I've had the marsupilization last moth and the cyst is coming back

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Hi, the first time i got the bartholin cyst is last year in November and my doctor had done the I&D. I thought that's the end of it but of course its not.

Ever since, i got a recurrence every month and i search online for home remedies, they said to put tea tree oil on it. The first time i put the tea tree oil, it pop did go away. However, i got the cyst again the next month. I went to the doctor and she said that I shouldn't put the tea tree oil as it might aswell kill the good bacteria or something.. i dont really remember. Then, she gave me some antibiotics.

The cyst comes EVERY MONTH! But everytime I went to the doctor it will pop by itself. I was so depressed because of the cyst plus i'm in college and I cannot really focus on my studies.

Untill May this year, I went to the hospital and had the marsupilization done. It was a success according to the doctor.

But, last night i felt like there's a lump again. When i check again later, i am 100% sure that its the cyst again. I dont know what to do. Have anyone here had done the excision of bartholin gland? Can you share your experience? May I know how much time did it take to recover from the surgery because I just started my new semester in college and i don't want to take a long leave. Thank you for your time.

P/s: this is my 6th time. sad

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    Same things for me, has beenough going on since October.

    I was finally sent to a Gynocology oncologist today. She took a look at it, said everything looks great, can't even tell I have been having cyst...which is awesome news...but that still doesn't give me reason.

    After the exam, she determined I may have an infection in my rectum. Why does that correlate?

    Because my body might have an infection in it, so when my gland isn't working "properly" then it immediately gets infected from the fluid not being able to drain.

    I now have to go to my gastrointestinal doctor to get a test done to see if there is anything wrong there for sure. If there is then I fix that...the cysts should stop. If nothing is wrong there then we look at perhaps removing the gland.

    I am only 24 years old and they absolutely do not want to remove the gland unless all other options are covered.

    I know this is alot of strange info but I want to figure out why they keep coming back, not just for me but to help all us woman going through this horrible pain.

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      Thank you very much for replying and i'm so sorry for you for having to encounter this unpleasent thing.

      I've never been to oncologist before. I'm 18 years old btw and the biggest one that i ever had is as big as a golf ball and it hurts so much.

      Please keep in touch as I really want to know about your condition. Best of luck and please take a good care of yourself

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    Well...I m 5 months post op both glands being removed. It was my only option as cysts never went away...never were infected...just there....and I am a bike person. Biking was near impossible this past year. I found an awesome gynocology surgeon...who also had an awesome friend who is an oncologist gynocologist...they both scrubbed in and removed the glands both sides. Now....I think I am pretty tough...however...this surgery is painful....I was very uncomfortable for at least 2 weeks...but it wasn't until 6 weeks that I really started feeling better. It's a sensitive spot! One side was much bigger than the other....and thus more painful...it had also been opened several times prior to surgery trying to get it to drain and heal. Nothing but full removal of the glands worked for me. I have been back on my bike a few times...hoping to increase that. So....as far as being able to get up and get successfully through my day...I would say 2-3 weeks recovery. Please remember though that I had both sides removed. They are gone...no lumps or bumps anymore. Just a tiny bit of scar tissue. I took pain pills for about 3 weeks and then just ibuprofen and Tylenol.

    Good luck! You won't regret it as long as you find a good surgeon.

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      Thank you so much for replying and i'm happy for you as finally ended this "bartholin cyst drama"

      I heard that removing the gland is actually the only way to stop them from coming back. But i'm not sure if i can bear the pain and i'm afraid of what will happen to me if the gland is removed.

      Do you think I can go to class after about 2 weeks of post op? And do you legit can't walk for 2 weeks?

      I wonder does your sex life change after removal of the gland? Because the gland supposed to lubricate our vagina right?

      I think I'm going to remove my gland soon as I can't bear the thought of them keep on coming back. Those past months had been the worst for me.

      Do take a good care of yourself smile

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      You will be able to walk...just not fast or far. I am married 18 years and in my 40's.... My doctor pleaded with me to only do activities of daily living and no exercise for 4 weeks. Hmmmm... sex...was at least 6 weeks before sex....and just now when it's comfortable... I might have had issues with that prior to surgery....and I had both glands removed...a little unusual.... there are other glands that lubricate...but a little extra help from KY certainly helps...not sure if that's just my age or post surgery. If it's not emergent, find a time frame that works for you. During college semester may not be that time if you are intent on getting all A's. You will be sitting on an inflated donut for many weeks...and remember....everyone is different! I have seen people on here that had pain for just a week and were back to everyday activities and exercising in 2 weeks. Find a good surgeon you trust....I never went to see a gyno oncologist....he just was a friend of my surgeon and because they perform such delicate surgeries routinely, my surgeon asked him to help out. I went to a gynocologist who is trained in women's surgeries. Good luck....these pesky things are a pain....get it taken care of so it doesn't bother you your whole life!
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      Nisa Traynor--

      I'm not sure where you are located but being more my age I think it's important for you to know that we, as being under the age of 40, the doctors do NOT want to remove the gland. They remove it usually above 40 because they are concerned for cancer.

      Being so young, our chance of the gland having cancer is very very slim. I'm on my 8th cyst and they still won't remove the gland until I check the other situation.

      Also, many woman who have one gland removed because the re accruing cysts end up getting the other removed because the other gland ends up getting the cysts. That's not always the case, but sometimes it.

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      I am in the USA. I wish you the best of luck! I think most doctors are so hesitant to remove them because it's a delicate surgery that can have a variety of outcomes.
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    I had the marsipuialization In March 2015 and for a good few months I felt a lump and would panic that it was coming back.

    It took a good 6 months for all the twinges and the lump to really settle down and go back to normal.

    It's only been a month since your procedure, so don't be too alarmed that there is still a lump. You have to remember that the swelling has to go down and the gland needs to go back down to normal.

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