IBS Pain in the bum...has anyone had the same?

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I am wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms as me before, to put my mind at rest that my new symptoms are IBS related.

I have had IBS for 20 years, and have taken fibre supplements every day that seem to keep it largely under control. But earlier in the year I had a major flare up, taking my IBS off the scale.

I had a Colonoscopy, and all was clear, confirming it is a flare up. I have been trying a new FODMAP diet that has worked a treat, and really calmed things down (would highly recommend it). But I am having real problems down below. This include:

- A stabbing pain in my bum hole and or it being very itchy

- Blood spotting

- the urge to go to the toilet, and almost like I am 'ready to go' all the time!

- I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable when I wee as well.

I have been checked out and have been told I have not got Haemorroids or Anal Fissures, nothing untoward. I am being told this is all down to IBS, but I I am not bloating at the moment, and the upper part of me seems to be much calmer recently. It is all in the bottom!

Before I go back and ask to be checked more about this, I just wanted to ask the wider sufferers if anyone has experienced the same. I wouldn;t midn so much if my IBS was flaring, but it seems to be much calmer...or does it take a while for all other symptoms to calm down...waffling now!

Interested to hear...and would be comforting to know if anyone else has similar things in the past...is it IBS or am I being fobbed off.

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    Hi Sturart>  At first I use to go through the same as you.  My bum, glutes, and legs would hurt me so bad.  I sat in tub to sooth my discomfort.  The warm water with Epsom Salt helps with inflammation.  Dead Sea Salt is stronger and better.  My personal feeling.  Stuart, you must change how you eat.  NO SUGAR, SODA, COFFEE, STARCHES, DAIRY, NO PROCESSED FOODS.....NOOOONNNE!!!!! NO FOODS FROM CANS, ONLY FRESH VEGGIES OR FROZEN, NO MEAT, TOO MANY ANTIBIOTICS GIVEN TO THE ANIMALS.  Stuart, take a good hard look at how and what you are eating.  Think about real good and make the changes TODAY!!!!!!  Fried foods are not your friend either.  My IBS turned into ULCERATIVE COLITIS.  I changed my eating and put myself in remission for 4 years.  I also juice!!!!!  Stuart, the medications are not always the answer.  Do the research, but also buy a juicer!  
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    One more thought on how you should deal with this.  RELAX. Be kind to your colon. Treat it as though its delicate and needs tender loving care.  
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    Hi Stuart and person below. 

    I have to say I am loosing the plot to be honest. So many worrues have gone through my mind this past 40 days or so. 

    I was told I have IBS. I didn't have any problems before but it all begun a month ago. I think I put it down to long journeys in the car and long day events that I do. Plus gym and at the time ab work.

    My IBS, assuming it is actually that, has calmed also but I now have aching rear end, my inner left thigh by my left testi feels strained leading up to my bum bones, I have wee trouble like you mention (sometimes make me feel like I need to go all the time) I have been checked up the hole, I haven't had a scope thing yet but so far the doc says everything is ok. Could all be driving related and strain. Clutch control obviously isn't great in London sad

    I'm so bored of it all. I'm glad my stomach has settled, nearly back to normal but now I just think something else is wrong with me lol.

    How are you 3 months on?

    Reading replies below, I did start to eat tinned mackerel for lunch. I never used to. 

    I'm waffling now too haha but it's good to talk. 

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    Hi - I was really interested to read your post. Could I ask whether you were able to resolve these issues? I'm am expereinceing very similar symtoms and find them very frustrating. Would be very grateful for any help. 


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      yes I did. They were haemorrhoids, and now I largely live with them when I have them. They come and go over time, a consequence of IBS. 

      It is frustrsting I agree, but with fruit, veg and fibre supplements they usually go over a few weeks, but damn frustrating when you get them.



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      Sorry for getting personal, but I experience pretty much everything similar to you. The only thing differing is I would describe the pain when I use the restroom as sharp in my abdomen.

      Did the doctors say the rest of your symptoms were from the hemorrhoids?

      I realize this post was from a long time ago, and you may not see this, but if you do a reply would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi, I've only just register on this site, but I too get pains in the behind, they don't last long, but really uncomfortable and I can't sit, need to keep moving. It's as though I need to go but it hurts. Just been diagnosed B12 deficient (175) been for further tests today for intrinsic factors. Not sure if linked, any ideas?

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    Did these issues start up post-colonoscopy? If so, it does sound like aggravated internal hemorrhoids as I suffer from them as well and they got much worse after my colonoscopy (don't think the prep helped) and still "flare up" from time to time.

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    Hello Stuart! I've been suffering with my ibs for quite a bit now and have now came to the same symptoms as yours. I do recommend talking to your GI on doing an anal exam to maybe check for infection and stuff. Also if your bum gets extremely irritated than try to shoot cool water at it. GI issues can be weird and I know that from experience. But I'm sure they'll figure it out!


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    The stabbing pain in the anus and abdomen is quite common for me and the pain is often paralysing, leaving me unable to move, only option left sometimes is to just let go and the severe pain will go away pretty quickly.

    I have found some help in the form of cocodamol 500/30 when getting flare ups,  Unfortunately this is a prescription strength and was prescribed it for another condition, but the doctor now prescribes it in small quantities to help my condition.

    I am in a situation where the GP quickly diagnosed IBS, but after a few years of nagging he referred me to a specialist who tells me that  GP's just throw out the IBS diagnosis and a few tablets in the hope you will go away.  

    I am still undiagnosed by the consultant, I have had a barium enema, 2 colonoscopy exams and now looking at having a camera both up and down in the next session (hopefully not the same camera lol).

    I have tried many different diets and supplements that don't really help a great deal, if at all.

    The problem with digestive disorders as you know, they often have similar symptoms, so finding out exactly what is wrong is sometimes tricky.

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