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Hi im 43 been diagnosed about 7 years ago with IBS , saw gastologist and had a flex sigmoidoscopy biopsys all ok , my symptoms are 

undigested food in motions 

left side pain when in a bad phase 


wind but not always 



im a very anxious person with health anxiety and life basically losts happened through the years so my ongoing IBS is always present .

i have been back to see my gastro guy from time to time just to touch base for reasurance nothening further going on , blood tsts etc .

but this last few monhs iv felt more tired , more bloating , had a host of blood tests in april all ok although at one point slightly raised white count , but did return normal on next re test ..my symptoms have been over last 4 months 

feeling slight temp , like fluy from time to time 

aching limbs , fingers and toes 

burning sensation on back from time to time 

same as above all BM 

and then last weekend i decided to try some gluten free bread to se if can help my IBS so i had 4 slices in totalin the day  and got very bad indigestion , then following morning i had such bad right side pain i was in agony and felt tender , this passed in about and hour , my morning BM was darker than normal not back but alot lot  darker .....set me into a panic ....the following day i had a similar BM although not all dark other was ok ...well as ok it is for me ...my tummy was ok but still a bit tender ...

from wednesday onwards things have settled down , except my anxiety is now so high (not helping ) i then googled  BC and frightened myself as it mentioned maroon black  colour stools , and now thinking about it maybe mine was maroon ....

today i went and was ok well as it can be , no dark or maroon no blood or bright blood so ...hoping it was just a blip ....

i did go and see my gastro man on thursday night and he said he wasnt alarmed from what i was saying , but will do poo inflamitory test to be sure ...i didnt mention the maroon colour as i didnt know about that always thought was black that was the scary one to check for , indeed he kept asking me was it black ..

so hear i am in a total panic thinking the worst ...i just wondered if anyone els has has similar or can just give me a little comfort as im so worried its BC and been missed all this time and now its got worse ...

thanks for listeing x

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    If you have kept in touch with a doctor they will let you know if it is anything serious. Sounds as if you are doing all the right things.

    Take care and keep in touch

    Praying for you


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    I have similar symptoms

    Also have IBS and diverticulosis. I am a very anxious person as well. I do take medication for it.

    Try balancing diet with fruits that are not too acidic as well as vegetables. Rice soup works for me during an episode. Have you had a colonoscopy? I take Bentyl for the spasms.


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    Hello There Lady 40s

              I think from hearing your description of your symptoms that your suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety which in turns escalated IBS for sure. When your mind cannot relax your body won't relax either and you put it on high gear alarm when you focus on fearing the worst. There is a lot of anxiety disorder in my family so I can detect that you have a lot of fear, lot of panic episodes.

    So lets focus on the positive. I have a suggestion for you regarding your food not digesting so well. When you food does not digest well, its either from not chewing it enough and swallowing it as fast as you can during a meal. At the same time you swallow a lot of air, which gives you a lot of gas and indigestion. Now if that is not what you are doing, then you need to balance the acid in your stomach. The right amount of acid is very important in order to be able to digest the food. Some people who suffer from reflux acid, think they have too much acid and that causing burning up the back of their throat. When in reality they don't have enough acid to digest the food properly. If you are not allergic to vinegar, I would suggest you go to the health food store and buy organic Apple cidar vinegar. Mix 1 teaspoon in an 8 oz glass of water, warm water would be better. Drink it with a straw so it doesn't stain your teeth. Take it once after lunch and once after supper. Now you don't have to drink the entire glass, start out slow and see how it feels once you try it a few times. It will improve your acid reflux if you have this condition.

    The other thing I am going to suggest for you is to start finding something to concentrate on besides yourself. Go for a long walk, do a jigsaw puzzle, read a book, do anything you can to get away from yourself. Once you stop concentrating on your yourself you body will start to relax and go into normal mode instead of high gear anxiety. Even if you do exercises, yoga, something that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Thats the key to good health. You have to learn how to relax and not get yourself all worked up about something that is not even happened. Instead saying what if, what if, say the heck with it, so what, so what. None of us have any idea what is ahead of us, so we have to enjoy the day we have. Think of all the days you are wasting concentrating on what if. So enjoy today, thats all any of us have and you will see that tomorrow is better as well. Take one day at a time and go from there. I think you will be just fine and I will keep you in my prayers.

                                         Blessings to you


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    Sounds enough to scare anyone. Sounds like u have really good support from your doctor/specialist which must be so reassuring. Very interesting reading your condition. As usual my symptoms are very different and think over period of time think I just don't get believed and I try so hard to treat myself. 
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    Thank you all for your advice , I'm trying to take comfort that I'm doing all I can at this stage , I will send off sample next week , wait for results , I also have a appointment with my doctor Friday so will talk with her and ask if I can have a colonoscopy I think that's the only way I'm going to get answers ..

    I am very anxious highly stressed and I know staying in doors is not helpful , I've been googling myself silly for the past 3 days searching for any positive out come .. Which is not got needless to say , I lost my mum very suddenly 5 years ago , I'm utterly terrified of this happening to me and leaving my children ...

    Health anxiety has been crippling me like this for years ..

    I know I should try focus on today as no one knows what's ahead but I find that so hard specially in the moment and how I'm feeling ..

    However just sharing is actually helping a little , thank you for listening

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    HI, I have similar intestinal problems, and lately with attacks of anxiety and trepidation. I'm trying to alleviate that with breathing exercises (yoga), and every free moment I try to swimm 1km (it is so exhausted for me that I "forget" on IBS).

    So my advice is: find any activity that turns you out from IBS, and try to find specialist clinic for IBS treatment (I dont believe in "large hispitals", any more).

    If you find a suitable clinic, call and recommend to others...

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