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Hi every one im 32, with type 2 diabetes, ibs suffer 3 years since found out

just before finding out had months daily constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, off too toilet 6 times a day, attacks sometimes after 1 hour

So went to doctor whilst investigating if I have diabetes was prescribed buscopan which was of no use as the underlying problem was still there. Next visit thank god was prescribed FYBOGEL..

fybogel was a miracle wthin a day I was relieved of discomfort and honest went only once to toilet that day wow!

Purpose of my message is I cant express how good fybogel is..forget about buscopan.coppermin,senokot and others out there they just dont work. Best results for fybogel as soon as you wake up before going toilet have 1 satchet and straight away drink 2 cups of water.. after that you might or not need to go toilet once or twice before/around lunchtime..after that the rest of day you wont relise you have ibs

Im afraid to say it wont get rid of ibs but does help by a mile to have a comfortable/managed day..without fybogel back will be all the problems of ibs, discomfort and definitely going toilet upto 6 times a day.beside this eating healthy and exercising very important

please please do try fybogel does exactly what it says..can be used for general constipation too

I haven't really looked into whats triggering ibs. maybe cos of diabetes/guten..but I do know spice upsets it big time and dairy products

I wish I could inform every suffer about fybogel..so please do forward to other people and messageboards to help each other fight ibs

until I find something else I will be continuing fybogel

thank you and good luck 18/05/14

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    Hello Sash,

    Fybogel is fibre in the form of psyllium husks; pure and simple. You pay more for it when it is packaged and labelled and sold in small containers. You can buy psyllium husks at your health store in a larger brown bag and pay far less. Both forms are identical. Either way, you forgot to mention that you must take it with a large glass of water; better still two. If not, it can work in reverse and cause constipation

    Fybogel is not a drug, thank god. No side effects. But of course there is another way to keep regular and that is NATURAL. For any condition, you want to go the lifestyle route first before resorting to drugs and all their side effects. The simple, best and natural way is to increase one's fibre intake.

    1. Eat 6 - 10 servings of vegetables per day.

    2. Get some exercise every day to keep things moving...whether it be walking or a sport or an exercise class.

    3. Limit constipation causing foods such as white rice, cured meats which are  salty like ham, salami, too much meat in general, salty foods, dairy, eggs and tea.

    4. Drink plenty of water. (I have a pitcher by my computer so first thing in the morning I drink down 2 full glasses). For every cup of coffee or tea, both of which are diuretics (cause you to pee) you have to take one cup of water to replace the water lost.,...and then drink a cup of liquid such as water.

    As we age, we lose our sense of thirst. So many people end up in hospital with dehydration. And dehydration can cause intestinal cramping. 

    5. I often take 1 tsp of psyllium husks (Metamucil or Fybogel being the expensive but identical alternative) in the afternoon in a tall glass of water. 

    When you have IBS as we all have, you will do anything to avoid the intense pain of bowel cramping. No one needs to suffer with this 21st century condition. If we all just drank plenty of water, filled our dinner plates with colourful veggies (no beige meals) and moved our bodies more, we would be fine. Listen to your body. Treat it well.  And your bowels will be happy... and so will you! And in your case, if you have adult onset diabetes, with the above regimen and eating far less, especially of carbs, you can be cured of your diabetes. Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle!

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    That's great that you found something that works. Aloe Vera does it for me smile   (and it helps my immune system too)
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    Hi Sasha,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have IBS D (diarrhea), never ever get constipated. I have a very good diet with plenty of veggies, salads, pulses and I cook from scratch. I don't drink alcohol and don't smoke. I exercise daily and started yoga nine months ago. I am my right weight. I have tried gluten, dairy free diets, they didn't work for me. I have also been tested negative for celiac disease. I was experiencing a bad flare up, going to the toilet 4 or 6 times a day with cramps. Everything I ate was affecting me, specially foods with insoluble fibre. Little did I know that Psyllium husk/Ispaghula husk, same plant different names in the form of Fybogel was staring me in the face for a while, my mother in law took it for constipation so I never payed it much attention. I tried it and it worked immediately! I take it in the morning after  breakfast of porridge or muesli and I go to the toilet once before lunch.

    I have ordered Psyllium husk from amazon, I don't want to take the asparteme and other ingredients if not necessary. 

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      Hi Monica, I was interested by your post. My Husband is a cancer sufferer and has barely any warning before he has to rush to the toilet with loose motions. I believe you said you suffer diarrhoea and wonder what dosage of psyllium you take to combat this? Wishing you all the best for your future health. Pat
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