Im convinced i have Pulmonary Embolism.Please Help !!

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So the past week ive been breathless.I feel like i just cant seem to get enough oxygen when i breath.Also my Heart rate is always fast (90+).

3 weeks ago i had chest pains so i went to the doctors and they checked everything ( xray , ECG , Blood Tets, Echo , stress test) and found nothing so they claimed its just anxiety.

But this week ive been breatheless but yesterday when i went to the clinic they checked my Oxygen and it was 99% .

Do i have Pulmonary embolism or is it just anxiety?

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    Have you suffered from a pulmonary embolism before and if so are you currently on treatment. Why do you think you might have one. If they have done all the tests it would show up in your blood tests as the d dimer reading woukd be very elevated as mine was when I suffered from a bilateral pulmonary emboli. Anxiety can also cause your heart rate to be elevated. Hope this helps x 
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    Hi Hazwan, My blood clots appeared 5 days after a spinal operation and breathing became really difficult and my chest felt like I was being slowly crushed.

    when I had a CT scan the hospital then confirmed that I had blood clots and prescribed Warfarin for the next 6 months. Nine years on and I still have severe chest pains today. stress and anxiety can be a cause of these pains, but to be slow in seeking help. Ihope you manage

    to get help soon. Regards Keith

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    Have you had a recent surgery (simple mole removal doesn't matter probably ;-)) or injury? Did you have d-dimer blood test? If you have normal range i.e. below 500 you probably just have anxiety. Not being able to fill in your lungs in quite typical for anxiety, as is elevated pulse.

    I have been suffering g from generalized anxiety disorder for years so I know exactly the feeling. But when I had PE I had just an awful pain in my rib cage when trying to breath in. And I was getting breathless only when I was walking. I didn't have elevated pulse though.

    But everyone is different of course. You might check your d-dimer levels and if they are elevated they maybe CT scan. This a radiation bomb, so you should avoid it if unnecessary.

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    To rule out for sure you need a ct scan with contrast.
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    ?Firstly, a heart rate of 90 isn't really that high, depends on your age and fitness level, etc etc. Secondly , your oxygen (SPOz)  of 99% is as near as perfect as you are going to get, not everyone runs on a 100%, . To definitely rule out a pulmonary embolism is to have the CT Scan with contrast dye and a D dimer blood test, although the D dimer isn't really accurate, people can get false positives. Going on how you have explained things I'd say  panic/ anxiety.

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      No 90 + isn't high. A fit and healthy heart beats between 60-100 bpm. As for the breathlessness, anything can be the cause of that, hence why I asked if you was asthmatic ?  If you aren't happy about your doctors diagnosis on that then seek a second opinion, never ignore chest pain, go back to your emergency department if it is coming on suddenly or  reoccurring , that's about all I can suggest. As an ex sufferer of panic/anxiety of 24+ years, I know what it feels like and how doctors treat us. when I had the panic/anxiety I had just about every test imaginable with nothing abnormal detected.

      ?Now here's a run down on my situation, but everyone can present in a different way but the one easiest, quickest and common test that definitely tells if you have a pulmonary embolism is the CT Scan with the contrast dye. I had a very sore calf muscle, swollen, red and I was only treating it as a pulled/strained muscle, as it wasn't getting better I went and saw my GP he had a look see, yes he was a bit lazy and didn't order any tests and agreed it was a muscle strain. I was becoming more breathless than ever, I suffer angina and that is part and parcel of angina so I just put it down to that. As the week continued on my leg started to swell up more and painful to walk on, not sore to the touch and was quite red, I had to be taken into emergency for an uncontrollable angina attack and the triage nurse came out and had a chat to  me because I had mentioned my leg was sore to walk on and the paramedics mentioned that I was limping, the nurse looked at my leg and felt it, she said to me that she was more worried about my leg than my chest pain this time and I was seen immediately , blood tests run including the D dimer, that came back very high it rang alarm bells, even though D dimers aren't that accurate as anything can raise this type of blood test, but when high numbers come back, as I have said it rang alarm bells, My troponins also came back positive. I had the CT Scan with the contrast dye and they had found multiple blood clots in both lungs of reasonable size, I am now on anti coagulants for life.

      ?I never experienced the text book pulmonary embolism pains to start of with, I had chest pain but it wasn't sharp, didn't hurt when I breathed in or out, etc etc, it was just my typical angina chest pain, about 3 months later I for some reason developed text book PE pain even though I was on treatment. You also tire real easy with a pulmonary embolism and I mean really tire easily. I'm into 8 months of treatment and I still get bad days, the doctors tell me it can take 6- 12 months for everything to come right again, sometimes longer depending on the severity of the PE

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