Ibs diagnosis....I'm not convinced

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My problems started 2 years ago with severe stomach cramps, terrible wind and blood In my stool

I had an mri scan which came back fine and a colonoscopy which showed everything was fine, however the doctor

Found something called angiodisplasia and went to get another doctor for a second opinion, he said it was nothing to worry about

And that I just had sensitive lining of the intestines that sometimes bleeds, forward 2 years and I'm onto my 4th and worst stomach attack,

Gp has done bloods all have come back normal and he has diagnosed ibs and put me on colofac, this med has had no effect what so ever I have had 3

Weeks of bright red blood in my stool which are like rabbit dropping I'm at my worst first thing in the morning and I'm struggling to live life

Normally anyone else have ibs where they have bright red mucus blood loss??

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    have they checked for heameroids and anal fissure ,often a cause of bright red blood.

    is the blood in yout stool or on the paper when you clean

    Colofac and buscopan OK for spasms but are you constipated then ??


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      Yes been checked for heameroids and anal fissures and all clear I'm not constipated I'm going on average about 8 times a day at the moment, I get lower stomach cramps and then desperately need to go, the stools are like rabbit droppings and have bloods mixed into them and its also on the toilet paper as well when I clean
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      Yes been fully checked and all clear for heamoroids etc, I'm not constipated I'm going on average about 8 times a day the blood is mixed into the stool, the gp said the Colofac would help relax my intestine thus relieving my stomach pain but it's had no effect to my symptoms, I'm also worried as my sister has crohns disease and my dad has diverticulitis so we are a family with hereditary stomach complaints
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    If you experience rabbit droppings, this can be a reason for bright red blood due to fissures in your anus, a physical strain, fresh blood at the very end of the colon. There are salt solutions like macrogol 3350, that keep liquid without cramps or negative effect (hence can be taken for weeks, or months) on your intestine in your intestine to avoide rabbit hard version. From then on it takes often weeks for physical damage to heal.

    Of course due to your angiodysplasia you can bleed more easily, there are treatments (obliteration), if it was too much. ???

    Pls pls ask your doctor or specialist.

    I have never heard of bleeding being typical for IBS. But there is nothing in medicine, that cannot exist.

    All the best!!!

    Good luck!

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    Can you try something like a stool softener, maybe lactulose?

    Are you eating enough fibre to bulk out the stool, I have IBS, have had for years before being diagnosed, the cramping pain is awful, sitting on the loo with a cold flannel on the back of my neck with spots before my eyes and feeling faint, is that how you feel?

    it could be because you are going so often that you are bleeding,mbright red blood is oxygenated blood from near the outside, not usually from higher up.

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    Have you had a fecal calprotectin test to rule out IBD?
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    Hi Sparkler sad to hear about your symptoms-----

    i have also problem od sotmach and also i feel my left side chest heavy most of the times and i burp alot--------my problem is not the same like you i didnot pass blood in my stool but having on and off  loose stool and my stool change colour-----my problem starts when i eat famotodine for my heart escape beat bcoz of anxiety doctor tell me to eat 40 mg a day when i take 40 mg i feel fine i think why i souldn,t take 80 mg a day i will become more fine i start taking it after using that for 2 months once i pass green loose stool and having totaly white water on that i was afraid and go to lot of doctors which they say me its not dangerous having blood stool ultrasounds check up every thing comes normal------any ways now i notice that some time i pass different colour stool like if i eat black oreo my stool will become black not tarry black same like oreo shades on that and if i eat tomtao sauce to much in pasta my stool will have little bit sauce and today i eat ube drak purple colour cake my stool colour is like clay colour-----i eat colofac for 6 months which didnot help me as i tell to the doctor colofac dinot work on me but stupid doctor give me that--------few days back i go to the gastro doctor abot stool colour he say me its not dangerous what u eat the colour of stool will be like that bcoz i don,t have gall bladder-----the doctor clinc is small he say me that if i have serious problem he will refer me to the big hospital------but i don,t have he give me probiotic which works but not to much------my friend i visit more then 15 doctors in Pakistan and now i am in japan----i am doing continously check up here to but no thing works till now for me-------if your tests are clear why you didnot try on Librax tablets........i think u should try Librax tablet  before i search on net and i found it its really good for me  i use it for 20 days and i feel fine by using of that but then i stop and start spicy food thats why i have again the problem-------------------i think u should try librax tablet for a while just check it if its work then use it if it didnot they don,t take it--------but as much as i know about ibs problem imodium and Librax is best for me till now i use alot of tablets but imodium and Librax is the best i must say the choice is yours buddy but u should try librax 

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    Just to add a little note on fiber please:

    there are TWO TYPES OF FIBER

    - SOLUBLE FIBER (attracts water, bulks, but slows digestion!)


    -  INSOLUBLE FIBER (stays as it is and pushes bulk, speeds up digestion)

    Most fiber containing food has both, BUT in different ratios.

    If you tend to hard stool/constipation,

    you can make things very much worse, if you add deliberately e.g. psyllium husk and oat bran only.

    Please look up soluble/ insoluble fiber content of food or supplements in your case before just adding it.

    I know a case, where a mother meant well for her child, who was often constipated and caused a blockage due to adding just any fiber, mainly soluble fiber, fiber supplement from the pharmacy e.g. psyllium husk, which was the wrong thing to do. Poor kid.

    Mainly soluble: oat bran, barley, some fruits and vegetables. (which fruits and veggies just look up please, sometimes there is ambiguity in different lists, just keep on looking, often it is the % content of both fibers in one. Don't panic, both fibers are good, but you need to avoid high % soluble fiber)

    mainly insoluble: green leafy veg, avocado, wheat bran, whole grain....that's what we add conciously daily due hard stool tendency and it does work a treat, plus drinking much!

    It's often not mentioned how crucial this fiber difference is, when problems of either constipation or diarrhoe exist and people buy well meaning fiber supplements to treat the same....without being aware of soluble and insolube fiber, when what to use.

    Good luck!


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