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  • iflyplanez4u 1

    Low back pain symptom confusion

    I've been suffering from moderate to severe lower right back and leg pain for a year now. I finally went to the doctor back in February where I received x-rays and scheduled an MRI that was accomplished two weeks ago. The MRI showed no herniated discs, regular position of my conus medullaris,

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  • chaumont 1
  • DJ1976 3

    Difficulty walking after Implanation of stimulator.

    I had a stimulator (BURST) implanted on 3/2/17.  I am having excruciating pain in the right buttocks going down outernpart of my leg to my foot.  This pain does not allow me to walk ny own home.  It has not dissapated in any way shape or form.  I have had 3 reprogramming. Tomorow

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  • geraldine16251 2

    Burning pain top left hand side buttock

    Had L4-5/L5-S1 fusion November 2016 (severe scoliosis/arthritis). Total hip replacement (left) May 2017. Prior to both these procedures had severe burning pain top of buttock left hand side. Unfortunately, after all the surgery I've undergone I still have this debilitating pain - neurosurgeon (back)...

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  • bverkerke 1

    Bicep and Shoulder Paralysis

    Hello, I am 29 years I am very healthy, I am a weight lifter, never had an injury or back/neck problems. 3 months ago I woke up with a kink in my neck, turning my head side to side was limited and there was a tight and sharp pain in my right trap. I decided to go to the gym to loosen it up

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  • SkanMaha 2

    Need help for Back pain :(

    Dear All, Recently I experienced a severe back pain (Initially it was in lower back - both sides, 23/04/2017 onwards) and went to see the GP, he prescribed Ibuprofen Tablets 400mg and advised me to reduce the weight (I am currently 127kg), and since 12/05/17 to 20/05/17, it was Ok and I didn't take

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  • Annab1983 2

    Spinal cord is twisted, Severe pain for 10+ years. SCS?

    So I finally found out some of the reasons my back has hurt me for so long. My Thorasic spine is twisted from the cervical-thoracic junction  where it starts, it is completely sideways by mid thoracic spine and rotates counter clock-wise back to a nearly natural position by the Thoracic-Lumbar

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  • wayne50901 2

    Nuclear bone scan

    Following my recent discussions on lumbar herniated discs and spinal stenosis wanting to know people's experiences with nuclear bone scans I'm booked in Friday for one and wanting to know if people know what's involved and what they are actually looking for with this test Kind Regards Wayne

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  • JMSL345 2
  • wayne50901 2

    Looking for advice

    Hi all just adding to my last post l4/L5/S1 disc herniations for 2 yrs severe back bum up spine pain etc but last week or so if I walk up a set of stairs which takes a bit my legs go to jelly and feel like I've just stood up to quick and get sort of dizzy, if I sit up straight I find it hard to

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  • LJE4Info 2
  • wayne50901 2

    New ct scan results

    Hey all adding more from last discussion I've just had a ct scan done only had MRI scan last time original diagnosis disc bulges from L4 through to S1 severe pain numbing etc today's results talk about moderate disc degeneration of L4,5 and S1 with narrowing of the spinal canal going for a nuclear

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  • sonofhomer 1

    Nocturnal Lower back Pain ? Anyone else?

    Hi I am male aged 62 with excellent health thank god with exception of lower back pain I developed 2years ago now. My pain only begins when I lie in bed and is mild enough to allow me sleep. However I usually wake up 3 to 4 hours later with more severe pain which disrupts further sleep and I toss

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  • Carolineq8 4

    EMG test?

    I'm going in for an EMG test and was wandering if anyone has had this done and could advise me on what to expect, Iv read a few comments on another site and I'll be honest it's scared me a bit but I would rather know what I'm letting my self in for, I have 8-10 faucet joint injections 3 x per year

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  • LJE4Info 2

    Strange sensations after L4-5 fusion

    Hi, I'm wondering if other L4-5 fusion patients experience strange sensations throughout various parts of body!? I get different tastes and a feeling of a cool flushing in throats and chest.. among other odd sensations! I understand nerves healing etc. but is anyone else feeling it in upper body

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  • hawk289 2
  • wayne50901 2

    Lower back pain

    Hi I'm just looking for advice on people's experiences and knowledge on pain relief for severe back pain I have 3 herniated discs l4/l5/s1 and haemangiomas on t12/l1 with pain running from buttocks to top of shoulder blades and down right arm I'm trying not to have the surgery can't afford the 12

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  • TreasureNurse 2

    Spinal Cord Stimulator Problems

    I have had my spinal cord stimulator since May and I am having a lot of nausea. I have to keep soda crackers with me all the time. The SCS was put in after I had ongoing pain after my spinal fusion. I had an injury from an auto accident. I have had issues with the settings put on the control box by

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  • socksmom 2
  • belinda62595 3

    really fed up

    Hello everyone, I have had lower back problems for 40 years, scan shows lower 3,4,and 5 disc degeneration. I am also suffering with sciatica down left which makes last 2 toes go numb. Now I am experiencing very painful and burning heels.  First of all I decided to go to podiatrist who said that it

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  • diana57263 2

    Micromotion & Degenerative Disc Disease [DDD]

    Been reading about micromotion in DDD where one gets some level of baseline chronic pain in their lower back with episodes of severe lower back pain that could be caused by the abnormal micromotion of a deteriorating or damaged disc and the surrounding spinal elements. ​Weakened discs can lead to

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  • CelticGyrl 2


    I had a lumbar puncture done last night at the ER to rule out Meningitis. The ER Doc tried 2x and couldn't get it. Then they called for Anesth to come and do it he had to do it 2x and FINALLY got the sample. BUT, the back pain I am having today is UNRELENTING!!! I cannot sit or stand without

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  • ferik85 1
  • sarah22500 3

    Acute bilateral thigh/knee pain disappeared

    My lumber MRI two years ago showed some spinal stenosis. The unilateral leg pain then disappeared for over a year. Ten months ago the thigh/groin pain came back and within the last 6 months the pain has increased at an alarming rate, is felt 24/7 in BOTH thighs, both knees, both shins and one groin,...

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  • SweetSal 2

    I need some info and advice on cervical spine surgery!!!

    I had an MRI done on April 20th this is what the report may be long   C1 - C2 Normal C2 - C3: Uncovertebral joint hypertrophy is bilaterally. Right neural foramen is narrowed. C3 - C4: central canal and neural foramina appear normal C4 - C5: Osteophytic ridging defects on the left

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  • patricia65203 1


    have had s c s. almost 1yr. have had 2 major infections 11 days hospitalisation & had to go into theatre to have wound opened and flushed out with antibiotics. also had to have first implant battery replaced as it was in wrong angle and wouldn't charge!! have had spinal fusion and failed back

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  • james57451 2

    X-Ray pictures - 12 weeks post spinal surgery

    Hi everyone, I'm 14 weeks post-op after fracturing my L1 vertebrae. These X-Ray's were taken a week or two ago, in my local hospital (not where I got my surgery done). I had to go to my local A&E because the pain I'm having along my right side is getting much worse and making it impossible to bend

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  • jess88460 2

    Spinal stenosis?

    I just got my MRI results and they said I have spinal stenosis and sending me to a neurosurgeon. All the information I look online for it says it's common in older people. I'm 21. I'm not sure exactly what this is to be honest. Narrowing of the spine, but why? I guess I'll see at the

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  • khi 3

    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Has anyone had a spinal cord stimulator,it has been one suggestion for my husband who is still suffering after 4 years after his first surgery, he has had a further op two years ago and is still suffering immense pain, has weakness in his leg and finds walking difficult and now needs a stick to

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  • crista44751 2

    Depressed after lumbar fusion. Week 4... is thisnormal

    I had a fusion on my L4 through S1 . Did great at the hospital . I'm day eight nerve pain set in . I don't steroids for a week which helped with that . But it seems like every other day I'm feeling well and then I'm feeling so depressed I can barely move . If this is normal I am not sure

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  • gabriella44865 3

    Can a neurologist help me?

    Hi. I have 3 slipped disks which cause tingling, burning and numbness down my right leg and in my right hip. I am already under the pain clinic and have had physio. Is it worth my seeing a neurologist/can they help me or is that only if I had MS or Parkinson's? Any views or knowledge on what a

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  • ajdesign 1

    Tingling Spine

    Since last September I have had a strange tingling sensation in the middle of my back, mainly the spinal area. This can be described as 'pins and needles' and when it becomes intense develops as a pain and can radiate throughout my back and rear rib area. It can become intense when standing at the

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  • Jennofur 2

    Am I Crazy or is my Doctor?

    Hi all, I am very new to this site, but I am waiting to schedule my ACDF at level c5-6 surgery this month.  I am so confused by what my neurosurgeon has told me and what I am reading here.  Brief history:  I was in a car accident over 20 years ago which resulted in an extruded disc fragment at c

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  • diana57263 2
  • Titanium Man 2

    Week 3 T10-L3 Spinal Fusion Progress (with pictures!!!)

    Here we go: Week 3. I had my two-week post-op meeting on Tuesday and all is going very well.  My surgeon assistant was shocked at how quickly my incision is healing at this point.  In terms of the incision, I have pain there but it isn’t too bad really.  I also still have the “sunburn” type pain

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