I've had these symptoms for two weeks, what could it be?

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Hello all..

for the past two weeks I've had these symptoms and I've been to the doctors and been diagnosed with two different infections - gastritis and then IBS. I don't know if I was miss diagnosed or not as two different doctors examined me. This was in the space of two weeks. I only had my stomach looked at too. No thorough tests.

My symptoms are:

Feeling sick constantly - all throughout the day and gets worse when I eat or smoke. (I have not vomited)

Sometimes a burning sensation in my abdominal (mainly at night)

Hunger pains regularly

Loss of appetite

Bloating and stomach fullness after anything I eat

Stomach pain sometimes, usually all over the place. It changes places, sometimes it's my left upper abdominal, then it's the middle of my stomach then my lower abdominal. It changes all the time.. it's a very hard symptom to describe. (Dull and sharp pains)

Upset stomach sometimes

Shortness of breath!

Not being able to sleep at night because nausea wakes me up.

I was prescribed omeprazole 20mg two weeks ago when they diagnosed me with gastritis I took for 7 days (stopped today) because they didn't really do much but take the nausea away a little bit - my stomach got worse on them. Today I went doctors and they completely ruled out the gastritis and said he thinks it's IBS. Prescribed me peppermint oil tablets but I can't swallow them so I'm taking buscopan IBS relief instead. I've took one tonight that is all - no relief but I've only had one.

I would really appreciate anybody's help. Thank you so much!

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    Have you had a CT scan or endoscopy/colonoscopy?
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      No I haven't, I asked for these tests but was told my symptoms are not 'severe enough' but believe me they are! Also, I don't think I could ever do an endoscopy - absolutely terrify me!

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      I was afraid as well. They put you out. It takes 15 minutes.
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      I think I'd be so nervous and anxious that the anaesthetic wouldn't work on me lol. What makes you think I need this test?

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      You can wait and rule everything else out.

      Just from some of the symptoms you said.

      Believe me, they make sure you are out before they start. Lol.

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    Does the pain ever go away? After a bowel movement? How are the bowel movements - diarrhea or constipated? Did they do any blood work?
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      When I wake up at night feeling sick I'll go to the toilet and sit there until I go and it's takes the nausea away a little bit - and in the mornings when I wake up with stomach cramps going to the toilet usually works and it's usually diarrhea! I think I have a mix of both diarrhea and constipation - I haven't really been eating much so I can't really go. I have a blood test tomorrow.

      Thank you for the reply!

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      This does sound like IBS to me then. Relief after a bowel movement.

      See how the blood tests go. That will narrow a lot of it out. Hopefully they're testing for inflammation to rule some nasty things out. If not, hopefully you can ask them to. I stool sample wouldn't hurt either as that rules out a ton of things as well. Obviously not the most fun test, but so informational. One last one that is non-invasive is an ultrasound. A lot of things need to be rules out before a doctor can just call it IBS! Even if it is a better diagnosis than some things.

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    I have IBS too.  One doctor told me to use Metamucil fiber (mix with water).  This bulks up the stool which helps with diarrhea and constipation.  I know...weird.  Also, try probiotics, milk thistle (for liver), slippery elm, camomile tea, and digestive enzymes.  Nausea can be helped with ginger or ginger tea.  Ask for a liver test ALT/AST.  I also have fatty liver and fibrosis.  Keep a food diary and note what foods you eat and your reaction to them.  This way you can eliminate those foods that trigger symptioms.  Excercise regulary, but first get a heart stress test because you said that you have shortness of breath.  God bless and I hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi jaadelouise1

    Your symptoms sound very much like HPylori a stomach bacteria that lives in the gut wall and duodenum..when you have your blood test ask to be tested for it.. You can also be tested for HP via stool test and breath test. This bacteria can be treated with antibiotics...best wishes for a speedy diagnosis..

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      Hello Lilian. I went to my GP today and was told to go home and send a stool sample off to see if I'm suffering with HPylori. So will have results in about two or three weeks time.

      Still suffering really badly - have been given different acid reflux tablets along side IBS relief doctors think I have both infections.

      still don't sleep, can't eat properly and basically not living properly.

      Thank you for your reply really helped


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      Hi jaadelouose1

      I do hope you can get a diagnosis. Although I wouldn't wish you to have anyy sort of infection but if you are diagnosed with HP at least you can start on your road to recovery.....keep us posted...best wishes...

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    The stomach pains you are describing sound like IBS which can make you feel sick, bloat, have hearburn and get changes of bowel habit.  If you are feeling anxious about your symptoms, this may be causing your shortness of breath.

    Last year I had the exact same stomach pain, nausea, constipation and loose stools and was diagnosed with iBS.  The type, intensity and direction of the pain typically change. You can also experience incomplete evacuation and temporary relief of pain after a bowel movement. With Buscopan, try one tablet three times a day until your symptoms settle.  After that, you may find you can reduce the dose. I found this helped me.  Keep a food diary and look into the Fodmap diet.

    I had a three and a half month wait for diagnosis and I went to my doctor eight times before I got help.  I had a urine and stool tests, an ultrasound and a celiac blood test which were negative.

    IBS is not always triggered by infection. Stress, disturbance in gut flora, surgery, particularly involving the stomach area, and food are also culprits. 

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      You have really helped put my mind at at ease - knowing I'm not alone and you understand what I'm going through - nobody really understands how stressful and frustrating it can be. I do suffer with anxiety and did think my shortness of breath could be down to my constant worry about symptoms.. I just didn't know. I will keep taking the medication, and start a food diary and wait it out until I get my blood results.

      Also, will not eating regularly make things worse? I am really struggling to eat all I've had today is toast and then chicken and green veg with carrots. I get very bloated and a full feeling which makes me not want to eat!

      Thank you Philippa smile

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      They do say that skipping meals isn't good for IBS and you should eat a little but often.  Spicy, greasy and gassy foods such as broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts can sometimes be irritants. Gluten, contained in wheat and other grains and dairy are also common problem foods.  

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      Like Philippa mentioned earlier - try the FODMAP diet. It should eliminate the most common triggers and allow you to settle your system first, then figure out what might be upsetting it.

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