If I have ibs, will it stick around forever?

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Just wondering, there's not really an explanation to this. But if your diagnosed with ibs, and you keep healthy, stress free etc, will it eventually go in years? Or is it just undiagnosable and won't go no matter what?

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    Keeping stress free as much as possible, getting enough sleep, exercise and avoiding food triggers, if you have any, will help you to manage your IBS and keep it in remission.  However, there is no guarantee that it will go away completely. Some people do get rid of it but many don't.  If stress has triggered your IBS, you are not as likely to become completely IBS free.

    With IBS, all you can do is to accept you have it and take each day as it comes.  Acceptance helps to reduce your symptoms.

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      I am not usually stressed tbh, I dont worry about much. Although I did have OCD and shy bladder syndrome, but I never worried about much. Is there a way to find out what triggered it? I was usually unhealthy, so that might be a possibility right? so if the trigger is from being unhealthy, is there a cure for it? thanks!
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      Also, due for an ultrasound. Will that show IBD if I have it? basically rule it out?
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      If you had OCD, this can cause stress and anxiety.  The build up of stress over years can eventually lead to IBS.   Sometimes IBS can show up six months after a stressful event.  This happened to me. But because I am always anxious about something, I was unaware that the sudden onset of stress month after month in 2015 was the cause of my IBS.  It took a doctor to identify this.

      If you are generally calm, and a random stressful event occurs that triggers IBS, it is easier to find the cause. 

      Other times it can appear after a stomach bug or food poisoning or as a response to a food that you have suddenly become intolerant to.   If your symptoms start after eating,  then you know that food is your trigger. To find out which food(s) are causing problems, a food diary can help to identify the culprit.  This can take some time to figure out.  The Low Fodmap Diet is also useful to pinpoint trigger foods.

      There is no cure for IBS.  The best you can hope for is to manage your symptoms and keep your IBS in remission for as long as possible. If stress was your cause, then distraction techniques can help.  Have plenty of exercise and good sleeps at night.  If food is the problem, avoid the food(s) that trigger symptoms.

      Some people do get rid of IBS but many don't.  Adjusting your lifestyle is your best defence in living with IBS.

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      An ultrsound does not rule out IBD.  If you want to eliminate it as a possibility, ask for a fecal calprotectin stool test.  If your result is high, then this suggests you have high inflammation and a colonoscopy would be ordered.  If IBD is present, a colonoscopy would show it.  If, however, your fecal calprotectin test shows a low reading, this suggests you do not have IBD.
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    I've had IBS all my life and now being over 70 y o it's not getting better. I'm still learning to manage it, as others have mentioned, by recognizing and avoiding the food triggers. It's usually a combination of these that unsettle my system: when I don't have the problem, I relax and can handle those foods (for me mainly the acidic ones, like citrus, peppers, etc). When IBS returns, I often haven't felt stressed but sure enough, I can identify what the stress trigger / issue was. Sorry to say, Jonathan, OCD is a sure sign of a stressing character... I know!

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      I don't know how you deal with it every day sir! Just wondering if for some it goes for good. I'm not completely sure it's ibs though, as I made a thread just then saying whether my symptoms are relatrd to IBS or another disease. But yes, OCD is the worst, although i managed to control it before I got this rolleyes so must be of some other sort of stress that was applied.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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      Pippa's advice is good for you: learn to manage your IBS by learning what you can eat and when. Examples: moderate alcohol is fine for me but not for a few hours before I want to sleep. Same with red meats. I can handle citrus and "hot" foods and enjoy them, but if I'm stressed (whether I realise it or not) they'll help trigger IBS. Then I have to go off them unless things settle down. My wife has had IBS since her 20s but has different triggers and different IBS (she fluctyates between constipation and the runs, I just get the runs, both of us find it a constant battle. 

      You may be surprised how many people have IBS... it is very common, and usually it's lifelong, just like other body issues are (like our temperament, skillset, and body type). 

      Knowing all this and managing it will help much though not change your digestive system.

      Crohns has lower abdominal pain and bleeding as symptoms - google it!

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      Just like to appreciate your feedback, you do make valid points. Seems like there are not many people around that seem to struggle with it where I am, maybe they are just embarrassed to mention it. As one of my gps did mention lots of people struggle with it, especially in my age bracket due to school, stress etc.

      As I am new to this syndrome, I haven't really experienced anything like it, so yes it is hard and odd to spit out what foods trigger me, as I am used to consuming most foods. Maybe a FOD diet might do.

      I just don't know how my pains just haven't stopped for nearly 5 monthe, constantly pain or discomfort 24/7, that's the only reason why I can't stand it, otherwise I would be fine with it, I just don't know how to control this pain, as my mind is now saying "it won't go" anymore because I tried everything, feels like I'm stuck with it everyday for life!

      But idk, maybe not, just hope all solutions suggested, that the one solution will help this terrible pain, make me feel 100% better hopefully!!!

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