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Spinal Problems

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  • JMSL345 2
  • james57451 2

    Can fusion occur without bone graft?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, is it possible for two or more vertebrae to fuse together if rods and screws have been implanted but no bone graft has been used? Will the bones still fuse together over time or is it impossible without the use of bone graft or something similar? Thanks!

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  • Carolineq8 5

    Can't take anymore

    Hi guys, so the latest is I had an annual MRI on 8/5/17 to keep an eye on the thoracic arachnoid cyst but a few days later something changed with my lumbar, Iv suffered with chronic pain 14 years now but it felt like my lower back had come away and that's the only way I can describe it, a certain way...

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  • crista44751 2

    Intolerable pain in groin post lumbar fusion.

    Hi all, my fusion of L4-5-s1 was 10 weeks ago. Yesterday I got up from a sitting position and had terrible pain in my groin. It has progressed to where I am unable to walk. I have taken a muscle relaxant, a pain pill and an nsaid. It has not helped .  I also iced it all night .  I called the doctor yesterday...

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  • rvaedex23 2

    Post Lumbar Stenosis surgery (Stiffness)

    I had severe sciatica and I had Lumbar Stenosis surgery about 2.5 half months ago.  Everything was OK except that my back is stiff and sometimes I have a little pain if I work out.  I am able to swim and exercise lightly, my sciatica is gone.  I have a feeling my stiffness is there because I didn't stretch...

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  • emily52713 4

    Back pain and leg pain

    For the past 2 years nearly ive had leg pain from my thigh to my calf, along with some wierd sensations, however it isnt weak. Everytime my boyfriend touches my lower back i get a sharp pain that makes me jump. And my back aches abit. Obviously, google is telling me its spinal cancer or tumours. What...

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  • alone in pain 1

    Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    I had a MRI done and it shows i have spinal stenosis and herniated disc between S-1 and L-5 and L5 and L4. I have lower back pain, pain out through my hips and down my legs and into my feet. I have numbness and weakness in my legs and feet. My left leg gives out on me quite often. I can't hold my bowels....

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  • myc1 2

    Exhausted 5 months after spinal fusion

    After two failed disectomies I underwent spinal fusion of three lower vertabrae. Everything went perfectly, no pain at all now for 5 months. Then, two months ago, I began feeling tired even after seven or eight hours of sleep. Been getting progressvely worse and it's not unusual to sleep twelve hours...

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  • fast_snail 1

    Upper back pain - not muscle, no trauma?

    Hi, I am a 21 year old female and I have had pain in my back for nearly 5 months now. The pain started off feeling like a bruise on my spine, just above where a bra strap would sit, and I thought that it was just a bruise but I couldn't remember doing anything that would cause a bruise there, no trauma...

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  • JMSL345 2

    lyrica after lumbar fusion

    having increased nerve pain after lumbar fusion, my doctor first prescirbed neurotinin, had blurred vison. now on Lyrica still having blurred vision. Does it get better with time?

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  • gerwyn 77540 2

    Septococus aureus

    L4 sits removed plus other work. I now have septococus aureus . I have bn discharged twice. The first time I was rushed in on a 999 call from a home visit from doctor I got opened bk up and washed out. Antibiotics and sent on my way. I then went to a medical the consultant told me tgo straight to...

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  • nicola1994 3

    Pain after lumbar discectomy L5/S1

    I had a lumbar microdiscectomy 6 days ago and the pain was okay, well I thought it was but I just tried to lift my leg and it now hurts like it did surgeon said there might still be some leg pain after surgery but surely they would have been straight after? Am I worrying too much?  i am...

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  • danny76668 2

    C spine and neck ligaments pain - physio not working

    I've had MRI scan showing some bulging disks and left side compression. I've been working with a physio to improve the condition but it isn't improving. My symptoms include; # Headaches (constant and increases to very bad - starting from the back, feels like a tightening strap around my head) # Sickness...

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  • wayne50901 3

    Ct guided steroid injection

    Continuing my discussion on on bulging discs and spinal stenosis I've been booked in for another ct guided steroid injection and was wondering what people's experiences are with these and success rate I've already had one that didn't work but have since had a nuclear bone scan which they think they have...

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  • dpilot 2

    Recently completed ST.Jude burst system trial

    I had gone through a trial of the Boston Scientific about 5 years ago and rejected a permanent implant because the tingling was OK but the pain remained. Then 2 1/2 years ago I had spinal fusion which halted my worst 100% debilitating level 10 pain that would intermittently occur along with a level 3-5...

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  • TreasureNurse 2

    Spinal Cord Stimulator Problems

    I have had my spinal cord stimulator since May and I am having a lot of nausea. I have to keep soda crackers with me all the time. The SCS was put in after I had ongoing pain after my spinal fusion. I had an injury from an auto accident. I have had issues with the settings put on the control box by the...

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  • Annab1983 2

    Spinal cord is twisted, Severe pain for 10+ years. SCS?

    So I finally found out some of the reasons my back has hurt me for so long. My Thorasic spine is twisted from the cervical-thoracic junction  where it starts, it is completely sideways by mid thoracic spine and rotates counter clock-wise back to a nearly natural position by the Thoracic-Lumbar junction....

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  • james57451 2

    Spinal surgery - pedicle screw fixation

    Hi everyone! I had surgery following an L1 burst fracture in January. I had pedicle screws and rods placed in T22, L1 and L2. Basically, I got a really bad surgeon who won't see me for a checkup and won't answer my questions even after me demanding to see him and emailing him my questions twice, and...

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  • bethel0622 2

    Failed Spinal fusion. Long term use of Tramadol

    I had a failed spinal fusion last September. Each month the pain is increased. The only way I make it through each day with tolerable pain management without feeling the horrible effects of strong pain meds is to take Tramadol. Is Tramadol safe for long term use? Does anyone else get pain relief from...

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  • Bungle66 2

    Having a dorsal root ganglion stimulation tomorrow - bit nervous

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the forum for a while having had several issues with my Medtronic spinal cord stimulator. The wiring was removed in December because of continuous misfiring of the electrical signals and thumping in my backside, as well as the signals not being able to reach my lower...

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  • james57451 2

    Pedicle screw fixation surgery following L1 fracture

    Hi everyone, I had pedicle screw fixation surgery on February 2nd following an L1 burst fracture. I had the screws placed in T12, L1 and L2. A doctor told me after surgery that because I am going (19) that it is likely I would get the instrumentation out of my spine again in a year / year and a half...

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  • allaroundanne 3
  • patricia65203 1


    have had s c s. almost 1yr. have had 2 major infections 11 days hospitalisation & had to go into theatre to have wound opened and flushed out with antibiotics. also had to have first implant battery replaced as it was in wrong angle and wouldn't charge!! have had spinal fusion and failed back syndrome....

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  • pat90406 1

    I had a trial St.Jude Spinal Stimulator with no relief at all.

    Since the ST.jude trial, I have had ablasions, injections. Nothing has helped the lower back pain. I have constant pain, limited walking and standing, I do not take any pain meds, nothing has ever helped and the side effects of nausea and not being able to function prohib meds. My pain manager wants...

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  • LJE4Info 2

    Spinal Fusion : Encouraging the Pre-Op patients.

    Hello to all anticipating a Spinal fusion. I am female 52 years old. I had spinal fusion March 28th 2017 L4-5. I was quite nervous about procedure and wondered if it would be worth it... As having done much research on internet I found more negative feedback than positive and truly thought twice about...

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  • ray63269 3

    Spinal pain in between shoulders a nightmare

    The pain I get in between the shoulder blades is horrible, that part of the spine starts as a aching knot then gets to a sharp burning pain, it seems to spread further up and reaches neck which causes a tender aching pain there too, it even sometimes causes a sting pain in my left arm, it's driving...

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  • paul29754 2

    Plif surgery

    Ive had spine surgery ( L4,L5+S1 screws and lumbar decompression, and prosterior lumbar interbody fusion( plif-2 cages) pn 23 /02/2017. 2 weeks after i hqd pain in buttock down legs and i walk with an aid as putting pressure on my feet sends electric shocks up and down my legs. I feel metal is grating...

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  • wayne50901 3

    Still waiting bulging discs and spinal stenosis

    Getting frustrated I have herniated discs L4/5S1 and narrowing of canal had MRI CT scans X-rays nuclear bone scan waiting to see neurosurgeon again in agony the worst is driving and now erectile dysfunction is getting worse Now taking more meds than I can count hard to be positive any advice would be...

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  • Mamabear27 1
  • Moveebuff1953 2
  • diane35061 2

    Hip pain following spinal fusion

    I have had a spinal fusion on 4 levels which was done in 2 stages.  First stage the surgeon went into my spine sideways and replaced 2 discs with cages and then 2 weeks later went through my back and put another cage, 2 plates and 8 screws.  I am pleased to say that I no longer have lower back pain but...

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  • sarah22500 3

    Also applicable or not?

    I'm very anxious to know if the same sort of leg pain I'm going to describe can be applicable to spine problems as well a hip. On the hip forum these are VERYcommon difficulties and my 2 surgeons are having problems at the moment trying to decide whether all this pain is coming from my hip or my spine...

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  • Moveebuff1953 2

    Degenerative disc disease...

    Saw my surgeon today who actually spent a long time going over my most recent MRI and explaining that my discs have basically lost hydration and that is why I'm in pain.  He has prescribed an anti inflamatory called Mylan Naprox & suggested I do pilates to gain core strength.   I have been in pain for...

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  • bverkerke 1

    Bicep and Shoulder Paralysis

    Hello, I am 29 years I am very healthy, I am a weight lifter, never had an injury or back/neck problems. 3 months ago I woke up with a kink in my neck, turning my head side to side was limited and there was a tight and sharp pain in my right trap. I decided to go to the gym to loosen it up followed...

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  • DJ1976 3

    Difficulty walking after Implanation of stimulator.

    I had a stimulator (BURST) implanted on 3/2/17.  I am having excruciating pain in the right buttocks going down outernpart of my leg to my foot.  This pain does not allow me to walk anywhere.....even ny own home.  It has not dissapated in any way shape or form.  I have had 3 reprogramming. Tomorow I...

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