I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid in april 20...

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I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid in april 2003, and after years of my doctor not listening to how i felt, i eventually was told that my t4 level was Zero and my TSH levels were 100 and the labs dont read them any higher than that so i will never know the true level my TSH had reached, i truely belive to this day that i as close to death, and not untill i walked in with my face swollen and my voice almost gone and my skin swollen and like a wax colour did my gp bother to check my bloods, i started on 25mcg and am now on 125mcg and the last two years of my life have been hell i am always at the doctors and always fobbed off my blood tests are now showing i am low in Zinc Iron CALCIUM Vitimin D and that my blood cells are larger than normal, and when i ask why they say its my diet yet i have never changed it and before this i never went to a doctor for anything. i now live with really bad pms my calf muscles ache and some days i cannot walk far, ( and i have two small children who i feel so sorry for as i dont do the same as other mums do) my back aches i have put on 2 stone that will NOT budge and i still have months where my hair drops out.

I am so very worried for my future health and for my kids, and no one ever listens the GPs just say its not medical its in my mind!!!!!! i cry alot on my own, and i will never stop trying to be well as long as God gives me the strength to carry on ( and do i need it !)anyone going through the same please mail me if you wish i think we should all get together and fight to be heard, this is a terrible illness that DOES NOT go away with the magic tablet, Good luck to everyone in their fight to feel well again,:headhurts::

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    This illness really does affect you psychologically. I've been correctly diagnosed for the past 18 months but for about 3 years previous to that my GP kept saying that I was suffering from depression. My mother is severely mentally ill, so I have been frightened all my life about being ill like her. I went for some counselling and refused to take anti-depressants. Although the counselling was helpful I continued to feel depressed. I was also missing my periods so I insisted on having a blood test done -that's how I found out about the hypothyroidism. I'm now taking 100mg but still fell depressed - I start to feel better as increase the dosage but then I seem to dip - the dosage is not yet adequate and my recent blood test proves this. I too believe in God but am finding this illness difficult to cope with.

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    Why haven't you changed doctors? As this site shows, most GPs simply don't understand the condition. Find one that will listen and act on what you're saying rather than sticking doggedly to what the blood test results show.

    It sounds to me like you should be on a much higher dose, at least in the short term. I'm no doctor, and I don't know what effect large doses of thyroxine will have, but you are obviously SO unhappy at the moment that, with a supportive doctor, it's surely got to be worth a try!

    Good luck.

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    I have beendiagnosed hypothyroid 45 years ago as a child, in that time I have had the ups and downs that all the people on this site talk about. The medical profession have closed ears in general if you don't fit into the treatment they prescribe. Looking back in hindsight I beleive I have more than knowledge than most of the endicrinologists because of my personal experience. I beleive there is some missing information, a price of the jigsaw that is not being addressed. I aslso don't beleive this is a neccessarily permanent condition. My life has been an incredible journey of wasted opportunities and years because of often debilitating symptoms. I would refer you to a web site called ****, which in my opinion makes sense. Hope it helps, I am just about to start this treatment through a private doctor.

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    Until I found this site today, I almost thought I was the "only person in the world" suffering from hypo. My own Doctor ignored me and my symptoms for over a year, the weight gain, the tiredness, the mood swings, the aches and pains.

    Even after 12 hours sleep, I would have to hold my head up in order to put my make up on so that I could try and make myself presentable to go to work.

    I thought it was depression, having recently lost my youngest sister, my son had a nervous breakdown and then went missing for six months, at the same time we were in the process of moving, due to problems at work I could not take any leave, I was at the end of my tether.

    Following a totally unrelated hospital visit the specialist I was seeing said he thought I had a hormone problem and immediately tested me for thyroid function.

    Even when these tests came back positive, my doctor ignored me for several more months, until the first specialist arranged for me to see an endocronologist.

    So in January 2005 I had an appointment with the endo. and was prescribed 50mcg of thyroxine, within 4 days I felt an improvement, I was not so tired. This dose has been increased several times to my present dosage of 150 mcg thyroxine, but unfortunately the other symptoms persist.

    Like a few other people, I am cold for ages then as if a switch has been flicked over, I am roasting hot. I suffer the most awful cramps in my calf, my legs are restless and I sleep badly, but I have learned to pace myself.

    I hold down a full time and demanding job, run a house and family and look after a disabled Mum.

    I have fought so hard to try and loose the weight I put on which was over 2 stone, I excercise every day and have given up so many pleasures, but I feel a corner has been turned as I have managed to loose six pounds in the last month, so I am thrilled. The one thing I can't come to terms with is the lack of sex drive, but my husband has been patient and we are looking forward to our first holiday this year, since being diagnosed.

    Keep positive, I know it is difficult, but in the early stages I wanted to curl up and die in my bed, but thank goodness I didn't. :cheers:

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    I started to feel tired about five years ago. I also went from weighing 7st 10lb to weighing 8st 8lb in a matter of weeks.I had mood swings, my nails broke too often, my hair fell out, my joints ached and so did my muscles. I never went to the doctor because I worked, had kids and didn't have enough time. About four years ago I fell pregnant with my third child. My midwife asked if I would take part in a study on thyroid during pregnancy, I agreed and was tested. The results shocked me - my thyroid was underactive. I was given no medication during my pregnancy - WHY?

    Two weeks after the birth of my daughter I was put om 25mcg levothyroxine. This has gone up over the three years since my daughter was born, I now take 150mcg a day. I still feel awfull. I am tired, aching and my mental capacity is very poor. I have no sex drive, and I cry for no reason. I am not depressed but I get upset over anything.:?

    I think there is a lot of work that needs to be done before anyone understands thyroid conditions - I hope it happens soon.


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