I've had diarrhea for 5 months and im fine....

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As it says in the subject line I have had what I would call severe diarrhea for close to 5 months. This is bad enough but it has transformed into constantly being light headed and dizzy. My memory is getting foggy as I forget things I should know from time to time or just isn't as sharp as it used to be anymore. I thought I might have hypoglycemia because when I would eat something the light headed bit would go away and I would feel better. So I went to the Dr and he ran two different blood tests and a stool sample. Aside from the cholesterol being mildly high, I was the picture of perfect health and "nothing is wrong with me". I know I have to be dehydrated at this point, but I drink water all day long, I know I should probably drink more than I am, but I drink enough to make myself feel better and it makes me feel slightly worse.

Also, roughly the same time this kicked off, I was injured at work. Being workers comp, it has yet to be diagnosed, but it was a neck injury and possibly mid/lower back as well. I haven't felt my middle toes in 2 months and I get general numb feelings throughout the body all day long. I am generally weak and basic tasks like folding laundry or vacuuming the floor completely wipe me out and I have to sit for a while if not sleep. (oh yeah without ambien it takes me on average 4-5 hours to fall asleep)

I have been battling depression and anxiety for years now (parting gift from the Army) I see an LPC (licensed professional counselor) and a psychiatrist on a regular basis. Of course they believe that everything I am going through can be fixed with happy thoughts. Even once implied that my physical injury would go away if I just improved my mood...hmmm...

With all of this and nobody really knowing what is wrong I am currently on 8 different prescription medications and a diet to fix being "perfectly healthy". Google says that some of the medications will react with one another so I was told by the Dr to stop taking them. Google, in true fashion, also tells me 200 horrible ways I am going to die from this stuff...

Anybody have any ideas on what the heck could be going on with me because I somehow doubt the doctors when they say I am in perfect health. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I am frustrated as this thing continues to gets worse

I am currently seeing a:



General physician


and a Neurologist

All more than happy to find a new tests I can pay for, but none with any answers aside from...you are fine. I am also in my mid 30's

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    This is a long shot but the only thing that pops in my head is maybe dumping syndrome. Look it up and see what you think. Hope you find some answers!

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    Hi guardian 1816

    Have you had your B12 and iron levels checked all your symptoms ie numbness tingling, fatigue and insomnia and gastro problems are classic symptoms of B12 deficiency...how old are you? if younger than 50yrs try B12 supplements in sublingual form(under the tongue) nose and mouth sprays or patches you can get them online..but i strongly recommend you get tested by your doctor as you may need a loading dose of B12 via injections if it is very low......

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      I have not it very well could be a deficiency of some kind. Having diarrhea for so long would certainly cause various nutrient, vitamin,etc issues

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    The problems you describe are problems of the elderly not someone in their 30's. Discuss with the practitioners you are are seeing the possibility of checking into rehab. They will probably reject it because they do not want to lose a regular patient.

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    ive had similar issues to you, but I think the cause is different. are you still taking those 8 meds? strongly feel that is your issue. what exactly are you taking?

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      Here is what I am supposed to be taking: Keep in mind currently I am only taking the zolpidem 10mg one at night

      Zolpidem 10 mg x1 bedtime

      Pantoprozole SOD DR 40 mg x1 5:00pm

      Fluoxetine HCL 20 mg x1 daily

      cyclobenzaprine 10 mg x3 a day

      sertraline HCL 150mg x1 daily

      Nortriptyline HCL 10 mg x1 bedtime

      Ibuprofen 800MG x1 every 8 hours

      venlafaxineHCL ER 75mg x1 daily

      Gabapentin 300 mg x3 daily

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      (Couldnt figure out how to edit the previous post)

      These are prescribed by 5 different doctors. There is actually another one by a 6th doctor that I have no interest in picking up. 8 is plenty

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      sertraline is notorious for causing chronic diarrhea via collagenous colitis. I Suspect this is whats going on. talk to your doc about getting of sertraline and getting started on a probiotic, do becareful with those otc probiotics though, I suggest yogurt/kefir or saurkraut if youre lactose intolerant. good luck!

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      Have your meds been checked to see that they are not interacting with each other? This can cause many of your symptoms.

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      pantoprozole is another one that causes diarrhea. just fyi. consider switching to an h2 blocker instead like ranitidine (zantac) or pepcid. ask your doc.

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      lester19220 has a good point too, they could also all be interacting with each other on top if what I mentioned. please talk to a doc. im only a med student.

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    All good points except I stopped taking the meds a couple weeks ago. Granted some take longer than others to get out of the system but after a couple weeks I would think the body would return to normalish

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      well its like I said some of those meds like sertraline cause callagenous ( miscroscopic )colitis . it doesnt matter if youre not taking anymore, the damage is done. Go see a gastroenterologist to get it diagnosed usually via colonoscopy or aigmoidoscopy, and again take probiotics to beggin reversing damage.

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