I've had a cronic fissure for 6 months

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the pain had gotten so severe tried so many creams suppositories and painkillers nothing had worked had laxatives loads of fiber got so bad I wasn't eating for weeks on end which isn't good! Back and forth from doctors ended me being referred to have Botox which I did 2 weeks ago had a good first week had managed to eat then all of a sudden the pain is back just as it was before thought Botox lasted longer than 2 weeks!! Now I'm totally gutted I'm back to square one it's taking over my life once again! I've got 3 kids and work lots so this is the worst thing to happen has anyone else had this problem?? I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel any advice will be greatly appreciated

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    Hi Kristan

    I am sure your wound is a fissure otherwise I doubt your surgeon would have botoxed that area without first being positive of your diagnosis.

    I have had fissure for 4 years and only now is it healing and under control.

    I am at the extreme end of the scale and lots of factors come into play such as age/health etc.

    You may find you need at least 2 or possibly 3 botox injections over a period of time before it properly heals.

    I have a particularly strong muscle in that area and it refused to stop spasming - until 4 rounds of botox.

    Also having PROPER pain medication from your doctor is key.

    I have tried a lot of pain meds over the years and what works for me is

    3 times a day when it is at its worst

    GABAPETIN (target nerve pain) - basically your bum area is thousands of nerve endings

    NAPROXEN - good painkiller

    Neither of these bungs you up (very important)


    (most important it keeps your poo soft)

    If you are really in bad spasms (as was I) DIAZEPAM - it is a total relaxant and not only will it help to reduce and get spasms under control and will help destress you when you are at our wits end (I have been there remember!)

    If you do not understand spams - your anal muscle is closing like a tight fist over an open cut deep inside you and cause much of the pain.  In order to allievate the pain you need to stop the spasms.

    Lastly, try anoheal cream (diltazem cream) - google it - only on prescrip.

    LASTLY, and most importantly - do not let your GP fob you off with crap useless medicines or remedies.  Get to a good recto-surgeon quick.

    Get back in touch if you need more advice


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    My name is Myles and over the past summer I had a very bad anal fissure that was causing me enormous amounts of pain everytime I went to the bathroom. I wanted to put this post out there for anyone currrently suffering with an anal fissure because I know how bad they can be. For anyone who is currently suffering, you have my total admiration and respect because I know how hard it is waking up every day knowing that that day will bring pain. Anal fissures are very tough because it is not like a human cannot poop.

    Anyways, to go into a little detail about what I went through, the pain from the anal fissure was so bad that I had to bite on a washcloth in order to prevent me from tightening any of my other muscles in my body that would cause me to go through more pain. I could not exercise, thinking that I would agravate it, and was scared to get constipated out of my life.

    After about 40 days of dealing with the intense pain, I decided to get the anal surgery (sphinctoronomy) done. This was the  best decision of  my  life. After surgery, it took me a good two  weeks to poop with no pain, which was incredible. The first few days after surgery were very tough and the first time I went poop after surgery I almost wanted to throw up. 

    So, if your anal fissure sounds like it was as bad as mine, I would definately go for the  surgery. The percentage of people who suffer bad things from the surgery is very small.

    Some things I tried before I got the surgery were:

    Diltazem Cream (which I do not think  helped that much)

    Fiber (but do  not take too much as a poop that is too watery can actually cause more pain as a watery poop is  very acidic)

    ******Pooping in a different position- I want to emphasize this point greatly. Instead of pooping sitting down on the toilet, I tried squatting by putting my feet on the rim of the toilet and by squatting so my stomach was touching the front of the top of  my legs. This position helped  me tremendously and ever since my fissure I have always pooped in this position.

    Calmoseptine Cream- This cream contains menthol that numbs the area. This cream also prevents sweat form accumulating in a particular area. 

    I really hope that this advice helps and please do  not give  up on  your battle to survive your fissure. YOU will survive it whether by waiting it our or by getting the  srgery.


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    Yes honey, I'm in the u.k. I suffered horrifically. I told my gpi couldn't go on any longer. Every time I pooped that blasted muscle went into spasm and I would be screaming. There is another cream, I think it's called rectogestic, it's meant to work. I couldn't get on with it as the headaches were terrible. I done loads of research about my surgeon. I took the risk. I do get a bit of wind which I can't hold in as a result but no incontinence. My surgeon had done hundreds of them but mostly on men! I had mine done at Norwich, Norfolk. If you can persuade them and you want to, thoroughly check out the surgeon. People do say you can heal it but I had mine for 9 years, mine wouldn't heal. I did find suppositories a help. Anusol but it only helped a little. They can't just leave u. Talk to your doctor. May be try another hospital ? X
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      Thank you so much for ur advice I had a bad day so back to the docs and have now got naproxen and amatriptaline (don't think that is spelt right) so more tablets! I have already tried that cream along with a long list of them which haven't worked for me! But I want to keep positive and keep trying but I think I'm so close to the edge which isn't like me! Did you have to go private Hun? Also did you have to use a hospital near where you live? I had used suppositories but it's so sore to push them up I don't want them anymore. I will see what happens I will c the surgeon in 2 weeks if I'm not happy and still in pain then surely need to help me then?! I really appreciate your advice Claire!
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      Amytryptiline (prob spelt wrong) - will help you sleep and relax you.  Many people get headaches on rectogesic and the cream (anoheal - diltazem) is better - no headaches, Naproxen is a slow release version of nurofen type.  A lights on for me was Gabapentin - its designed to target nerves pain and works for me - well.  Once you get that spasm under control then yu will slowly heal - but everyone is different and most likely it will take months/even years - but gradually get easier.

      A most to get you poo soft and easy to come out - so Laxido sachets also good.

      However is advising you about not having more botox in a few months is wrong - its essential to give that area the relaxation/openness that botox will achieve - my surgeon in Salisbury gave me double dose back in May and it mad a real difference.

      Oh and on bad days - get a hot water bottle.  I got one off amazon - its a kids one and small and round and actually fits inside in the hole of a donut cushion - I could feel the difference as I sat a my desk - bliss as the heat helped relax.  A good donut cushion is a dunlopillo (google it).

      Other advice about surgery - well I very enarly did it but after reading a lot of feedback from people - some did get instant relief and others not so - but by the time I was deliberating I got better.

      Everyone is different but I hope you get relief soon,  It WILL get better - much better - even though now you are in a hellish place that all of us have been through.

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      Again was advised not to take laxido anymore as I haven't been eating so there isn't anything to come out (although I still Poo) so only just stopped that! I have had lots of fibre things when I do eat so it is quite soft but still like a knife scraping inside!😔 I wish I had gotten everyone else's surgeons as mine obviously doesn't like to do things more than once! I do use a water bottle or I'm in the bath for a couple of hours just to ease it a little! Many thanks for your advice aswell I do so much appreciate it! Fingers crossed I can persuade my surgeon to maybe do one more Botox!
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    Also read all the blogs on here. That cream I bought in off amazon called calmoseptine, it really helped my poor skin X it's about £8 tube. I still use it now and I'm still on laxatives
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    Hi. Everyone is different

    For me personally the botox didn't work. Yes I had it done on the NHS and had to fight for it. If your a man they offer it straight away, or 6 months worth of creams. I was told this by my surgeon. Do what u think is right for u honey. I had to use sex gel to apply the supprositries as I could hardly get any up

    Like u say so sore

    That amitrepylene can cause constipation I think so be careful cxx let us know how ur getting on x

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    I had severe pain as well and have tried everything. The original person on this post suggested certain items I had never tried before and it worked. You will need to get coconut oil capsules, put them in the freezer oveenight, cut open the very end of a capsule and squeeze the frozen oil out into your hand, then simply insert it into your rectum. It sound strange and difficult but it works. Also use the dulcolax. If you still have external pain and itch use a tiny bit of Vicks Vaporub, the stuff you rub on your chest for a cold, it actually feels good down there. After a movement, go right into the shower, no tissue, if you have a handheld showerhead, try to spray your anus as best you can with as hot as you can take it. After the shower use a small bit of cream to help insert the coconut oil, those will not go in if your skin is dry, apply a little Vicks and then lay on your side until the pain subsides, take ibuprofen if the pain gets too bad.
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    One thing I forgot to say don't laugh at this but it really has helped me, adopt the ski position when having a poo, lean forward like skiing, apparently it's the most natural way and never ever force it out even if it takes u half an hour in there. If your skin around there gets very sore, mine did, I applied that calmoseptine cream. This really helped. I haven't found anything better. Good luck and if u do see blood and you do get discomfort, thing to yourself it takes much longer for your body to heal internally. I found support on here fantastic x
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      Well saying that I have been using a stool under my feet to bring them higher than my pelvis and I found that helped before so I'm going to keep on doing it! I will have a look for that cream where did you get it from? Just incase I do get sore x
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      They sell calmoseptine cream at most loal drug stores back in the states. The main ingredients in Calmoseptine are Menthol which is an external analgesic and zinc oxide which works as a skin protectant and anorectal astringent. 

      Personally, rather than using a stool or even doing the skiing position, I would recommend squatting on the toilet if your legs can handle it as it is the most natural position for going to the loo and you do not have to push at all for this position. It basically slides out. Just look up "squatting on toilet" on google and you will see how it is done.

      Best of luck again!


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      No problem. I am so happy to hear that you are getting better and that now you are giving advice to other people on how to help them. It's really amazing having people who know and understand the pain and help you with the battle. 

      Hope you keep on healing!



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      It's amazing to be the other side now I'm so so happy and for everyone to be so nice and offer this advice it has helped me no end! 😁

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