IBS or Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome?

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Hi everyone,

I posted on here initially back in January after a prolonged illness - never got to the  bottom of what it was. Symptoms included persistent nausea (but no vomiting), extreme fatigue and subsequent weight loss and feeling low.

I have had plenty of tests, and then as quickly as the illness came on it left. However I have never fully recovered since. I am 21 years old, keep fit and active, eat good food, don't smoke and only drink occasionally and never to excess. The only health issue I have had is IBS. My current symptoms are as follows: every 2-4 weeks, I am hit with severe nausea. I have never vomited with this, but I will never go far from the bathroom in case I need to. I become extremely tired and need to sleep. Bowel movements don't change significantly during these spells. It lasts 2-3 days, then I go back to 'perfect health.' 

I understand my symptoms are not red flag ones. I'm just becoming more and more depressed about it. I'm awaiting to see a gastro specialist but there is a 6 month wait; I've been waiting around 4 months already. In the meantime, my GP has temporarily diagnosed me with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - even though I'm not vomiting! 

I work 12 hour shifts in an ambulance control room, so my job is not pro-active. I suffer severe abdo pains during my shifts from my IBS and often spend most of my breaks on the toilet, embarrassingly. I have noticed that when I getting a really bad bout of these abdo pains then the nausea tends to follow on a day later. The best way to describe the pain is it's like my lower abdo is actively expanding. It feels like I need a movement yet when I go I am generally constipated for a long time before eventually having loose stools. 

Does anyone have any advice? I would welcome your comments. Has anyone heard of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, or is anyone experiencing my symptoms? There is nothing fun about being unwell, especially as before 2014 I was NEVER ill. 

Thanks in advance guys! 




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    Hi Dec. 

    Not sure about this CVS...?! But nausea comes with the package of IBS I'm afraid. 

    I can tell you now as I am typing - was just sitting looking at my roast dinner and the nausea came on. Sometimes I think it could be psychological as you are already thinking about the aftermath and therefore your bodies already thinking FFS not again  it's a vicious circle I'm afraid. I don't think there are any "set in stone" symptoms with ibs. Everyone gets a whole range of different things. I get hot flushes and prickly skin along with all the other junk that goes with it. If you read my topic I wrote, my IBS was fully triggered after a trip to Turkey. When I got home from Turkey I literally felt like I was going to throw up everyday for about two weeks. The doctor prescribed me these tiny pills you suck and they were giving a chemical off that stopped the signals going to the brain that would make me feel nauseous. They did sometimes work. Then I had a bout of panick attacks. Only mini ones. That lasted two weeks and one day I snapped out of it. Anyway longs try short what I'm trying to say is there is no right or wrong way how you should feel with ibs it's just all down to how you maintain or keep issues at bay. X

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    Hi Dec have you been checked for your liver and bile duct ? If not get it checked. Are you sure you don't have any stones? 

    I hope this helps I knew someone with your symptoms he landed up having his bile duct organ removed. 😊

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    Hi there, yes I have heard of CVS - in fact my son was diagnosed with the condition a few years ago by his gastro dr. He explained that CVS is thought to be linked to migraine (which my son now has along with reflux disease). He had days where he'd either feel nauseous all day or other days when he'd literally vomit every few minutes but it was usually accompanied with a headache. he was prescribed Ondansatron for the vomiting/ nausea which did seem to help. Its a few years ago now but i googled it and found quite a lot of info and read case histories of patients of different ages. My daughter suffers from IBS and has some very difficult days and has a lot of nausea so you have my sympathies. her anti nausea med is less effective, but so was ondansatron. If I can remember the CVS website I'll let you know :-)
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    I think if you google CVSA you'll find the site - hope it helps :-)
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    Hiya I am new to the post but am afraid not new to I BS and CVS .

    To you an me cyclicle vomiting syndrome .I have suffered with I BS

    Nearly 40yrs !!! And having very bad flare up at moment and it can ruin

    Your life !!! Going out can be a nightmare logistics of finding a loo !!!!

    But you have to laugh an try and stay positive hard as it maybe !!?

    I have been diagnosed with Abdominal Migraines as they are also called

    Had every test under the sun !!! And kept a diary to see specialist and

    Told me after 8 yrs of going to see doctor after doctor .!!! C V S .

    Although not happy to have the condition but glad at last it had a name !!!

    I was 60 yrs old this year and was told it is very rare someone of my age

    To Start with the condition?! How lucky am I !!!! .joking aside !? I hate

    Them both !!.but have to deal with each as and when they flare up .

    Migraines longest I'v gone is 14 wks and then bang down I go !! It wakes me up with horrendous nausea !!! Upset stomach and if my tablets dont kick in at that stage then it proceeds to vomiting !!! Can last hrs/ or days !!?? .My triggers !? Are If I get over tired ! Stress plays major factor .and if I over eat ? .the pattern can change every so many years ? So just as you are getting used to one another starts !!!! I find amytriptoline / Zofran

    Melts have got c v s on top of things at moment .my G P.also referred me to see a CBT / cognitive behaveural Therapist .she was Brilliant gave me

    Some relaxation / and ways to help with stress .when you are desperate you will try anything !!! .Both condition's are very debilitating !!! .

    I'm sorry to have gone on !!! Also you can contact the CVS online for

    Information to help you they also helped me to try and understand the

    Condition .? I wish you Best of luck !!.keep positive and remember to

    Laugh !!!! Because if you dont it can bring you down??

    So dont be beaten !!!

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    Hiya Declan I forgot to say also in between the Episodes ?? You feel and llook perfectly healthy !! With c v s .!!! But when it strikes you have no

    Energy you lose all appetite and just collapse into bed !!.

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    I may have CS (diosis not conclusive yet). I have had some vomiting episodes that were intense. The nausea after the puking still remained! I have been diagnoses years ago with IBS-D. Thus I have the diarrhoea, painful intestinal cramps, bloating, along with nausea and sometimes outright hurling (vomiting). So Now I am at a loss of whatthe actual NAME of my condition is as I also had thought I had recurrent functional diarrhoea (very similar to IBS) so these are but names! I suppose that I should simply invent my own name thus: 'Functional NVD'! That is functional Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhoea and be done with it! Maybe I should try to convince the international medical community that too many confusing names are popping up for what essentially might be the same Thing in actuality albeit with some differences or variations. So I am calling it Functional NVD until I can sort through this naming mess! Soooo... this means that I have IBS-D, CVS (or functional dyspepsia) all wrapped up in one convenient package! Thus to answer your question, I think it is partial to BOTH!

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