I’ve been reinstated 8 weeks but I think I am having adverse reaction?

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I was on 100mg for 10 years and did well for anxiety and then decided to taper off over 2 years and did okay on tapers until the last bit from 25mg - I stayed on that for a year and was fine but then when going to zero in Nov 18 I started to get withdrawal panic attacks nightmares etc. A psychiatrist put me back on after 3 weeks of being off completely at 25mg and then titrated me up weekly until I got to 150mg over last 8 weeks. I have not stabilised in fact I am worse - I have to have lorazepam daily just to survive. I tried going down to 125mg 10 days ago nothing has improved.


Electric feeling throughout my chest

Noctrunal Panic attacks every night with electricity feeling running down my arms chest back


Heightened anxiety 24/7

Burning skin paraesthesia across my stomach area (past 3 weeks)

V depressed mood

I need to know what I should do now as i jnow this did not happen when i first went on it 10 years ago. surely i would be seeing a lessening of side effects and some benefits by now?? could it be that ny body wont tolerate it this time?? and I don’t know what sort of taper I could do to maybe even just get to a lesser dose as the usual 10% would be too slow when this is such hell?

anyone have any similar experience or advice??

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    I was always told by my doctor that side effects will last approximately 3 weeks and at about 6 weeks the tablet is at its peak..... I started 50mg October and only just went up to 100mg New Years Eve. I would say you have had it increased far to quickly but I'm only going by what I have being told

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    Wow poor you, it sounds like you are having a real rough time of it. I am no expert and far be it that I would go against medical advice but that seems a hell of an increase in such a short space of time, surely it would not have given your brain and body to figure out what was going on? I always thought that you have to settle on a dose before changing it but as I said I am no expert. I think you need to have a serious talk to someone medical as to where you go from here. Good luck with finding a way through this and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge on here will come up with a plan for you.

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    hi kernel

    sorry to hear you are having a rough ride

    i also tapered from 100mg and got to 25mg

    stayed there for 4 weeks then tried to reduce to 12.5mg

    big mistake

    every sympton came back

    so decided to go back to 25 and then 50 if needed

    it took a few weeks on 25 mg and some VERY rough days and nights but i eventually stablised

    i dont think the constant dosage changing will be helping you at all

    my advice from personal experience would be to take 25mg and be prepared for more rough times

    use your lorezpam to get you through

    but give that 25 a good chance to settle and your brain to relax without constantly having to adjust

    good luck

    you can do it you know

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      thanks Karin. how do i get down from 100mg to 25mg now ive been back on it 8 weeks total. i just cant stand this any longer its awful. have i any chance of stabilising now do you think ive come down from 150mg to 100mg about a week ago but its still unbearable? or should i try and get down to a lower dose now? i cant do a really slow taper because its too awful to bear?

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      i know there are a lot of different tapering schedules but i sort of did my own.

      i think you need to work out what works for you

      i went from 100 to 75 and stayed there for 3 weeks then down to 50 for another 3 weeks then to 25 and stayed there a month.

      had very mild side effects from dosage reductions

      mainly headaches

      ill stay on 25 a while as i tried 12.5 but felt pretty terrible

      i would definitely talk to your medical support and see what they suggest

      good luck with everything

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    My experience is reducing by 6.25mg (a quarter only of 25mg) every 3 months. Long time on 75 - 100 over 20 year span. That small 6.25mg cut is enough to have me feeling sick and tired for several days before starting to feel better. When I tried .25mg at a time cuts, was sick, dizzy and brain zapped eye pain for 2 weeks before that started to subside. I think the 6.26mg is a little too high for me to cut. I go thru a compounding pharmacy when pills cant be cut. I'm very sensitive to cuts or increases, even at such small amounts. its strong stuff. At your levels I'd be really sick.

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    im so sorry to hear this.

    i was on sertraline for mild depression for 3 years, then tapered off over the course of a few months. i felt the best ive felt in years. then i started a new job and began having multiple daily panic attacks.

    this was almost 2 years ago. i struggled off and on with different meds for a year, then chose myself to go back to sertraline. now im

    back to my old dose of 100mg and it just isnt cutting it. been on 100mg for months and have alot of anxiety still and panic attacks when I try to move forward with something.

    i think the same medication isnt necesarrily going to work the second time around.

    you need to make serious lifestyle changes. experiment with your diet. excercize atleast 3 times a week. set aside an hour before bed to just relax and listen to soothing music or an audiobook. establish routines.

    cuz honestly I dont think medication is the be all end all. its supposed to help you make healthier choices so you can ultimately kick the meds. i hope you find some solace. youve been at this for 10 years so you must have developed some coping mechanisms. keep at those. take a night class, join a book club. get out of your thoughts.

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      i agree Dylan

      im taking myself off to New Zealand next week for 2 months

      housesitting for friends

      at the beach, in the city and on a farm

      so this will definitely take me out of my comfort zone!

      im scared but excited at the same time

      nothing will change if i sit and stare at the same walls 24/7 which is what i would really like to do!!

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      haha yup i laid in bed today for like 10 hours staring at the wall.

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