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Hello! This'll probably be my last post for a while since I've brought up this topic a lot. Sorry about that! Anywho, I've had this problem for a week now. It all started Sunday around midnight, when I got a lump in my throat constricting my breathing. I was panicking, looking up what caused it because it happened so randomly. I eventually went to the hospital due to my panic and hyperventilating(i was really worried since it never happened before) and was told it was anxiety. I was discharged but later that day around 5 PM I was driving with family when my breathing was constricted once again. This time too I felt nausea and was hot. Went to hospital again and was given Prevacid. Now for the next few days up until Thursday I had an awful burning sensation in my stomach and bottom esophagus. I constantly felt full, and could barely eat without nausea. I felt awfully fatigued, and it was a struggle to stand without lightheadedness. On Thursday however I began to realize not eating most likely made me feel worse. I made a ginger-banana smoothie that morning, had a hamburger for lunch, and two slices of pizza for dinner, which probably wasn't the best choice, but it helped with my stomach a lot. Now it's Friday, and I was feeling great again until around 5 PM ish, when I have an icky feeling again in my tummy. Its that feeling when you eat too much, but i also had a headache all day which made it a little worse. I made a smoothie this morning with yogurt, banana, blueberties, and strawberries, then had some slices of leftover pizza for lunch. I'm managing to do normal things again such as driving, but am trying not to push myself. The lump in throat also went away, but I am now left with a sore/itchy throat, mostly centered where the lump was. My endoscopy that was scheduled for Friday was now moved to the 19 of June due to someone else needing it more, which is understandable. I have no idea what caused this problem. My diet before was not the best, had junk a lot, but the only thing out of the ordinary I had eaten was a bowl of menudo (Mexican dish with tripe, hominy, and a broth made of red chili), but that was eaten the Saturday before at around 10 AM. However that was the first time I had eaten it, so maybe that was the problem. I have had no vomiting nor diarrhea, and have had bowel movements almost everyday (not much though), but there was also mucus in my stool when I checked today, and I'm also constipated. I'm only 16 years old too. My main doctor Has now prescribed me with Nexium and I started taking that today, and stopped the Prevacid. Has anyone else had this issue? I've never been diagnosed with IBS or GERD, nor had anyone in my family. Any ideas what this could be would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    I've asked this question before, I just want reassurance as I have another week to go until my endoscopy rules it out. Thanks!

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    I would change your diet and avoid spicy, grreasy and processed foods.  Try to cook from scratch.  Keep a food diary to pinpoint any trigger foods.  Mucus in your stool, GERD and change of bowel habit such as diarrhoea or constipation are IBS symptoms.  Anxiety is also a major symptom.  Wait to see what your endoscopy shows.  If it shows nothing and other tests are clear, IBS can be diagnosed. 

    IBS tends to come and go or be constant.

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    It sounds like it could be gastritis but the endoscopy will help diagnose the problem. In the meantime i would change to a bland diet, porridge, chicken n rice etc.
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    It might be gastritis or IBS, which I might have but I haven't been diagnosed yet, but tell me what the results are for your endoscopy.

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    Thank you to all the replies I have had so far. I'll know the results next week, as I was able to have my endoscopy last Monday. Anywho, my symptoms have increased to a level I am worried. My stomach burning has disappeared, and I have had little stomach pain, some flare ups though. I have been told to take laxatives (Miralax) by my gastroenterologist as I had severe constipation the last few days since writing my post. Well, they worked the day after taking them (started Monday) but my stool is a ribbon type of shape, very long and loopy. The day after taking the laxative (Tuesday) it was so thin, almost as thin as yarn! No blood, but very soft, broke into a cloud when I flushed. No relief achieved either. Had really bad gas yesterday too, could pass though. Now today is Wednesday, and I have had 4 bowel movements, all in the morning (most likely the laxative) all of which where thin, but not as thin as Tuesday's. Best way to describe it is the diameter of a half-dollar coin. I felt barely any better. I have also had gas today, but I can't pass it at all! I've been having a pain in my right lower side which flares up randomly too. I'm also having more vaginal discharge (don't even know if this is a symptom of something) and have urinated very little, even after drinking tons of water these past few days. I am very bloated, weak, and am at my wits end. This has been affecting me severely mentally and physically. Is this a sign of an awful illness? or did I contract a serious infection? even worse parasites? Thank you.

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      Reduce your laxatives to firm up your stools; you probably don't need them every day.  I only took them for three days and when my stools became loose, I stopped them and relied on oranges, prune juice and grapes and this was sufficient to relieve my constipation.

      I had strange vaginal discharge too which turned out to be thrush caused by urinary tract anibiotics which I didn't need because I didn't have a UTI.  If you have thrush, it can be caused by stress.  I got it a second time because of the anxiety I had pre diagnosis.  An antibiotic tablet cured it.  The doctor asked me to swab my discharge which was tested in the lab.

      Your anxiety will be making your symptoms much worse.  If you have IBS, stress is a major factor.  Good luck with your test results.

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