I've been suffering from chronic bad breath for a year, what should I do?

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I'm sorry this is so long but I'm really in need of help.

20F Asian, 5'2 and weigh 51kg as the last examination showed. It's been going on for a while now, whenever I eat something sweet or sugary my left nostril gets stuffy but my right nostril is fine. Alongside this, I suffer from bad breath.

Medical History:

November 2018 - Went to see an ENT because of stuffy nose and constant dripping of mucus at the back of the throat. I got diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and acid reflux. Prescribed some antihistamine and antibiotics and also a change of diet (due to reflux) and avoid allergy triggers ( I have not gone for an allergy testing but I assume it's the pollution here in my city since I was a child I suffered from bronchitis/asthma)

  • I went to see this doctor three more times because of the same complaint since nothing changed even though she gave me prescription of antihistamine and antibiotics. After that, I stopped seeing her since I noticed taking the meds only gave me temporary relief like 10-30 minutes and my legs start to feel cold.


January 2019 - I went to see a dentist since I thought my congested nose is linked to my oral health. I was diagnosed with mild gingivitis. Prescribed me to floss (I didn't know back then!) and oral rinse treatment for gingivitis. My mouth felt better and cleaner for a few days. But I still have bad breath.

I have been searching on the internet (yes, I know not the smartest thing to do when it comes to medical diagnosis but ya girl is desperate for an answer) what could cause bad breath. Still, I based it on my diagnosis of allergic rhinitis and acid reflux. I saw that acid reflux is a symptom of GERD. And that there's a type of GERD that is caused by a bacteria called H. pylori. So that led me seeking a Gastroenterologist which suggested I get an endoscopy.

March 2019 - I got an endoscopy. Results showed I had atrophic gastritis and hiatal hernia. H. pylori-negative. No ulcers.

  • after one month, follow up consultation the doctor still advised me to eat meals on time and avoid foods

    that can trigger acid reflux

  • this past month though, it's been hard for me to eat on time again especially breakfast. it's almost impossible to get breakfast.

April/ May 2019 - I sought another dentist. My 2nd dentist is my current doctor now. I had to get six fillings done first before I asked for an x-ray because I was not still confident with my breath. She suggested me to get a panoramic x-ray.

  • Said I had some bone loss for my age and a growing wisdom tooth but other than that everything looked fine.

Mid August - Mid October 2019 - I went to see 3 different ENTs in the same hospital clinic since I couldn't get a hold of my first doctor whenever I booked a consultation there. I told them I suffer congested nose, constant post nasal, and bad breath. They diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis and suggested I should get an endoscopy, if not, an x-ray. Also, prescribed me with antihistamine 1x day and nasal spray 3x day for 1 week. Then follow up consultation after getting the x-ray. 2nd ENT was the one who got to read the x-ray and results show there were no abnormalities. She also does not smell anything. Though I insisted I was self-conscious of my breath. She prescribed me to just take oral rinse and drink more fluid. I did not really found her consultation helpful at all. So I went to this hospital clinic once more for ENT consultation. The* 3rd and last ENT* diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and mild intermittent. She did not prescribed me an anti-histamine but rather diff lam and suggested to get an allergy skin testing since my consultation with her revolved more on my allergic rhinitis and she said there is no real cure for it but rather managing the symptoms.

  • I admit I was disheartened to hear that. After a few weeks, while I was about to go for my P.E class my upper left teeth started to throb really bad that radiated to my the area around my eyes and ears accompanied with headache. I also felt like I was going to have a fever. So I went to the school clinic to get some pain reliever. After my class, I went to make an appointment with my dentist.

  • After my upper left teeth react to ice test and percussion test normally, she suspected it was wisdom tooth that was causing me pain so she suggested I go have it removed by a dental surgeon.

  • I went to the dental surgeon, wherein I said I felt throbbing on my upper left cheek that radiated to my ear accompanied my headache and feeling hot like being in a fever. Also, I smell pus-like smell inside my nose. She then goes ahead to 3d x-ray the upper left teeth of my mouth. Results show I have a tooth that is on set on having an infection. Though my wisdom tooth is too small to cause discomfort. The wisdom tooth only has a crown and no roots yet so she opted for me to wait it out and get my infected tooth treated instead.

  • I went back to my current dentist to get my infected tooth which turned out to be irreversible pulpitis so I had to get it done.

And now, November 2019, I still have a weird-smelling congested nostril with bad breath. Does anyone have any idea what is this? I have already spent a lot of money on medication and treatment but they have not yet proven to alleviate my symptoms. I don't think I can afford to anymore since I'm only a college student. What do I do? It's really affecting my self esteem, relationships, and academic life.

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    I have the SAME problem, as far as the bad breath and congested nostril.Its crazy,because all of my test results come back with no abnormalities.......HOW?

    So I'm on the same mission as you....if you find an answer in your journey,PLEASE SHARE and I will do the same if I find an answer.

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      I'm sorry you're suffering the same problem as me. To be honest, I'm currently at a crossroad. I'm thinking about going to my dentist again for an appointment because the pressure in my gums are bothering me as well.

      If I did have a progress I'll let you know

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    unfortunately I understand exactly how you feel. I too have been suffering for many years and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel the amount of money I’ve spent I’m too embarrassed to share. I get really nervous around my colleagues friends and family that I barely speak I was once a chatty outgoing person and now I’m becoming introverted it may be in my head but I’m 100% sure people are talking about me . what are we to do? I have had tonsils removed thinking that was the problem but it was not I saw a ”specialist ” thinking that would help but it did not I’ve been purchasing remedies from online thinking that would help but it didnt .If anything comes to light for you please share

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      I'm sorry to hear your experiencing this as well. Trust me you're not the only who feels like you're becoming paranoid and thinking everyone is talking about you because i'm at the exact place as well. Losing relationships and losing money while getting deep with isolation is not a stranger to me now. It's hard to live like this. Still, I'd like to think there is an answer out there. Are your symptoms exactly the same as mine?

      I'm thinking about going to my dentist again since I'm feeling discomfort in my gums. If there is any progress to my halitosis, if that is even connected to this, I'll let you know.

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