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I've begun a journey I'm determined to continue.

I'm just entering week 5 of quitting cigarettes, I've kept my journey fairly quiet, I don't want people asking 'bet you're really craving a cigarette now, aren't you?' I feel great, I can take a deeper breath than I did, without the crackle. I've binned everything smoking related, I haven't smoked in my house for over 10 years, but only today did I get rid of my 'butt bin', it was the final step in my liberation from smoking and so far, I've saved over £200!

Anyone else making the same journey...congratulations, stick with it!

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  • Eman22 Ravenslave

    Well some mate. You are an inspiration.

    I haven't stop anything yet, and so much I would like to celebrate my 5th week smoking free.

    I am trying to stop everything smoking related and those are:




    I'm trying so hard. But I think nicotine is the worst.

    I have a cigarette as soon I open my eyes in the morning then coffee and cigarette again.

    All the best

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  • debbie03785 Ravenslave

    Huge congratulations on your achievement, no mean fete. Youll soon wonder why you didnt do it years ago! Im almost 3 years stopped, occasionally still fancy one, but most of the time I dont even think about them. Stay resolute and enjoy the many benefits. X

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