I've had plantar fasciitas for 3 years

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And it's only getting worse and worse. I tried everything beginning shoes, orthodix, exercises, cortizone, shockwave therapy, physical therapy...I feel like I've exhausted everything and it's literally getting worse everyday. However I have a question - a few days ago they out my left foot in a cast. Ever since then my left foot has been MUCH worse than my right. So I'm not sure if that's a bad sign or part of the healing process....anyone know? Thanks, it's just that right now I can already barely walk, it's really interfered with my career...can't teach anymore. So if anyone has suggestions please let me know! Thanks 

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    Julia, I went to an Orthopedic Dr the other day..sorry to say, it was not a lot of help. He said he has had the same condition, lasted about 9 months.

    I have had it for about 5 months now, worsening each day.

    I have had the cortisone shot (ouch) did not help except for about 10 minutes,,,that was because my heel was numb

    Every Dr I have seen has said the same thing...exercise it, masage it, ice it, and hope for the best.

    I am 72..very active, I run 2 businesses, take care of my husband, home, and 6 acres......it is killing me...I take no mediaction for anything but I have now began to take reg asprin stron dose 2-3 times a day...only way I can stand the pain.

    Stretch your foot by raising your toes up and down (that helps the tendions) take 2-3 asprin, ice it for about 20min at a stretch...helps a lot.

    It will get better eventually...but no amount of quick fix's are gonna work...sorry



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    Hi, i so feel for you, I dont think anyone understands this condition who hasnt had it themselves, it is so debilitating and just affects everything you do in every day life.  I have had this for 2 years now in both feet, like you one is worse than the other, i also have achilles tendonitis in both feet.  I have tried everything! several different orthotics, physio, podiatrist, acipuncture, stretching, icing, 3 cortizone shots, chiropractioner and  a sports injury specialist!  Nothing has helped at all! Tried several different anti imflammatories and pain killers but nothing at all has really been any comfort for the plantar faciitis or achilles tendonitis.  I have been to the doctors so many times and seen 2 different consultants, tried the boot on the worse foot, and rested completely, (refused the cast so this was next best thing they said), only lasted a week, like you, it made the condition worse and more sore, my calves got really tight and my feet and  ankles got less circulation with not doing anything i think so became more painful.  Rang consultant and he said this doesnt work for everyone, stop resting completely but just do a little and dont use the boot which is what i did.  did become a little better and i do feel you need to move a bit just to keep your tendons moving and also with the cast on or boot you cant stretch your tendons? but, saying that, nothing else has worked for me either so this may work for you. 

    Walking is painful with every step, standing is worse, i struggle with anything like ironing because of the standing, standing in a check out even, if too long a wait i have to put shopping down and go!  work is the same, very difficult and used to make birthday cakes for people as a side line job but havent been able to do that for 2 years! Had all the blood tests available, all clear so really dont understand why this wont go away, i hate it, even hurts when you are resting? Does yours? Ive never been an athlete or run anywhere, used to walk a bit but only to school and work etc, nothing over the top so dont understand why i got it either?! Do you know why you got this condition in the first placed? 

    I really do understand how horrible this is for you and teaching, you must have to be on your feet so that must be painful too.  I am trying swimming now a couple of times a week, just slow up and down and see if that helps, i do think the complete rest might make it worse for you as you arent moving your tendons and exercising your arches at all?   Sorry, i know i am not much help but sometimes just knowing you arn't alone with this helps,

    Please let me know how you are getting on and if i find anything at all that helps me i will pass on the info incase it can help you at all.


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      Hi Sarah,

      thanks so much for your response. Yeah, you really sound like you're about the same as me. Yes, shopping is impossible....ironing - thank goodness for stools! It's just absolutely everything, you have to think over is it really worth it for my feet? I feel like my life revolves around my feet!

      thats interesting to know about the cast, I was kind of wondering. I recently bought compression socks, which actually just a tiny bit, relieve the pain in the morning.

      yes, resting too. It used to not hurt when I was sitting down but now it does. I'm not sure why it started....I got a job on my feet when I was 18 and it slowly came on then. 

      Right now I'm kind of holding on to one last hope...I saw a homeopathic doctor and he says it's caused because I have adrenol fatigue. So it would take a good few months to get my adrenols back up to par, but it's worth a shot. So he's loading me with lots of supplements and such. I don't know I'll let you know if it helps and it may be something you want to try. 

      Thanks again for your comment, I really haven't met anyone who's had it this long, being so bad. Well, let me know if anything works for you, and I'll do the same! Good luck!

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    I had pf for a couple of yrs the pain was such I recently got a cab

    just to travel half a mile, since coming simvastion three wks ago

    90% of pain has gone, see forum spacedoc

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    Julia, this is the cheapest statin available for the NHS to distribute

    to lower cholesterol levels, nobody knows the full wide range of statins

    side effects, but I'm 100% sure this has made my pf worse, to prove side effects

    you need to come off for 3-4wks then go back on,  if problems come back

    change statins, if you stay off its your choice,  search / google spacedoc com  

    who discuss a whole range of side effects , quite shocking really, but this a

    £50bl a yr industry,  so many will defend it

    regards mike


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    I've had it 9 months now and recently just had to purchase a scooter to get some mobility back. I was being pushed in an old second hand wheelchair so this is new and I thank God for it, but I cant walk or get around without it. This is the worst pain since childbirth and it can really mess with your head too if u are used to being a person in control. Prayer is all that's left...I just keep the faith that He will take this from me.  He's the only one that can. 

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