I was woken up last night by a sharp pain in my eye, again.

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I was woken up in the middle of last night by a sharp pain in my right eye. It felt like someone stabbed the inside of my eye with a needle. It was very painful. It happened few more times afterward throughout my sleep though in lesser intensity, but they still hurt terribly. The pain in my eye lasted almost the whole following day. I have no choice but try to bear it when the pain isn’t too strong, but I’d definitely need medical attention when it gets as strong and painful as that last night. The problem is I need to make appointment to see a doctor and won’t be able to get help right away. It happened frequently in the past. I had been to the doctor few times for treatment and examination because of that. My doctor thought my eye problem was simply due to dryness in the eyes and nothing else. So he prescribed eye droplets to me and sent me away. I really disagreed with his diagnosis but I couldn’t offer any other explanation. I did use the droplets as instructed but evidently it didn’t work, just like last night.

Unfortunately it is only one of many symptoms that associate with my sleep disorder for the past ten years. I’ve been getting this highly focused poking-like sensation which hits all over my body including my ears, nose and eyes. This sensation has different degree of intensity ranging from strong and powerful which hits me like a hammer to sharp and prickly which stabs me like a needle. It causes me great pain and seriously interrupts my sleep.

Can anyone out there offer me a better diagnosis or explanation as to what’s happened to my eyes? It seems that my doctor has underestimated the problem and downplayed my symptoms. I tried to convey to him how painful it was, but sadly he just casually dismissed it as dryness in the eye and nothing out of the ordinary. It is obviously wrong.

Please help.

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    I finally got a chance to see my ophthalmologist for the eye pain happened last week as described above. Basically my eye is somewhat injured that night. There is a small scratch in it which, according to him, was caused by my dried eyes. Again, I disagree for the piecing pain was way too severe to be caused by dried eyes alone. Besides, my eyes didn’t really feel that dry that night, and I did take eye drops before I went to bed. They had to be dry like sand paper to cause such pain. I am very confused. Please help.
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      I have recently been experiencing the same symptoms and I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome you may want to look into it

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      Your symptoms sound a lot like mine.

      I gor diagonsed a year and a half ago with something thatt I don't know the name of, but my great grandma has it.

      So basicly in my case I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my eye. I went the eye doctor the day that this happen in the morning. My eye would hurt when exposed to light. I did learn over time to close my eye, cover it with my hand, go under my blanket and sleep. When I woke up the pain was normally gone.

      But one day it wasnt. So I went the doctor. They didnt find any cuts. What they did tell me was that my eyes have natrual lubricant.  It helps your eye lids open. When your eyes dont have that lubricant, they are dry. What happened was that sometimes, mostly during the night, my eyes would open suddenly. This made my eyelid scratch my eyeball, resulting in pain.

      This was during the tage when my younger brother would turn on the light in my rooom in thee middle of thee ight, and this startlee me so I think that that is what it is from.

      I started putting in lubricant ( from walgreens, some grand that starrts wiith a r night time. Its blue) After a while I didnt need to use it. Now Im fine.

      I suggest doing lubricant for a month or two ad see iff thta works

      or see  a different doctor

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    "...There is a small scratch in it ..."

    That might be corneal abrasion then ?..... ?originally caused by your eye being dry?

    Can be 'very uncomfortable' ( med speeeek for screaming agony )

    Did the ophthalmologist suggest why your eye might have been so dry.?

    Were you given any drops to use ?

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    Hi you guys

    Have you read whats on this website -


    I've had some terrible times with the sharp quick needle type pain but since spraying my eye lids with the slightly more expensive Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 they seem to have stopped. Normal eye drops didn't stop them.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi rex carr,

    Good question. He didn’t explain to me why and how my eyes would get as dry as he thinks they are, but I should’ve asked it myself. I could make an educated guess though as to why my eyes are so dry. As mentioned above, I’ve been suffering from a terrible sleep disorder for the past ten years and experiencing constant fatigue on daily basis. Lack of sleep must have a lot to do it, plus I work in front of a computer everyday; that just worsens the situation I suppose. That’s just a guess, not diagnosis. I did receive eye drops as treatment, but they are not particularly effective in my case I’m afraid.

    Hi smh2409,

    Thanks for the website. Interesting info. I wish my doctor were that informative…….

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    I did follow instruction from my doctor and applied eye drops before I went to bed, and yet I still got piecing eye pain during sleep. It happened last night and few times since my last post. What did I do wrong?

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    Hi BC2013 - before trying to blame yourself for doing anything 'wrong' ask yourself "is there any other

    illness attacking my body". It could be as simple as a cold sore to something major. How old are you as

    this has an affect too.

    Like i've stated earlier normal eye drops don't work against this eye-pain. Buy yourself some off the shelf

    Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 and spray everyday.

    However if you have another illness - even cold sores etc , or painful joints esp the hip(s) - it all could be

    related ie. a compromised immune system. If so the conversation with your doctor should be completely different. Tell him/her everything that is going on.

    The nerve system of your eye goes from the back of your brain through the middle to your eye-ball so if

    your auto immune system is affecting your nerve system, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels then

    the whole issue cascades into serious GP/consultant monitoring.

    BUT try the Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 for a while you could be pleasantly surprised but be disciplined and use it everyday by spraying on the eyelids.

    Also help your immune system in the meantime with a Vitamin tablet everyday (if you are 50+ THEN A

    50+VITAMIN would be very useful).

    This is all from a patient who has been there now with no more sharp eye pains.

    Thinking of you and you're in my prayers.

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    Hi smh2409,

    Thanks for your concern and prayer. I’m really touched.

    Actually eye pain is only one of the numerous problems I have. I’m also experiencing a muscle disorder-like symptom, and I have problem with my ears as well. I believe sleep disorder is the root cause for all that. I have been suffering from a really serious sleep disorder for more than ten years. It causes severe sleep deprivation. I’m plagued with chronic fatigue on daily basis. Lack of sleep does bring out a whole bunch of other problems that make the whole experience even worse. It is strange and complicated.

    Sadly, I don’t have a cure for it or anything that would alleviate my pain and suffering. I have bad days and worse days. I’ve become numb to all that now. I just get by everyday trying to lead as normal a life as I possibly can. I don’t know what normal life is anymore. My entire life has been held hostage by these illnesses. I lost ten years of being a normal person, doing normal things or having a normal social life without feeling the torturous mental and physical fatigue. I don’t even know if I would ever recuperate from it. Sometimes I feel like the devil himself is riding on my back torturing me just for kicks.

    The worse part is that I’ve been suffering all that alone and in absolute silence. No one really knows about it apart from the fact that I look dead tired and miserable everyday. Yet I must put on a smile when dealing with colleagues, etc. just to be polite. It has been my life for the past decade. Sorry to bore you with my troubles. Thanks again for your kindness. Take care.


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      I was googling stabbing eye pain as i too suffer this occcassionally and found your article. It is a mystery.  My husband suffers from ME and it sounds like you have the same symptoms.  I have autoimmune disorders (thyroid and hormone problems). We both have recently started taking LowDose Naltrexone and I have found my pain levels decreased by around 80% within a couple of weeks.  My husband has suffered ME for 50 years and it will probably take him a little longer to notice a big difference.  He has noticed his digestion has improved though.  Google and it may be the thing you're looking for too. Good luck.
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    hiya BC2013,

    Reading about you was like reading about myself and I could add some. I know exactly what you are

    going through. Its an old cliche but - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I've been there for 9 and half years it'll be 10

    years come October 19th. Has your GP talked to you about any future consultation with a Specialist at a

    Hospital or Sleep Clinic.

    I also have a background with many years of IT working in Computing.

    BUT try the Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 for a while. You could be pleasantly surprised but be disciplined and

    use it everyday by spraying on the eyelids.

    Your outer lids will become plump and softer-skinned too which gives your face a nice feeling.

    Praying forf you

    1 Peter 2 v 24 if you have a bible.

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      Thank you everyone I am currently having the piercing eye pain and eye drops have not helped. I have been referred to an opthalmologist but will

      try the drops you have recommended. I am post menopausal and guessed I might simply have dry eyes. The pain is excruciating.

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      I hope it goes well for you with yr opthalmologist. Pls understand the situation 'post menopausal' does not mean you have just got to live with it from now on please drill yr opthalmologist about (1) balancing yr hormones; (2) checking yr thyroid as Thyroid dry eyes can reveal inflammation (3) and how you close your eyes (awake and sleeping)

      If they are worth their salt they'll address all and more of these issues.

      Reading from net:-


      All the best

      Prayer being said for you right now.


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    Just a little extra qu : Did your ophthalmologist show you any images of the inside of your eye(s) and discuss the state of your nerves inside or anything?
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