I've had headaches and dizziness for over a year what could it be?

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Late in 2014 I started getting headaches and dizzy spells but not together. The headaches would be on the front of my head, the top, or the back, and it was more a dull ache than an exrcuciating, unbearable pain. It wouldn't be in the same place either, but in different or varying places. It, or the dizzy spells would last for a few hours and then disappear on and off for days. I then could go two or three days symptom free. I went to Hospital on 23rd December 2014 thinking it could be something serious but I was told I was dehydrated. 

It carried on all the way through 2015. Dizzy spells, or headaches, but not together. There would be no predicting when it would happen or where, but usually I knew or could feel it coming on. I thought it was my Sinuses that were congested, as I have had this a few years ago, but on the 20th October I had a scan and they were clear. I had no symptoms until the 24th November then it started again. 

I have often, if I have had a dizzy spell, woke up after about two hours sleep and eventually gone back. I have woke up with it and then it has worn off in the day, It often has come on at night though I have noticed. 

I no longer get pain at the back of my head, and never at the side. When it starts, blue rings appear under my eyes and last until ends.

I have never had double vision, been sick, collapsed, fainted or blacked out. I am functional with it and my cognitive abilities haven't been impaired. However, it is ruining the quality of my life and I would like to know if anybody has any idea what it is, and what is causing it.

Thank you

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    When the attacks wear off the colour under my eyes goes back to normal. 
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    It feels like I have pressure in my head when it starts. 
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    Sorry to hear about your pain and can relate. There are so many reasons for headaches it's a long journey. Don't want to scare you but sounds like you've been diligently trying to figure this out for a long time and a CT scan is what pinpointed my problem, maybe that could help you.? I know an MRI or CT scan is expensive but it can rule out things or find issues. 

    Sending prayers for strength while you find relief!


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    I might ask for one. When I had the Sinus scan wouldn't a brain tumour or aneurysm have been spotted? I mgiht ask for another if it continues and if it is something like that surely the symptoms would have got worse? I don't know.
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    What was your problem? Any illness doesn't really scare me. It is not knowing. I don't smoke and drink little and am trying lose weight. 
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    Ugh I think my reply to you deleted when I finished with a smiley face sorry!

    I will try again....mine was a full brain scan and the attending ER doc said it looked fine. It was not until the next day when someone else looked at it that they found a non cancerous arachnoid cyst. My thought is that if the sinus scan you had was whole head have someone else look at the film.

    My regular doc saw it and sent me to a neurologist who immediately saw it and began treatment. Doctors are human and if they were focused on looking at one area (sinus) or inexperienced in something it could have been missed. 

    My my headaches/ ear pain were short lived and only the final straw in a bunch of weird symptoms that seemed to come and go for years.  Nothing really built up in pain like labor pains., getting progressively worse.

    I learned that much like reflexology pressure points in foot etc., if something pesky is pushing on our brain centers weird things happen; pain, balance issues, memory, personality changes etc. etc. . Not diagnosing you with what I have but  hope a good picture of that amazing brain, and a wise interpreter of it can help. Never be afraid of getting a scan sent to someone else. Hang in there and try not to stress or worry about worst case!

    Relief will come!

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    Well I think I will make an appointment next week for a MRI scan. Did you have it treated and you have had no further symptoms since then? 
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    Like I say, a scan might spot something. If not then it isn't that! 
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      I had horrible pain in the side and back of my head and bad dizzy spells for 2 months when I first had an MRI.. Upon completing that I found out I had 2 blood clots and a benign tumor behind my right eye.... You really need to have an MRI completed because it is the best test for your Brain to see if anything is there that shouldn't be.
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      And with their removal are you back to your old self? Like I say an MRI will see if anything is there that shouldn't be. If clear then I will have to look at something else!
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      I still have one of the clots but yes the pain is gone, I do sometimes still get dizzy though.
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    I'm a week away from a craniotomy.....a little anxious but mostly relieved I will get rid of some, any of the symptoms. Can't wait to get back to being my normal " weird" self whoever that is after the brain bubble is gone! Keep plugging along figuring out your own puzzle I will be praying for you!
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    I just find it strange that the symptoms are on and off rather than every day from getting up to going to bed. 
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    I have been told it sounds like Vestibular Migraines. 

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