I was told my seizures are caused by arrhytmia! I am very scared.

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Hi all,

I went to see a neurologist today because I ended up in A&E last week with a seizure (it happened when I was asleep). My GP sent me to a specialist for investigations, and I thought he might say that I have epilepsy as my partner described my seizure as being a focal complex epileptic seizure.

I had my first seizure 6 years ago, I was awake and it happened in a shopping centre. they checked my heart, brain and found nothing wrong with me.

I get these episodes before the seizures, like a deja vu feeling, very strange and I thought they were anxiety attacks. I get these episodes about once a year as well, but without the seizures and they last for a few seconds.

The neurologist thinks it might be the heart and that I might suffer from arrhytmia.

I am now waiting to see a cardiologist to see what I am dealing with but meanwhile I am panicking! I feel very anxious and I am in shock that the seizures might have been caused by a heart condition.

I am terrified of having another seizure and worried my heart will stop beating and will suffer from sudden death.

I am thinking the worst case scenario and can't stop looking for answers online.

Is there anyone else out there experiencing these seizures or give me some reassurance that it's not too bad and I will be ok?

PS. I am 41 years old, don't smoke, drink, I have a healthy diet, I exercise regularly etc.

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    Its easy to say not to panic, but anxiety is a known trigger so try to keep calm. Your cardiologist will find the problem if it is to do with your heart, but it might be something more simple or different. Until the tests are done it is conjecture.

    If anyone thought you were in any immediate danger they would have sent you to A and E.

    You seem to have a healthy diet, but have other circumstances changed, for instance your diet (to vegan) or your environment-a move from a rural area to a busy urban one?

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      Thank you for your reply 😃

      I have health anxiety so I struggle to stay calm and not panic...

      My circumstances have not changed, except for being in lockdown and spending most of my time at home!

      My GP has referred me to a cardiologist but it will take at least 2 months before I will get seen. Hopefully no more episodes or seizures until then.

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      Yes, we have been under a lot of stress for a year with covid, which is bad enough in itself, let alone if you are generally anxious about your health anyway.

      If the GP considered you were in danger he would have fast tracked your application so the fact it will take 2 months is a comfort in some ways. 😃

      Did the neurologist or your GP have any other thoughts as to what could have caused your condition? If the cause lies elsewhere two months will elapse before you will be able to take any alternative action.

      So worth exploring other options if your heart was merely one of the possibilities put forward

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      Yes the lockdown has not been good for my mental health 😦

      The neurologist only suggested the heart that might be the cause for the seizures and episodes. I asked him whether it could be the stress/anxiety causing the episodes but he dismissed my idea.

      The GP doesn't know, he was actually surprised that the specialist suspects I might have a heart condition.

      He called me in yesterday to rule out Long QT syndrome and did a EEG and listened to my heart, he said everything seems normal and I should not worry just yet. He will try and see if he can persuade the hospital to see me sooner as I told him how this is affecting my mental health. He was very good but has no idea he said it could be either epilepsy or a heart problem.

      I then went home and got a message from a friend telling me I might have what she has: non epileptic seizures which are caused by stress/anxiety. I looked into it and to be honest, my gut feeling is telling me that this is what I've got!

      I will continue to see the neurologist for follow up and I will suggest the NES, hopefully there are tests to see if I have NES. I will also see what the cardiologist says. If all tests are normal then I will go back to the GP and see what I do next.

      Or maybe is worth telling the GP about NES? Even if I do, I am sure he will say we should do the tests first...

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      I think you need to explore all options otherwise you might go down one road, find its the wrong one and then spend time looking at the other possibilities.

      Your heart is only one of the possibilities but your obvious anxiety may well be a factor in causing some unrelated problems, so explore whatever avenues you can.

      The last year has been a huge trial fur us and for anyone anxious about their health anyway, its a double whammy and could easily cause unexpected problems.

      It is easy to believe you have the same thing as your friend does. Only your doctor will know, but if you are convinced you might be able to suggest it to them,

      Does your friend do anything to cub her anxieties, such as breathing exercises or Yoga or perhaps she is on a specific drug?

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      Thank you for taking the time to rely to my comments, I appreciate.

      I agree woth you, we need to look at all possibilities and need to explore all avenues. Not being able to work in lockdown and the lack of socializing has really affected my mental health.

      My friend is on medication prescribed by her doctor, she is feeling better and her seizures have almost all stopped.

      I practice relaxation techniques, I look after myself and use coping mechanisms, when I feel I am about to have or I am worried I will get these "episodes" (not seizures). But for some reason, Once a year or so these methods sort of "fail" and I'm unable to stop them.

      I had a few episodes both times I had the 2 seizures, 6 years apart, they felt worse than usual and they obviously led to the seizures. It felt like I had no control to stop them. I am wondering if there is a physical condition making them worse or whether it's purely psychological.

      I will carry on with meditation/coping mechanisms until I get all the tests done and if I do suffer from an anxiety disorder than I might have to see a therapist or take medication (altough not keen on taking medication on a daily basis if I rarely get these episodes)...

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