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Idk what’s wrong with me and nobody is helping :(

I’ve been having issues for months now and I’m so confused. It started off with burning urination months ago but I didn’t think that much of it because the burning wasn’t that bad. It got really bad to the point where after I emptied my bladder, I still felt like I really had to pee, and intercourse was very painful. Then and there I thought I had a UTI so I went to the doctor the next day and they told me my urine was normal, they tested me for a yeast infection, ghonorria, and chlamydia and all the tests results were negative. They told me I probably have a sensitive bladder and to take bladder irritants out of my diet which I had already been doing so they requested a cystoscope I think that’s what you call it where they stick the camera in there. But my appointment for that isn’t for a week. Meanwhile, I was constipated for days and took miralax which stopped working, then I took a suppository which also didn’t work, so I went to the doctor the next day. They told me to take Mira lax along with a stool softener pill. When I got home before I could even take what they prescribed, I had yellow diareah which concerned me. After that I was constipated again only pooping once and a while, the stools always being yellow, sometimes mixed with little black pieces. I called to talk to an advise nurse and she told me to take probiotics, after two days probiotics didn’t do much but I still kept taking them. On Fourth of July I started feeling very sharp pains in the area of my gall bladder and liver so I went to the doctor the next day. She sent me to take blood tests as well as an ultrasound of my right kidney, spleen, gallbladder, liver, and something else but I don’t remember. One thing that concerned me was that when I got the ultrasound I ate some soup and crackers prior. The technician told me I shouldn’t of ate and he didn’t know why the doctor didn’t tell me because they wouldn’t have been able to see my gall bladder properly, which was super annoying. They took 11 viles of blood so I know they tested for a lot. After we left the doctors office my pains were getting worse and worse so my mom took me to the ER. At the ER all my tests came back negative and they said my gallbladder looked fine and that the technician didn’t know what he was talking about. They told me that I had an ulcer and to take this antacid pill every morning and they would call me back to see if the ulcer was caused by bacteria. It’s been five days and my pain keeps getting worse. They haven’t called me back about the results yet, but my stool is getting lighter and lighter, I sent an email to my doctor so that she can call me today and let me know but I’m pretty sure I don’t even have an ulcer. I don’t know what to do next I’m truly concerned please help! 

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  • kmw2000


    Sounds like the doc’s are making a right mess of things. Are you in 🇬🇧 Britain? If you could afford to go private, you would get a thorough examination and you would get your results quickly. Do you have pain in the upper right quadrant? The yellow stools would normally be indicative of gall bladder issues. I have a similar problem, I went private, but need to wait for my results as it was only yesterday I got my tests done. I hope you get a  proper diagnosis for your health issues as it can be very concerning when you feel you have serious health issues and your getting nowhere with the doctors. 😔

  • kmw2000

    Hi Km, what are the symptoms you’ve been having? Since when have you been noticing Yellow color in your stool? I have gallstones and i suffer indigestion upper middle abdominal pain, frequent bouts of diarrhea with yellowish colored stool. Idk, if those are related to my gallstones but those are my symptoms. I’ve been losing weight too but it could be my diet since i’ve been very cautious of what i eat this past few months. Anyone else have same symptoms as mine? 

  • kmw2000

    How can you describe your pain? And where are the pain located? Does it radiates to the back? And when you said your stool gets lighter and lighter you mean like clay or white in color? We just need to be calm about things too and not over think things since you’ve said that they had all those test and it came out negative. Anxiety will only make our matters worst. 

    • jeff4242

      I pain is right below my right Breast bone, and it radiates to my back, it’s usually a dull ache, but then will sometimes get stabby. my pain is usually almost always on my back which could mean my kidney I guess. Yesterday my stool was a very pale yellow, but this morning I just woke up and it got a little darker but still yellow colored, I’m going to try not eating any gluten today and see if that does anything for me 

  • kmw2000

    I am so sorry for this.i am going through constant press and pain. Nothing is helping it and now I am going for an internal sonogram tomorrow to view my ovaries..I am petrified. I can't sleep...What can be causing this constant pressure?

  • kmw2000

    All you can do is keep going back to your doctor and wait for your test results to come through.  Only your doctor can give you answers.  If you don’t get help, change your doctor.

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