I've dyspnea (Shortness of breathing) without exertion.

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I Have diagnosed that i have Pulmonary Embolism and Dr. has described Ultibro breeze inhaler for me, also my CT and pulmonary function test indicated that i am normal, my question am i have PE or not ? 

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    You are sure they said you had a PE? They didn't say COPD? My cat scan showed a PE they put me on blood thinners. The inhaler I'm on is for my asthma, to help me breathe.

    I honestly don't think we are the ones to ask this question I think you should call your Drs office and maybe his nurse could better explain his notes.

    Good luck to you in finding your results and keep on breathing!!

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      Thanks for your reply, 

      I have been diagnosed by 3 doctors: 

      first one said that it's COPD but after radiographic scan, she said that you are OK and your lung is normal, and described the inhaler and to visit her after 2 months.  

      Second and third doctors said that i am having PE but after CT,PFT & CBP examination they said that i am good and have to back to the clinic after 2 months. and described the inhaler for month. 

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      Hi, it's taken me a long time to realise below observations at rest. I hope it makes sense.

      1. An inhaler does not make you breathe.

      2. An oxygen line does not make you breathe.

      3. After 2yrs of DVT/PE, PH, taking several maximum deep FULL breaths is very hard work, tiring, energy draining and the 'lung expansion' is slightly painfull. The 'lung expansion' is hinderd with a bloated/full stomach

      4. Regular ongoing deep full breaths throughout the day, before or after meals,  feels positive and I feel more alert as a result of deeper & fuller breaths.

      5. I've noticed, I become a little more active, with deeper fuller breaths

      6. You die if you stop breathing.

      7. Breathing 'in' enables life, nourishes blood, and helps fuel a stronger heart.

      8. Breathing 'out' expels respiratory, circulatory and metabolic/biochemical waste prodcuts, stored within my body.


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      Yes my inhaler opens up the air passages making it easier for me to breathe. It does not breath for me, I do the work but without my inhaler opening up the passages I cannot "catch" a breath. I cough and choke until I vomit. Not able to get one of those full deep cleansing deep breaths you speak of.

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      It sounds like you've got strong upper chest muscles, but when your lungs expand to what it's 'originally designed' for, the mucus thins out, exposing 'unconditioned/sensitive' mid-lower lung tissue to air, starting a cycle of contraction & coughing, leaving you no choice but to have inhaler at hand or within call's reach.

      conditioning & repitition goes together, like a new normal- all things take time.

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      I have asthma, and my PE is huge and located in the lower right lung. They didn't remove it because it isn't putting much of a strain on my right heart and it would be more dangerous to go in and take it. Lab results look like I may have Lupus and that is what threw off the clot since it didn't come from my legs.

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      the blood clot/s*, arterial cholesterol plaque/s* and/or fat embolism/s* could have come from anywhere within deep venous network connecting your arms & legs upstream of the heart & torso trunck veins (aorta), and downstream towards your lungs.

      I'm starting to think Lupus, blood nutrition and lymphatic tubular sytem is connected to other glandular systems in the body aswell.

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      The only reason I know it wasn't my legs is I had a swelling in my leg a few weeks before they found my PE and they did a Doppler for DVT and they were clear. The vascular surgeon said my deep veins in my legs were good that's why they went looking for another reason and RA and Lupus showed upon the blood which is highly likely because it runs so heavy in the family history. Siblings nieces nephews aunts and uncles and grands.

      I just know getting old is not for sissys! You have to be rough and tough to handle getting old. 😁 My PE has me still over thinking every ache and pain. I'm always thinking the other lung is getting one.

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      In 2014, a radiologist did a doppler scan on my right calf after about month of cramp/tight feeling in my lower right leg. I've been in regular aches and pains througout my life, through different types of work and exercises, activity levels.

      The swelling was very slight, not really noticible, maybe its something to do with my BMI, water saturation in fat cells i don't know for certain, and I can not presume to know, as that would be an example of blatent complacency; the same could be said for both my shoulders... 

      What was baffling was no scan on my left leg, or CTPA after heparin injection. I had dilapidating/excruciating pains in my lungs and called for an ambulance, a couple of days after, the >intense+++ pains passed after a week or so. I guess the PEs were small, acute and possible numerous.

      My RL DVT clot must have reach a critical mass (not sure about shape, circumference/diameter along it's segmented length), in order for it dissolve in bits, shooting off with my pulse/blood pressure velocity through the chambers of my heart and lodging midway into my lungs.

      Maybe each ultrasound limb scan is itemised or costed for some stupid/silly reason. 

      I had a massive PE and nearly died, this was after four months of NOAC,  recovery+ work/lifestyle!

      That was my next VTE episode on my DVT, Ambulance, A&E, PE, Massive PE, Disconnection, Chronic PE, Depression, Samaritans, A&E, (small PE/Heart strain), VTE PTSD, A&E, Depression journey.

      2017 Should be better for me as I have gone through physical, emotional, mental, occupational loss.

      I thank God/nature of the universe for what I have today- a better attitude towards personal health, wellness, inputs and outputs.

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