IDD therapy for spinal stenosis & disc bulges

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IDD is intervertebral disc distraction therapy.

Has anyone had any experience of this?

did you find it effective, or am I just waiting my time and money?

i have spinal stenosis with degenerative disc problems....

pain is only just controlled with the full combo of gabapentin, NSAID, and tramadol

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    I don't know if you asked me this question and I found it in my email.  So here go's.

    I have never heard of IDD.  I also have spinal stenosis with degenerative disks.  Add to it nerve damage.  My lower back hurts considerably.  A neurosurgeon I went to told me I need a fusion which I had already in my upper neck area.  How does this affect my lower back?  I do have MRI's of my spine and it is a mess.  Nerve damage is also bad as well.  With these problems and other's, doctors don't know where to start. I am shrugged off as I am considered a complicated case.  It's like I have to be on my own and just search for answers.  All I am taking now is pain meds.  Two doctors want me to go on medical marajuana as it is legal in WA.  Both said that it will take care of the pain.  It's costly just to qualify and how much it will cost, I don't know.  It will be in a form of a liquid and a small amount is on the tongue.  At least I won't have to smoke it.  It also comes in certain food products that are sold in these stores.  I am still deciding if I should do this.  Thats about it for now.  Take care and please let me know what IDD is.

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    I have not heard of IDD therapy, but would be interested if it works. I have DDD L2-S1. Had a laminectomy of L4/5 in July 2014  I had some pain relief but in February this year I had so much pain in my lower back and legs and MRI showed L4/5 had "collapsed" w/ stenosis of L3/4. Had fusion L4/5 (excruciating pain post-op) and laminectomy on L3/4. That took care of leg pain, but lower back pain has not improved at all. I began developing pain in groin and front of thighs bilaterally and my pain docs performed an endoscopic rhizotomy which relieved leg pain. Unfortunately L5/S1, according to the doctors is "bone on bone". I'm currently taking Oxycodone 10 every 4 hrs and Fentanyl patch 25mg every 3 days. I am never without lower back pain that radiates to my groin and a little way down the front of my thighs and in considerable pain when I'm near to my next dose of Oxycodone.  I know I'll be facing another surgery and am so afraid that I will

    never get free of my back pain.  I am 63 and am still working and not ready to retire nut not sure how long I'll be able to with this pain. If you or anyone has any suggestions on how to address my pain, I'd love to hear from you. Also, thanks for letting me vent!  Good luck to you. Patty. 

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      Hi Patricia:

      I am very sorry that you have to go through all that pain.  I know what that feels as I also have it.  About a years now after a nerve stimulator was inserted, maybe my legs felt better but my lower back was not affected.  The problem with the nerve stimulator was the buzzing I was feeling and became annoying as anytime I moved my body, the intensity always got stronger.,  I had to shut it off when driving as any shift such as applying the breaks caused the intensity to increase.  The thing was that I always had to carry the remote and over time, it became annoying.  A few times I had to have it reprogrammed.  Overall, it just became a pain in the butt.  Finally I got sick and tired of it and just turned it off and I really want the stimulator to be removed.

      Of your question about IDD therapy.  First time I heard of it and looked up in a search engine.  The ad said it was a form where you dont get surgery, injections, or any invasive procedure.  It is supposed to take 20 visits and takes care of the pain.  I said as at the very end it gave a number to call.  No doctor was mentioned just practicioners.  To me it sounds like Chiropatic treatments.  Whether it works or not, I wouldn't really know.  I know there are all kinds of so called cures but I don't fall for it.  There is another device, similar to the nerve stimulator where it works at a high frequency and you don't feel any buzz and it has been proven to work on lower backs.  But, I was giving it some thought and not really sure I would go through the procedure again.  I was told by my PA in the pain center I go to, I would be able to use the imbedded electrodes in my spine.  What I have now is non rechargable battery and has to be replaced every 4 to 5 years.  I'll just take it out.  What if the leads had scar tissue over it.  I thought about it and if it can't be easily taken out, here comes another procedure or maybe surgery this time to remove it.  I think it will involve more risk and it is such in a critical place.  I would have to talk to a doctor first.  As of this time I am on oxicodone 5mg.  Previous I was taking morphine sulfate 15mg.  Really, both didn't work that well in reducing pain so I would feel a little better.  As of now, my pain level hovers around 7 which to me is pretty strong.  Everyone feels pain differently so there is really a no good way to measure it.  I call it a ballpark figure.  Everytime, I was hospitized, there was always a chart on the wall starting with a smiley face at level 1 and a disgusted face at level 10.  I was asked what level I feel in pain.  Pain is also variable.  Stress caused it to worsen as well as other factors.  Heat works, so as warm water such as in a pool,self massage, light stretching excercise, and keeping busy with something you like to do, is all helpful to a degree.  You know the pain is there but after you do these things, then you focus more on the pain.  You know, I believe in the holistic approach but getting off the meds leaves me a little leery.  I would not like to have withdrawals after you have been on them for a very long time.  But I also know there are some other medications that can help with that.  I already experienced withdrawls by shaking, extream cold feeling, and just feeling pretty bad plus more intense pain.  Sometimes I don't even know.  I was told that accupuncture works but I never had it.  It's not just my back but shoulders, neck upper back and just pain everywhere. Personally I don't know as of yet will work.  I have decades of pain and is getting steadily worse.I think there is no real cure.  We just have to live with it and make it the best way we can.

      I hope what I say will help you make some decisions on how to make the pain feeling less and you being 63 and me almost 77, you can understand how much the body changes.  You are not in the golden years yet as that is what is said but how about the tarnished years  smile   So anyway, take care of yourself and wish you well.

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    I have exactly the same experience.  I couldn't say if IDD therapy would work.  It sounds like of a chiropactic means of minipulation of the spine and personally when I went to a chiropractor, he cracked my neck and ever since when I turn my neck, I hear a clicking sound.  I don't think I would like to have my back cracked.  I have leads placed in my spine so what would be the end result of this procedure.  Maybe I would try accupuncture, but I can imagine all the pins stuck all over my body.  Even though, I would feel that it would take many such procedures and be costly and it would not work indefinate,  I was thinking of a holistic approach not using or tapering down medications.  I found a source and checking it out.  I cannot mention it here and I have to experience it myself.  If it works for me, then I would say try it.  But then again, what works for one person may not work for another.  Holistic is natural and just taking care of yourself and doing what you feel is good, it would more than likely work.  S
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