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Spinal Problems

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  • bonnie95566 1

    Nevero spin simulator

    Hello guys, I had the inplant done March 7 2017 and it was one day procdure and I landed  staying in the hospital for 5 days due to my right leg got really swallown. I got no answer from anyone is why this happened. Untill today I continue to have major pain on my right leg. Has anyone expereance

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  • Loubs56 1

    Cervical lippy info

    Hi Following an MRI scan I went to see my GP, who said that I have cervical spine lipping. She didn't quite know what it is! But has referred me to physio. I have gotten my info from Google, so I know they are bone spurs. I have had inflammation and pain flair ups to my back, neck and shoulders for

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  • tomdic13 1

    L-4 l-5 back fusion

    Hi I just had a back fusion on feb 16, I'm looking for some advice, first two weeks were horrible as expected I still have leg pain on left side starting now on right side when I sit down in certain positions but my question is, I sneezed today and felt suck a sharp pain of what was like

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