. I am seeing a private neurologist lately and he is going to further investigate with blood tests.

    Is Fibro treated with medication? Is there no permanent cure for it?

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      No cure as such fats, although some people have reported being in remission for a while, unfortunately I havent been that lucky yet. My Rheumy has suggested different meds, but I tend to be allergic to most of them.
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      Hiya again fats, I have met 2 people who have been permanently cured...but that's not many as I said before I've had it 30 years, but remission is a great hope...I also saw a Nuerologist for 24/7 dizziness, I found out years later that the fluid in my left ear had all but crystallised from the Sorgrend Syndrome and was told it would go as quick as it came, well that was 15 years ago now, still waiting, lol, but it has really made me be grateful for my lot, as there are many in the third world with no help at all...I have learned very well to live with it, also a change of diet is imperative Look up Paleo 🍴lifestyle,it has an AIP too it's autoimmune protocol, we do all seem to have many varying symptoms most of the time not the same, things will improve be encouraged, it is a different life, but there are many of us ariunfpd the world fir support, so you will never be alone, be blessed fats and gave a really lovely day.💐💐blessed fats and remember to stay as stress free as you can... 

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      Thank you loads Christine, life is not all that easy. I don't feel I can to 1/4 as much I used to, have to pull up as to fatigue and disorientation kills me from within.

      I am a yoga teacher and a hairstylist..trying to do as little as I possibly can.

      Just waiting for a miracle.

      I wish you all the best, just love your positive attitude. 👍🏽

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      Hiya fats, hope your days are better..that chronic fatigue is just horrid..all I could sometimes do was to go with it..I was an office manager and had to give work up 20 years ago..I hated it...really missed it too...however although I haven't worked for years now, totally different life now, you do manage in the end..I have a very caring supportive husband who stepped up something amazing and still does, I was very fortunate that I worked for years for the government and paid into a really good tax free superannuation, I thought I was paying far too much at the time..but now, WOW!! without it we would never have managed...so when they medically retired me I still had a great income, bringing up 3 girls too..we really needed it..it must be sooo financially hard for many people and therefore very stressful when they don't need it for sure, anyway fats you  make sure you look after you, even some family just don't get our issues at times p-they think we are just hypochondriacs, unfortunately we just have to put up healthy boundaries and nicely cut them off for a while, we just don't need the stress, sounds terrible but many have had to do it, be blessed fats and have a lovely day,many stay informed.💐💐😘😘

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      Sure must be tough, and I hate it when people say it's all in th mind. And when you start taking anti depressants, it calms you down. But this doesn't mean that you've imagined it all along.

      I can't wait to know what it is.

      You're so helpful and it's nice to know I am not fighting his alone.

      Need to be very positive


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