I would be grateful to receive anyone's advice and opinion about my condition!please.

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This post is going to be a bit longer and i would be grateful for anyone who would take some time and read it.

My whole story and history of this is not really short,i've had some similar issues 5 years ago but i don't think they are related because for 3 years i have been healthy and had no symptoms at all.

Anyhow i will take some time and write that too because it could be useful to know.

5 years ago:

When i was straining myself in order to compete with my friends in a silly game i almost lost my consciousness,it was a nasty feeling that lasted for a couple of minutes(my motor functions were poor,my cognitive abilities, the feeling of derealisation was immensely strong and i could barely move my hands in the first minute).Fortunately it didn't last long and it went away soon after,i refused to say that to anyone and simply forgot that.

Everything was fine for 1 year and i had no problems whatsoever.

Then,in the pool,when i was diving and holding my breath a little longer i was again hit with that spooky derealisation feeling(the feeling of detachment from reality) as well as concentration impairment,only this time that wasn't strong but it lasted longer.I ended up in hospital for a couple of days and they did a lot of tests including MRI scan,EEG,general blood tests etc..everything was perfectly fine.I went home after that and my symptoms vanished,and for 3 years after that i felt perfectly normal.

In the meantime i got some new issues like allergies although i don't see how can that be related.

I also had some weird problems like chronic fatigue and i've been avoiding physical activity for 2 reasons:

1.allergies(when i trained my whole body was red,it looked ugly and i felt really itchy)

2.When i got really exhausted and tired from physical activity i would become really really dizzy and imbalanced,the feeling is horrible(just like the first time my motor functions were decreased and i had to lay down for a while to recover.

I didn't tell this to anyone and of course i continued my life with constant worry and stress.

February 14,2018

My constant worry and stress culminated into the thought i have a cancer.I told everyone,including my parents and i fell into depression.During that terrible period my derealisation reappeared and it persisted for a long time,i had a weird feeling and sensations in my head(it's hard to explain),i was spending days in my house feeling so sick and helpless etc..

Again we searched medical help and i did following:general blood test,ultrasound of liver and internal organs,checked thyroid gland..everything was fine..iron in my blood was on maximum.My last visit was to a very experienced general diagnoser who came up with a different explanation :

There is nothing wrong with me,i am perfectly healthy,the reason why this is happening to me is because of the flaring of the nervous system in puberty as well as some bad habits in my life accompanied with stress.He gave me complex B vitamin as well as some advices and told me to go home,it will pass.

And really after that i felt better but it still seemed like part of it never went away.

2 months later:

i don't know how and i don't know why..it is all extremely vague to me but that weird feeling in my head accompanied with head pressure,derealisation,brain fog and similar was appearing more often and it seemed like some of my symptoms would appear and disappear while some would remain all the time and it is extremely difficult to explain that feeling like something is wrong with your head.

I requested some more research and in that period we have visited 2 neurologists and 1 psychologist.

I also did EEG again,doppler ultrasound of blood vessels in my head,checked my ears..everything was fine.1st neurologist sent me to a psychologist who then diagnosed me with anxiety,it appears anxiety is the big bad wolf.I have to admit ever since February i have been in the claws of stress,anxiety and depression.I fell into conversation with her asking how can such a huge spectrum of physical symptoms be triggered by anxiety.She said that i can and also mentioned a couple of other causes which themselves can cause symptoms as well as anxiety resulting in worrying about them:

My overthinking,relying too much on the intellectual side,emotional immaturity and similar..And yes that all stands:i really have a tendency to think constantly and overwhelm my brain.She said it could be all be like a loop.After saying my symptoms 2nd neurologist's reaction and overview was pretty similar.In a nutshell everyone around me as well as doctors i've visited said that i shouldn't be worried it's all due to anxiety,overthinking,bad habits etc..And honestly i don't know,now i've managed to reduce my anxiety but the symptoms are still very real.I forgot to mention that my handwriting got worse this year and the reason why i'm posting it here in this group is because ever since i know about myself i had problems with headaches,and they are still here,can get more frequent,can be rare(depends on the period).I've posted this on other group but i'm posting it here because this is ruining my life.With headaches i also used to have nausea and dizziness.

Forgot to mention:I wanted to do MRI again and they all said they think there is no need but i can if i want to and now i'm waiting for it,as well as doppler ultrasound of blood vessels in neck and i should also request to get tested for lyme disease,it appears i'm the only one willing to do something about this

As much as i want to believe that doctors are right about this it still feels like there is a physical problem.My symptoms now didn't get away and despite my control over anxiety i am still struggling mightily to find relief and get rid of this state.

My current symptoms are:brain fog,derealisation,poor memory,poor concentration,cognitive abilities impaired,brain zaps during day(can be frequent,can be rare),on some days head pressure and sensations are stronger and along with brain zaps it is really frightening,headaches(different types including ice pick headaches).

As i said my anxiety is mostly under control but subconscious worry remained ever since this all started.

I really need advices and opinions and i would appreciate them much because i have issues with learning,reading and thinking in general.

I am 17,caucasian male,going to middle school,1,85 cm tall and about 77 kg weight.

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    Have you seen a neurologist?

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      Yes,2 neurologists and after i did some tests that turned out to be fine their opinion was:it's nothing serious,you shouldn't be worried about that,it's all due to anxiety and stress.Stop worrying,change your habits and it will pass.I didn't do an MRI scan although but they think there is no need for that.I did MRI scan 4 years ago

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      have you had your allergies looked into? Maybe you have an allergy that could affect your immune system like celiac disease. Do you get an upset stomach?

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      We took that into consideration too,although i haven't checked that.One doctor said it could be all be due to stomach and gave me something to drink,which i did,i recently finished that bottle.I have had urticaria which would result in red itchy spots all over my body everytime i would train something and get exhausted or tired or when i would enter the sea.First thing is gone now but if i enter the sea now same thing would happen.

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      I have just looked up urticaria to see what it was and I used to get that when I was a teen every time it was really cold or I had an ice lolly, I also used to get it in the heat. Also salty things would make my lips swell up, so that maybe why the sea affects you, because of the salt, also when you work out you have salt in your sweat. I never knew what the allergy was called and just thought I was a bit different! So now I know it has a name! I grew out of it in my 20s so hopefully it won't affect you for life. I used to take antihistamine tablets which helped a bit at the beginning, but didn't work so well after a while. But they can add to your tiredness.

      I think there is a blood test for celiac disease. But ask your doctor about other food allergies and intolerances.

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