I've been suffering from nausea every morning and can sometimes barely eat. Any tips?

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A little about me, i'm a male, 21.

i'm underweight however i have asked the doctor whether i have any eating disorders and he has ruled this out. I want to gain weight, not lose it.

Everymorning when i wake up, i feel nausous and i can barely eat. When i do eat, my stomach burps and is irritable and doesn't let me eat. Sometimes it takes me hours to eat something

Somedays i force myself to eat a banana/1 slice of toast and then go university, come back and then i can eat a small meal

However, other days i can barely eat and i feel nausous and i throw up after eating anything.

I've went to my GP plenty of times and the hospital. We have ruled out gastritis. I have undertaken:

  • Endoscopy


    -MRI on my mind

    -Barium swallow test

So far, all have revealed nothing wrong with my body.

My symtoms get worse when i am stressed due to deadlines and exams, i barely eat when i am stressed.

However i'm not that stressed now yet i still cannot eat, i think i associate food with throwing up in the mornings. I'm going for my first Cognitive Behavioural Therapy session on thursday. I hope it helps me

Sometimes me not eating like a regular person scares me, because i've lost weight and doctor has asked me to gain some weight, he's also given me lots of medicines.

I am taking Citalopram currently to help my stress and to help increase my anxiety. I am also taking propranolol & also anti-sickness medicines & multi-vitamins to help gain energy.

The worst part isn't me not eating, it's the fact i am so lethargic and if i wake up at 11am for afternoon class, after trying to eat i'll feel so tired and exhausted i'll need to lay down for a few hours.

I try to get enough sleep, atleast 8hours. So i know this isn't the issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i just want to be able to live a normal life like everyone else. Sometimes i feel depressed due to my health issues & i'm only 21! So this worries me for the future and my ability to hold a job.

i'm unsure whether this post belongs to the mental health forum or abdominal disorders but i think since the essence of my issues are stomach and nausea related it belongs in the abdominal disorders forum.

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    I've had nausea and diarrhoea from anxiety but it has cleared up now due I think to a change of counsellor and relaxation excercises and trying to feel more positive. My appetite is back to normal, in fact I am gaining weight but am not underweight! Hopefully, your CBT will help you. Must be horrible being sick after eating but almost certainly sounds like stress. Anxiety can do this. Good luck with your therapy and your studies.

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    Hi younus786

    You do not mention if you have had any blood work carried out. Due to not taking nutrients into your body you will be low on vitamins and minerals such as vit d, vit b12 also iron low levels will make you extremely tired and nauseous and anxious. Also, your electrolytes will be affected sodium and potassium levels. If you cannot eat solid foods try juicing your fruit and veggies to get some essential nutrients into your body. Start off with small amount and build up so your deprived digestive system can get accustomed to it. The medication you are taking will not have much effect if they are not being absorbed into your system properly via food.....you are in a bad way nutritionally . Try the juicing and build it up to solid food. Get your doctor to carry out blood tests for vits especially vit d and vit b12, minerals and iron levels.

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      Hi mary,

      i have done blood tests, 3 in the last year i think and so far they all came out fine, nothing was wrong, i try to eat but i feel very nausous

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      Hi younus786

      You have to get nutrition into your body if you can't eat food then drink it!...if you have'nt got a juicer then get good quality smoothies or healthy milkshakes as has been suggested. Start my sipping little amounts then build it up. I think you are stressing a lot about your uni work. Are there any councellors you can speak with or any pastoral care on campus. There is usually help on campus if you need it and i think you do need someone to talk to about your situation. ....Also, under the 'Freedom of Information Act" you can request to see your blood results and see if your vit d and vit b12 have been tested as you normally your doctor would have to request these blood tests specifically as they are not carried out in a routine blood count.....

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      i have spoken to some councellors and booked a meeting for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on thursday so i hope that helps

      I will look into milkshakes and smoothies, it seems like a good idea for sure. i have multi-vitamin tablets - forceval for my vitamin deficiencies and to help add nutrients into my body

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      Hi younus78

      That's great you are going to counselling!...That will help you alot. Continue with the counselling until you get your eating regime up and running. You can do it with help and encouragement, accept all the help you will be offered. Picture yourself on graduation day, happy that you are eating well again and receiving your uni degree...

      Two amazing achievements!!🎓🤗👍

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      Thanks for the great words of encouragement, i try to picture that and motivate myself whenever possible,

      my cbt sessions will be weekly so i hope they help, i think i just need to fix my stress and anxiety issues and the fact that i struggle to eat and overthink, if i can fix these then the future will be brighter

      I have noticed that as the day progresses, i can eat more so maybe my stomach has to get settled a little in the morning,

      this is my last year so i'm hoping that gives me extra encouragement in continuing to keep myself motivated

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      Hi younus786

      You are more than welcome younus.

      I went to uni and though it can be fun you have to be serious about your course work and exam revision. I found it a bit stressful on occasions but i knew the help was there on campus if needed it and i took full advantage of that along with many other students. You will make it because you want to! 🤗.. and that will get you through. You will need your nutrition to help you through it. I'm very pleased to hear you are starting to eat..take it slow and your tum will start to like it and want more 🍌🍏🍉🍓🍲..bon appetite!!.....enjoy your counselling sessions, be completely open and honest with your counsellor and you will go from strength to strength.....keep us posted.....👍😊

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