I've got Rhinitis and it just makes me miserable, I don't know what to do anymore!

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Hi! I have suffered with my sinuses for a few years now. I have Rhinitis and was prescribed a nasal spray. In the beginning it worked perfectly and I was back to being a happy person, but then last year it just stopped working. I have been to the doctors a lot and they have got me an appointment to an ENT clinic next week. I have been feeling pretty miserable and very irritated! I used to love sitting and talking to friends at school but now when I wake up in the mornings I feel this sadness come over me and when I get to school I am just miserable. I don't want to talk very much and I don't enjoy school like I used too. My. Life seems to circle around my allergies and my sinuses which are blocked basically all year round. I get angry at everyone and everything. I do get hay fever in the summer which just makes everything worse and it makes me just so so sad. My Mum has noticed it and she is starting to wonder if it is depression. Maybe it is but I don't know! I am also allergic to dust mites and I am pretty sensitive to it, so I change my bed sheets all the time and I even Hoover my mattress because even the slight bit will keep me up all night. I can't help but feel so worthless and sad and irritated all the time, I can't keep my mind off my sinuses at all because it is just always blocked!


Sorry this is a very long paragraph but I was just wondering if any of you guys had any ideas about what will help? Or anything that you heard helped? I have tried putting vapour rub in hot water and inhaling the steam and that sometimes works. Oh and my doctor just recently have me some nose drops but they are not working. I'm off to the clinic next Wednesday so not much longer to wait. Fingers crossed they find the problem, 

Thanks for reading. 

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    Hi Hanna. My doctor was telling me for years I had this. My ears got blocked, would get bad headaches, ear aches, bad nose, runny nose the lot. It was awful. Then I researched and researched. The nasal sprays sometimes work but are not a good idea every day. And they can strip the skin and flesh in the nose eventually.

    In the end my doctor agreed with my findings. It was caused by silent acid reflux and when I took a proton pump inhibitor it all stopped. Maybe it is worth looking into. The stomach and head/nose are very much connected.

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      Hi Carmel, you say you were able to get treatment for silent acid reflux as a means to treat your rhinitis?

      - Wow! I have not heard of this before.

      I started to experience the symptoms of Rhinitis back in 2010. I later found that I am allergic to 2 types of Mould. I am also allergic to Grass Pollen, but I always knew that I had Hay Fever.

      I wake in the 'winter' mornings with blood in my nose, and face-ache.

      Please can you tell me how you came to the conclusion that a stomache aliment was causing your rhinitis symtpoms?

      I too, am eagre to find a solution.


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      Hi Toby. I had a lot of problems with rhinnitus for a long time. Had an operation on my nose to remove bits of bone and skin.

      Then had problems with headaches, nose, ears and pains in the face. The best the doctor would do is try hay fever pills, which gave me bad side effects. Nasonex helps the symptoms a bit.

      I also had some problems with breathing and had inhalers.

      Then quite by accident when I started to get terrible stomaches I was put on CIMITIDINE to stop acid and my headaches, nose ears all cleared up. I researched and researched and saw that a lot of naturopaths believe that the crap that goes up into our ears and nose is from the acid reflux so if you stgop the acid it stands to reason you stop the crap going up there.

      In the end I could not take cimitidine for long as it gave me a lot of horrible side effects. So researched into alternatives

      and am now treating it myself with a mix of potassium bicarboante soda citric acid sometimes and a lot of prebiotics and probiotics and it is now much better. At one stage I wheezed and puffed so much I could hardly walk up the street or go up the stairs without constantly stopping. Am still working at it, it takes time.

      There is one probiotic which is the most important one for these things and it is quite cheap compared to many of the other supplements so am also taking that.

      BACILLIS COAGULANS. Also noticed that the Japense doctors probotics helped. Think it is also very impoirtatn to take high dose of multi minerals vitamins, omega 3, fibre etc. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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      Hi Carmel, thank you so much for getting back to me. It sounds like your condition is more severe than mine.

      After reading up on Silent Acid Reflux, it seems that I do seem to have one or two of the symptoms; including constant clearing of the throat. I will look into the solutions you've mentioned.

      I assume that the natural medicine and pro-biotics - like the 'Bacillus coagulans' have similar properties to the drug 'Cimetidine'.

      Also, when you refer to the 'Japanese doctors' I assume you are referring to Japanese alternative/natural medicine.

      Thanks again and good luck smile

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      Hi Toby. Hope you are getting better.

      Please remember that we are not allowed to refer to specific products or websites on here. So I have to leave stuff out or hint at things and hope you understand what I mean. There is a famous Japanese doctor who is also into alternative medicine who invented a super duper probiotic which is available on the main shopping sites. I tried it and wow it did help. But think you need to keep takng it for quite a while and I only took it for a fwe months.

      There is also an American doctor who is very much into alternative and natural stuff who does something similar. Both have their own sites.

      The difference between taking things that are natural and cimitidine - in my case - is that cimitidine gave me such terrible side effects - far worse than the original problem and unbearable.

      I now find I can manage reasonably well if I take just one

      cimitidine when it gets really bad but if I CONTINUE with them the side effects hit me for six and I am totally unable to do anything and in a lot of pain. Of course we are all different.

      I have tried the other proton pump inhibitors etc, worked my way through the whole lot, it is the obvious thing to do!

      Please do keep in touch and let me know how you get on, if you do not mind.

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      Hi Carmel, thanks for your reply and the info about the probiotics. 

      I sent you a PM a little while ago. After carrying out a few searches, I think I may have found the Japanese doctor you referred to.

      - Thanks

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    Dear Hanna, so sorry to read of your misery. I too have suffered over many years with this wretched perennial Rhinitis. I'm 51 and I first started with it when I was 14. I've tried everything I can think of to make it better. I really don't want to make you feel worse but I think the best way to cope is to live with it and change your life to deal with it. I'm typing this now sat at my laptop, hanky at the ready, Olbas Oil, nasal spray, antihistamines at hand....I work as a Registered Nurse: I'm busy most of the time - keeping on the move helps; sitting around doesn't: I couldn't work in an office or a shop where I was 'on display' all the time, having to blow my nose in full view of everybody else. As a nurse there are always 'hiding places' and siderooms/cupboards to dart into when the 'streaming' starts...! At school I sat at the back, excused myself from the class frequently and realised that I was never going to be like everyone else. I think I'm different (therefore special)...nobody has as many hankies as me!!! Hope you found an answer at the clinic you mentioned. Meanwhile, I wish you well. Shaun. (RGN)
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