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Does anyone have any tips for dealing with it?

I've tried the fibre, the probiotics, cut out every type of food I could think caused it (raw fruits, junk food, dairy, fatty foods) and no matter what I try, it always just flares up again and again. It's making me worry that it's something worse?

Yesterday it was bad, crazy watery, I took imodium and it sorted it for a few hours, but that night I was in agony, on the verge of throwing up for half an hour, I had the worst nausea! I felt so bad I couldn't even feed my son for an hour so I could put him to bed.

I'm tempted to ask the doctor to do some kind of scan/colonoscopy or whatever they'd suggest to check for any other conditions it could be.

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    Unfortunately no permanent cure has yet been found for IBS.
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    Have you been officially diagnosed with IBS?  If so, try a food diary or the low fodmap diet with the help of a dietician.  IBS is a chronic condition with no cure.  It will keep coming back with periods of remission in between. Everyone has different triggers, either food or stress or both.  Try an antispasmodic such as Buscopan or conventional painkillers.  If it doesn’t work ask your doctor to prescribe you a different one.  You may have to try several.  Try soluable fibre instead of insoluable fibre which can make IBS D worse.

    Try to distract yourself with hobbies or light exercise such as walking which helps with the pain.  Try to stay as calm as possible because IBS thrives on anxiety.

    I have had flare ups where I didn’t know where to put myself because of the pain.  I have ended up curled up in a ball on the couch or crouched on the bathroom floor at the point of vomiting because of the pain.

    If you have not been diagnosed with IBS, ask for an ultrasound and colonoscopy to rule out other causes.  IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion.

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      All they did for testing was a blood test and felt my stomach, which I feel is a little lacking considering how much pain/discomfort it has been causing! I went 2 weeks where I had diarrhea every single day, it was horrendous. I'm at the point where no matter what food I seem to eat, it still happens, so I'm kind of lost! I feel like I can't eat anything any more!

      I've got another appointment next week, so I'll talk to my doctor about other options, as so far what has been recommended isn't doing anthing. It seems to have prevented me from having as many flare ups, but they are still worse than they have ever been, much more painful and much longer, plus last night with me almost vomiting and all day today I have felt so nauseous, even smells have been making me gag!

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      Hi 2731

      Have you been tested for allergies or had blood tests for vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Low Vit D can cause gastro problems...also a fecal test. When you see your doctor ask her to order these tests....it is the patients right to ask for a second opinion. These tests will give a second opinion. All may be fine in that direction, but it is a worth having the tests just in case....

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      Feeling your stomach actually can tell your doctor a lot.  It can indicate any swellings, and pinpoint the location of the pain to determine if it is coming from a particular abdominal organ.  Blood tests can tell a lot too and eliminate other causes.  Although you have had only two investigations, each of them are still significant to start with.  You can always ask for other tests such as an ultrasound or colonoscopy to follow  Stool tests for fecal calprotectin to detect possible inflammation in your colon, and one to look for h pylori are also useful.  If nothing shows on these tests, the diagnosis will be IBS.
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    Stop eating high fibre, especially while you have a angry tum.

    Can I suggest you try rice, creamed with milk, for a few meals, will not hurt unless you eat nothing else, but a few days of only this will do no harm, but it is not a diet you can stick at for too long.

    If this suits you, and causes no pain, always consider an allergy to even milk, there is a variety of milk, A2, more expensive, but suits some better, and or lactose free milk.

    Then if you are OK, introduce tinned pears, just a small amount, even hospitals use tinned pears for patients post surgery, do have a tendency to make bowels rather loose, so not unexpected.

    Raw fruit, juice, very tough on angry bowel, avoid for now.

    Bread - Avoid with IBS, have learn't over the years bread and IBS do not mix.

    Milk if you can tolerate is going to be your friend, does settle angry tum.

    Hope some of theses suggestions some help.

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      I am lucky with my IBS because no food triggers it.  As long as O stay calm, I am in remission.

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