ill health retirement for m.e & fibro?

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Hi All,

A bit of background...

I was diagnosed in 2013 and have been able to continue working full time in a very stressful job. ( just about with a few crashes along the way)

I was also in an abusive relationship which I I ended in march this year, so I am now on my own with my two children.

I am in the middle of a huge crash and have been off sick for 6 weeks, with the usual exhaustion, pain, severe headaches, stomach issues, severe insomnia, and cognitive difficulties.

This is my worst crash since my initial one and i have no stamina at all I am struggling hugely and am now on anti depressants along with other medications.

I have been referred to a dr by work and they have said this is too see if I fit the criteria for ill health retirement?

So my question is has anyone been through this? And have any advice?

It would be such a relief financially if I could get this but it's so hard to make people even some drs understand

Any help much appreciated as I am stressing now as if I don't get it I can't imagine they will let me stay on even if I ask to reduce my hours, I would have thought they will sack me for medical inefficiency.

Sorry for the long post 😬 Any advice or information would be fantastic x

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    So sorry you're going through all this. It would be difficult even for a healthy person. For a person with ME/CFS, emotional stress can cause a crash, which I assume is what happened in your case. Do you live in the UK? Are you still in touch with the doctor who originally diagnosed you? Might he be able to write a letter detailing your symptoms, your difficulty working, etc.? Here in the U.S., I was able to get on Social Security disability by having my doctor write such a letter. It would be especially effective if you could get a specialist to write the letter. That way, if the doctor your work has referred you to doesn't have a clue or is generally uninformed about ME/CFS, you could show the results of a doctor knowledgeable about the illness. Just some thoughts, and not sure if they apply in your situation. 

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      Hi Jackie, Thank you for your advice, yes I'm in the uk, that's such a good idea!! I will ask my m.e doctor if he will write me a letter and hopefully I can take this to the dr work send me to, Thanks again sending you healing hugs xx

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    If you are in the U.K. You cannot be sacked for medical reasons if a full time employee. All companies have to do sick pay. 

    Here is my advice to you as I tried to work thru this as well, and have come out the other side. The minute you walk in the door, lay down and do NOTHING for 30mins, this is advice from my GP.  Whilst home I did very little. At the weekends I would often stay in bed for the 2 days to conserve my energy for work. Pacing is key as you can't keep going as you will crash, been there too many times. 

    To get myself self out of this terrible place I eventually gave up work and after 2 yrs I am feeling like my old self again. Fortunately I had savings to do this, but take my advice soldiering on won't work, I tried it for 5 yrs without any luck, pacing is the key as told to me by my GP countless times

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      Hi wknight,Thank you for your reply, your right about soildering on! I have been doing this constantly and then when I became a single mum, having to do everything myself.. well I think it was inevitable 😞 I think I have to face the reality that I am just not able to do this job anymore but I would be able to manage just about if I could get ihr, but I would be in real trouble if they sack me For medical inefficiency 😖 Thanks again for the advice, think I needed the reality check and I don't think I can fight this anymore as I can't afford to get any worse as I need to look after my children.

      Sending you healing hugs xxx

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    I am not a medically trained person but I understand there is a connection between ME/CFS, Fibromyanlgia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

    Would it be possible for you to have your serum B12 and Serum Folate levels checked if for nothing else but to eliminate them from the possible cause?

    You don't say how old/young your children are but hopefully they are able to understand and help you as much as they can.

    I have a 40 year old step-daughter who's had ME/CFS since High School and now has two children under six and finds it very hard going on her "bad days".

    I wish you well.

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      Hi Clivealive,

      Thank you for your reply.

      My b12 was checked but it was 3 0r 4 months ago now so your idea has spurred me on and I will ask if it can be rechecked.

      My children are 14yrs old and 7 years old so not too young but it's still a challenge! And I wish I could do more with them.

      Thanks again x

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      Lyrica. tramadol, astorvastatin, toviaz sertraline, loratadine and especially lansoprazole, can all have interactions and affect normal absorption of B12 via the stomach which may lead to a deficiency.

      Your doctor should be aware of all these and if you read the leaflets that come with the tablets it may well be mentioned under "side effects".  I know lansoprazole does as I'm on them too.

      Please get your serum B12 and serum Folate levels checked by your doctor as the two work together.

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    Hi, you can be sacked in the uk for not being able to attend work, even if due to illness as this was the situation I was in. Luckily our company doctor suggested I be suitable for ill health retirement. I did get it and it was a huge financial and mental weight off my mind. Take as much evidence as you can, keep a diary etc and don't make out you are better than you are, which is so tempting. Good luck with it

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      I was told I couldn't get ill health because although I couldn't fulfil the role I had (teacher with management responsibilities) I could potentially do another job with less pay/responsibilities etc so they got rid of me instead. 

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      Hi Tea belly,

      Thanks for your advice and I will try to get as much info as possible.

      This gives me a little light at the end of the tunnel

      Many thanks and sending healing hugs xx

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      Hi Mazpaz,

      Thank you for replying 😊

      I think my contract has two tiers, one not fit to work at all and one that you just can't do your current role, but your so right just thinking isn't good enough I think now it's becoming reality I need to research more and get my facts straight!

      Thanks again sending you healing hugs xx

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