I've had chronic yellow stools for the last year with no diagnosis.

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The last year I have had to deal with various health issues which arose after taking the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. I was 24, in great health all my life, until I took that medication. After 7 days of taking it, I began having horrible fatigue, muscle and tendon pain, and numbness in my hands. It became difficult to eat more than a few bites of a meal for weeks. I are eggs daily during the first month to try to keep my protein intake up. Within 3 weeks, I developed an intolerance to eggs. My stomach no longer digested them and they began appearing in my stool just how I had eaten them. I also began to break out in itchy hives. I stopped eating eggs and the hives went away. I supplemented the eggs with chicken for the next month. I began to develop hives from chicken after a month of eating chicken daily. Both of these foods I now avoid or I will break out with hives.

I also developed yellow stools over that time period which I at first attributed to the food intolerance. After I removed these foods, the yellow stool sometimes went away, back to a darker brown color, but never entirely. I still have periods where I experience yellow stools, without any food triggers. They seem to be happening more often than they used to. Most of my stools now are yellow. I had one normal bowel movement about 2 1/2 months ago. I seem to feel better when my stool is a normal color.

I have seen a gastroenterologist. He did multiple stool samples which checked for parasites and malabsorption. Every test showed a normal result. I thought for sure it would be a malabsorption issue because I have lost about 10% of my body weight. I also have floating stool about 50% of the time. It is most times very soft and has a mucus layer on the outside which makes the stool almost look fluffy.

I have also been chronically vomiting with constant nausea. The GI performed an endoscopy that showed two lesions on my lower esophageal junction, likely caused by the vomiting. I was given a PPI medication which sometimes helps to reduce the vomiting, but other times does not help at all. I also am now getting ulcers in my mouth pretty frequently.

I have been dealing with this progressing issue for a year with no diagnosis, and I really want to know what is wrong with me. I am very underweight and have not been able to work for the last year due to the chronic fatigue and vomiting.

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    Have you had any pancreatic tests run?
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      Yes, my general practitioner tested both amylase and lipase. Both functions were normal.
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    Was your.liver and gallbladder checked?  Mucus in your stools can be a sign of IBS as well as food intolerance. Antibiotics can change your gut flora. 
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      Liver function was also checked. I believe amylase and lipase can also be markers for gallbladder function, which they were normal. Otherwise, I don't think I have had my gallbladder checked. I've been taking probiotics daily and eating a lot of raw fermented foods like saurkraut. The fermented foods seemed to help for a short period of time, then stopped helping.

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      Have you tried a food diary to check for other food intolerances?
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      Yes. I have kept track of my daily food intake for the last 11 months and have found that greasy foods tend to make me feel like vomiting the next day. That is when I take my PPI and it fails to keep me from vomiting. Other days that I eat a more clean diet and feel like vomiting, the PPI usually keeps it down.
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      When my acid reflux started in my teens, I had the same problem with oily, fatty foods.  I could actually feel the oil lying in my stomach and not digesting.  Olive oil was a major trigger and chips. Over time, after years of eliminating them from my diet, my stomach started to tolerate both and I found that I can tolerate chips cooked in olive oil but if they are cooked in lard, this triggers nausea or vomiting.  I still can't tolerate salami and if I eat it, I vomit within hours.

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      Wow! I'm sorry to hear that but glad I am not alone. Did you also experience yellow stools frequently? If you have any suggestions on diet, I would be extremely grateful!

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      I have never had yellow stools; just problems with fatty foods.  In general, I am pretty good with most things I eat.  Avoiding the triggers has been the best plan of action for me.  Perhaps ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician to make sure you get the right nutrients.​​
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    What is your situation now?

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    I used to eat eggs until I developed tollerance to them. Can't even eat chicken, it leads to intestinal discomfort.

    Vomited for a week and had diarrhea for two weeks, with repeated episodes of vomit from time to time.

    My stool is constantly yellow.

    I lost a lot of weight.

    Got checked and my feces seem okay from a microbical standpoint, even though they are yellow.

    My blood test shows high Bilirubin levels.

    Greasy food causes me problems.

    Did you find what's wrong with you?

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