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 I have bad dry eyes. I have used more than 15 brands of artificial drops and now doctor recommended me to use Ikervis . And now i use it and ita pain when i put th drops once on a day at night. And i get a headache in the daytime and tje light head pain is still there whole day is it normal?? And is ikervis taking time to cure the drt eyes thanks

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    Sorry for that you went through it. I have the same problem. I use gel which called GenTeal Gel/ Alcon during the day, at nighttime i use oilment. It's helped me. Hope it's working for you.


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    Hello, I am sorry that you have to go through this. 

    I would suggest you speak to your Doctor about Pilocarpine eye drops. I believe they are indicated for dry eyes caused by SS and act systemically and not topically like the regular artificial tears do.

    Do you take anything for dry mouth? Pray you feel better!

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    Do I understand you correctly that you only take your eye drops once per day and at night? If your eyes are severely dry that is not frequent enough. You need to talk to your doctor (hopefully an ophthalmologist) to ask if you may need to take them more frequently, like six hourly or even hourly. If you do not deal with this correctly you may risk getting corneal scratches or even erosions, and you definitely do not want that.

    As others have said, no eye drop will CURE your dry eyes, they just manage the symptoms by lubricating the surface of the eye.

    I obviously do not know which eye drops drops you have used however eye drops vary according to their viscosity (thickness). Many are just quite watery and are for people with minor dry eyes. The more viscous eye drops which are necessary for more severe dry eye, stay on the surface of the eye for longer. They are the ones which make it difficult to see for about ten minutes after using them as everything becomes blurry.

    Again if your eyes are moderately to severely dry, you probably need a lubricating eye ointment for the night to last the hours you are sleeping.

    The suggestion made by KKumar to try Pilocarpine is a good one too.

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      Actually, Ikervis (ciclosporine) drops should never be used more than once a day. It's a topical immunosuppressant, which must be used exactly as prescribed. However, it's advisable to use tear substitutes as well throughout the day - but not within half-an-hour or so of using the Ikervis, of course, to avoid diluting it.

      As aitarg has said, Ikervis won't cure dry eyes but it will manage the condition long-term.

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      I have recently been on Ciclosporine twice per day 0900 hrs and 2100 hrs. These were prescribed by Ophthalmologists from our dedicated Eye & Ear Hospital. So if they are guided by EBP (evidence based practice) as they should be, perhaps there is some new evidence to indicate its efficacy by twice per day insertion.....otherwise it may come down to potency or strength of the Ciclosporin being administered for that individual.


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      How did you get on with it, Megheart?

      I'm currently looking for solutions. The sight in my left eye is rapidly deteriorating due to my cataract advancing but my ophthalmologist has blithely stated that I'll never be able to have a cataract op as I have zero tears in both eyes on the Schirmer test. When I asked him where we went from here, he just told me not to worry about it and get my eyes tested every year. Needless to say, I am worried, especially as I also have a cataract on the other eye, though this one isn't advancing at the moment.

      This was already a second opinion. I'm going for a third one in two weeks time, this time with an eye surface specialist, so I'm interested in hearing about all the possibilities.

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      That will be interesting to find out what the 'eye surface' specialist suggests in view of your poor to non-existent tear production, your Sjögren's and their implications for cataract surgery. I have early cataracts also however there has never been discussion to date regarding SjS's implication for having or not having cataract surgery.

      When I last went to the corneal clinic they said I had multiple scratches all over my cornea despite punctal plugs plus having had a course or two of Ciclosporine plus one-two hourly eye drops........depressing! However having had one extremely painful episode of corneal abrasions last November I'll do anything to prevent that happening again along with its concomitant risk of longterm corneal scarring.

      I'm open to success stories as well. Anything which helps tear retention or eye lubrication is high on my agenda!

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      That sounds awful Megheart!

      After the April visit to the ophthalmologist I actually googled cataracts and dry eyes and gave myself a nasty scare. I won't post my findings here, but it really did sound very unpleasant.

      There's actually a further twist to this tale, as I had a little cry about something just a few weeks after the consultation and surprised myself by actually producing a few tears! I therefore suspect that the result of the Schirmer's test was just a snapshot of the state of my eyes on that particular day. The afternoon before the appointment I'd fallen heavily in the street and landed on my face. I had a completely dry mouth for several days afterwards - which is quite unusual for me - and assumed the blow to my nose and mouth had temporarily sent my salivary glands into retreat. I'm now wondering whether the shock of the fall - which shook me up quite badly - had caused a short-term flare-up of all my SS symptoms, causing a false zero-tears result the following day.

      Anyway, I'll keep you posted as to how things go on 25 July.

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    I also meant to say are you taking any other lubricating drops apart from Ikervis (Ciclosporin)? I realise that Ikervis is only once or twice per day but if your dryness is severe my understanding is that you need to have a lubricating drop for the rest of the day.
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    I am just letting those of you that have severe dry eye learn something you might not know. I have SS and severe dry eye. It started 3 years ago. I went to eye doctor for regular check up. He told me I had growths in both eyes. It is called Pterygium or surfer's eye. Surfer's eye is caused by ultra violet rays. Mine is cause by SS severe dry eye.

    I used all the precautions  including Xiidra eye drops. If you don't know what pterygium is please google it. It is serious. It is natures way of protecting the eye by growing a skin over the eye. Mine is starting to progress on to the iris. Doctor said to wait a little longer before removing it  as it may stop growing and shrink.  They can be successfully  removed but one third of them come back (more aggressively& dangeriously) within a year. My SS dry eye is not going to go away so therefore I will probably get it again and again on both eyes.  I do not know how many times it can be removed with out causing damage to the eye muscles and cornea.They replace the skin of the eye they remove with human placenta.  Pterygium causes extreme blurriness or some times near blindness.  I can not express how important it is to keep your eyes checked and use drops very often. I have been through a number of prescriptions and Xiidra seems to be the best for me. I use it twice daily, gel drops every 1 1/2 hours and ointment before bed and during the night. Just be aware this can happen to anyone that has severe dry eyes. Please pray for me as I am worried.

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      Thanks for that Susan. I'll add it to the list of things I might need to think about.

      In fact, the last time I saw my ophthalmic optician in the UK five months ago, she said she could see some kind of lump on the conjunctiva of my left eye, close to the inner corner. That's certainly the area where I feel a lot of discomfort, especially when I look in that direction. However, the two ophthalmologists I've seen since then have said there's nothing there.

      I must say though that I have more confidence in the optician. In the UK, so-called ophthalmic opticians are trained to a very high standard to diagnose many eye conditions (but not to treat them other than by corrective lenses). My UK optician, who I normally see every year, always spends far more time on testing my eyes than the various ophthalmologists I've seen here in Belgium, and seems to carry out a wider range of tests.

      I'll try and follow this further when I see the eye surface specialist at the end of this month.

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    Hi new to this site! i had eye lid surgery for ptosis my eye lids were droopy due to MD. Now my eyes dont close completely and dry eyes are killing me! Tried every possible dry eye drop and gels! i have resorted to taping my eyes closed at night and using ointment! Sometimes l get eye infections which are really hurt and Ciloxin antibiotics are excellent! Problem being cannot use for long time because they will stop working! So my dry eye is caused by eyelid issue but no great solution to my problem!

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