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I have been house bound for several months now with diarrhea, sometimes its barely anything, but still feel the need to go immediately . i'm depressed and sick of this kind of life (if you call this a life) i'm afraid to go anywhere and when i do i'm scared of what might happen, and it usually does happen. its hard to explain to people because its something i don't want to talk about.....my doctor says learn to live with it, there is nothing out that can help. In a colonoscopy they found ulcers in my colon...doctor gave me antacids (prescription) for 3 months and now going tomorrow to get a endoscopy to see if the ulcers are still there, i told him i have to take imodium ad just to get to his office.

my life is crap now...........excuse the pun.........any thoughts or answers???

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    Treatment :

    -20 mg of L-Glutamine to repair your guts, L- Glutamine is the food for your bowels to stay healthy and repair the damaged walls.

    - Probiotics of high strain dosage per capsule, I started with 50 billion and after getting better after a few months, I reduced to 12 billion, this will kill the bad bacteria that destroys the walls of your intestine and keep them in check.

    I am 100% normal with this treatment ( I use to have IBS-D / SIBO ), you will have to keep in mind that this will take at least 2 months to see improvements because the bowels take a long time to heal.

    You will also to keep on taking this for life as an prevention.

    But also check first if you do not have IDB or Chron...

    Good luck.

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    Sorry, I meant IBD or Crohn, I didn´t see that I type it wrong.

    And I forgot to say to take this daily.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Joan, Maurice is talking good sense, see a nutricionist also who can help you with mineral intake. You will get better, my ibs was so bad my stomach and bowel developed mesenteric panniculitis, my spelling is terrible but after months of persevering I am well on the road to recovery, I just couldn't believe what was happening. Read up on PPI,s, antacids also before you get hooked. I was quite literally going out of my mind, stayed in bed for 4 months, went on every conceivable pill know to man, lost my hair, gained 2 stone, was self harming, you name it I did it, this was not me, I was a supreme athlete, social bunny, excellent host, had a career and bam, went down like a tone of bricks, whilst I was on my knees my partner left me, I had so much s**t to deal with but you get there, I get bouts of bloating and some pain but its nowhere as bad as it was, my vit levels are stabilising which helps with the depression, I don't have any now. Really my nutritionist was a massive support, Dr are crap, nutritionists really specialise in healing gut linings naturally and have more time than GP's who just don't have a clue. If you look at IBS clinics, they diagnose etc but then refer you on to a dietician/nutritionist to sort out a plan. Do it and don't loose faith and persevere at it. Took me a while, it was always going to be the next day, then the next, you eventually, defeated, do what your told and hey presto it works, even with the odd luxury thrown in.
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      Hi Mutley,

      Your are so right, doctors are crap, or full of it. They say you have to live with it, nothing they can do.

      I think i do need some help from a nutritionist, i've thought about this for a long time, but you know how that goes, time goes by quickly and haven't done it yet.....but now you've given me some hope.

      Thank you for replying, i really appreciate it.


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      I have spent at least 5000 euros with this IBS-D / SIBO issue ( on Doctors, Specialized Gastro Doctors, Drugs, etc) and all of the Doctors told me that this is related to stress and that nothing can be done... so yeah, I totally agree with you!!! Probably all the doctors only learn in their books on how to try to fix health with Chemical Drugs... they have never been trained to see it on the natural side of a possible fix.

      Sometime the best Doctors are ourselfs to find our fixes for our issues! That is how I feel about Doctors on the IBS department.

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    Don't leave the forum, Joan. I know your move is directed at me. I don't mean to offend. I feel that having had IBS for more than 50 years and also being very interested in nutrition and well read on the subject (as a passionate hobby) and having studied in the health field...has put me in a position where i can help others. My comments are just suggestions...and what has worked for me...which is what a forum is all about. 

    About your doctor; he/she seems to be very insensitive. No wonder you are depressed if you are housebound. Any nutritional value from your food intake is washed out of your system. 

    I don't know that it's IBS. Unless there is a different 'variety' of IBS, to me, it's constipation with intermittent diarrhea which is the body's way of overcoming the back up. I would get another doctor's opinion. 

    Please stay on the forum. We may have differing opinions and experiences but that's what makes for lively discussion and offers people different options that might work for them.  

    I just happen to be FOR the natural route first and foremost; lifestyle. 

    Wishing you all the best, Joan.

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    I guess it was another Joan. Sorry... I htink she is upset with me because I give a lot of advice...because I have been through it ALL! 

    Diarrhea, I don't have much experience with at all unless it's in response to constipation....as in IBS. Wish I could help because what you are going through must be sheet hell. 

    Could it be dairy? Have you spent a week eating nothing with dairy in it? No yoghurt or cheese or even a bit in your tea. None! I am very sensitive to dairy but it affects my respiratory system. And if I were to drink a glass for example, I would get diarrhea. Coffee can give some people diarrhea... Are you on any meds whose side effects are diarrhea? Look them up if that's the case. 

    Medicines That Can Cause Diarrhea

    Here is a cut and paste that I got off the internet in regards to medications that can cause diarrhea. Are you on any of them?

    Many prescription and nonprescription medicines can cause diarrhea. A few examples are:




    Proton pump inhibitors, such as omeprazole (Prilosec) and lansoprazole(Prevacid).

    Medicines used to treat cancer (chemotherapy).

    Many antibiotics cause diarrhea. Usually the diarrhea is mild and will clear up without treatment. A more serious type of diarrhea caused by the bacteriaClostridium difficile may occur while taking the antibiotic or shortly after finishing the antibiotic.

    Diarrhea may be a sign of serious reaction to a medicine, such as a toxic reaction. Diarrhea is an early sign of toxicity for some medicines, including lithium (such asEskalith or Lithobid) and digoxin. (Lanoxin)


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    Hi Joan, don't give up hope. I agree with a lot of what's been said however you also need to rule out other things as well. My wife suffered diarrhoea multiple times a day with the painful spasms. They found a cist attached to her bladder and bowel. This was removed. The diarrhoea stopped and was replaced by chronic constipation. She now still has bad episodes following eating but has had multiple operations for adhesions which cause bowel obstructions. She's followed the neutrician diet for her ibs which has helped. Now we find out that she has pancreatitis. Don't know how long she's had it but it has similar. Problems to ibs. (Digestive enzymes are helping) she's waiting on a MRI scan to check the pancreas. I'm convinced she has SIBO and a damaged bowel lining. Don't want to frighten you only the forum tends to concentrate on a natural cure and it's not always possible.
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    Yeah your right about diagnoses but have you tried getting a diagnosis once they've decided its IBS, its like flogging a dead horse. My consultant couldn't wait to get rid of me, I was well,a bit of gastritis until he put me on omeprazole then it went horribly wrong, its taken me nearly 2 years to get better, shed loads of cash. Ant acids are a nightmare but trying to get anyone to help you is very difficult, I eventually got a diagnosis of chronic inflammation after acid rebound but it gave me awful IBS plus an elevated liver, if I had of gone natural none of this would have happened. Getting a diagnosis is is very hard, it takes lots of time, pushing gp's who can't be bothered and whilst struggling with depression and anxiety this condition causes its a monumental effort. I totally sympathise with anyone in this situation. Yes everyone is different but ultimately we reach the same conclusion, its so damned depressing at the time.
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    Mutely is right about ibs and getting some help. I think instead of calling it ibs they should call it utip "unable to identify problem" . At least this would let you know where you stand. Instead of giving patients hope that at last they have a diagnosis and some treatment normally ppi's . I also had private medical insurance and my wife was under a specialist for her "ibs" for three years. When I questioned him about the possibility of a food connection he was very arrogant and told me he would decide my wife diagnosis. Needless to say I identified the milk connection. I placed an artiicle in the local newspaper about food causing ibs symptoms. We were inundated with phone calls. One fellow knocked on our door. He apologised for coming to the house but said he had followed the advice in the article and after one week felt well for the first time in years. There is so much to learn you have to be your own detective. I have learnt so much over the last forty years and I'm still learning. 
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    I hope you are getting on the right track, Joan. Another forum contributor just yesterday suggested apple cider vinegar for acid indigestion/reflux. It sounds counter-intuitive to take something that seems so bitter but according to others who wrote in, it works from the start. My IBS is under control with a good diet of lots of veggies, morning smoothie and magnesium tablets at bedtime...but I do take antacids at least twice a day and I wake up (bolt upright!)  in the night sometimes with sudden acid reflux. I am going to give the apple cider vinegar a try and report back.  1 tsp - 1 TBSP in a glass of water. (Rinse mouth to avoid wear and tear on teeth) 
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