I've been told by my doctor that I will have to change my evorel conti because of periods

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My doctor has told me after three months on evorel conti that I will have to change as I shouldn't have breakthrough bleeding as a period and that I will have to have a scan, they are now trying to find out which other hrt to put me on but I am quite happy on the patch


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    Hi Louise 

    only the Gyno can advise which one, based on what happening to you,  but you can still gen up on the types.

    A Gyno is better than a GP ... 

    read all about pregnant mares urine HRT .... if you can..  Premarin etc..

    make your choice before ... as they probably wont tell you where its from they may just give you it, best to read about whats what and what you want and dont want .

    jay xx


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    Hi Louise,

    I started on HRT in March this year and because I am still in Peri I was given one that gave you a bleed every month. I had to start this on the first day of my normal cycle and I ended up with a bleed for 16 days. This did frighten me so went to ask for some help and guidance and was told that this was quite normal as my body was getting used to the HRT. All my following months were fine and just had a bleed which lasted for 4/5 days. In the leaflets provided with the HRT you will read that it is quite normal to have a break through bleed/spotting and which can last upto 6 months whilst your body is getting used it. 

    I am about to start the same patch as you this week and again this is mentioned in the leaflet provided.

     More than 1 in 1000 people who use Evorel Sequi:

    bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods - this may happen within the first few months of starting treatment with Evorel Sequi, if you do not replace your patch every three to four days or if you have a break between wearing patches. If this continues to happen once Evorel Sequi has been used for some time or after Evorel Sequi has been stopped you must seek medical advice

    Are you still in Peri or are you in Full Meno?

    This particualar patch should give you a monthly bleed and should be light anyway.

    Have you been given the correct patch?



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      Hi there, the female dr I saw said that because I haven't had a period for 2 years this is the reason she wants it investigated

      So she wants me to come off of it, and go on something that maybe gives me a bleed. I'm so depressed, she said there are only tablets I can take, which I don't understand as I prefer to take a patch and this one had really suited me, she is even sending me for a scan, can anyone help. She said there isn't another patch U can go on. I feel so helpless x

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      Hi Louise,

      This is strange because I was still having periods when I was put on HRT so I was always prescribed the ones which give a bleed each month. From what I understand this is safer and only once someone is def in full meno (1 year without periods) and only then would you be given the chance of having HRT that won't give you a bleed. To me (and I am no GP) you have been put on one that will give you a bleed each month which is normal. I am just about to start using this very same one and it will give me a bleed. Whilst the pharmist was going through with me how to use this patch, she did say if this one didn't suit me then there loads more to try so I think your lady GP isn't perhaps with experience on the HRT's and gave you the incorrect one!!

      As I understand you perhaps because you haven't had a period for 2 years then you should have been put on one that won't give you any bleeds monthly. I read somewhere that some ladies prefer having the monthly bleed and can opt to be put on one that does give you a bleed. To me and again I am not a GP but I would say the only reason you are having bleeds is because of the type of HRT prescribed to you which will give you a bleed.

      If it were me I would book into see another GP and explain that you haven't been having periods for two years and would there have been a chance that you were put on the incorrect type of HRT?

      Was this the first type of HRT that you were prescribe ?

      Good luck Louise and I am sure there will be other ladies that can put your mind at rest that your bleed is down to perhaps the incorrect HRT being prescribe and nothing sinister going on. Get a second opinion before you change anything or stop using the patches. X


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      Hi Louise 

      what ever your taking *may just be thickening your uterine wall, then you bleed..

      thats what a period is..

      best way i can explain is with me .. i had a natural peri of 9-10 years, no HRT so declined naturally..

      i had a well woman check a month ago as i was one year no periods - post menopause... i was told and saw on screen my uterine wall was thinner,

      4 mm a normal post menopause non HRT thickness, and my ovaries were now non functioning, no follicles.. ' natural post menopause' 

      this is the only way i can explain... you say your no periods for two years ? 

      have you always taken HRT during this two years ? or just started it ? hence the bleeding..

      maybe your Gyno ( see a Gyno) GPs dont specialise in HRT and Gyno issues.

      maybe the vaginal Estriol would help you the weaker of the Oestrogens ..

      i am now... using this just for abit of vaginal dryness help and that is all.

      not full HRT or tablets, or patches... as I dont want to re boot hormones and confuse my post meno body.. which i have taken almost 10 years to achieve .

      i use Ovestin Estriol  ( only half the measure) one or twice a week at the moment ..

      for the short term.. mainly i am testing it on myself to see if it helps ..

      somfar so good ..

      maybe your feeling down as you say one of your children now gone to Uni and your going through the change of that too... so maybe alot of things are not helping how you feel right now, my two left home years ago, but i was happy they were finding their feet and grown up etc and following their dreams and careers and study, we are all different and cope different..

      i think you will have to wait to see whats happening with your uterine wall and HRT before any more HRT will be given, then hopefully the right one will be offered to you.. they will scan and check you and see what effect the current HRT is causing ..

      be aware of premarin HRT etc.. its preganant mares urine... and we are not horses ..

      try not to worry, the scan is the best idea and then you know what they offer is just for you.. 

      jay xx


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