Im going to have an endoscopy, any advice

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Been having stomach problems since sept last year.

I have had blood tests that came back clear

I have stool test that came back clear 

I am currently taking Lansoprazole 15mg gastro-resistant a day. But that doesn’t appear to be doing anything and going back to the doctor tomorrow.

I was referred or my last appointment with the gp was Wednesday and said shed refer me.

How long will it take to get the confirmation letter?

Should I have the sedative? Or just stick to the spray?

I also suffer with anxiety and depression 

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    I remember you Wolve, sorry to hear you’re still having problems, sucks doesn’t it? You’ll probably get a letter within the next few weeks and procedure will be in a couple of months at the latest. Depends if you’re fast tracked but your symptoms aren’t in the serious category I don’t think. Don’t pin all your hopes on the endoscopy being able to pin point exactly what the problem is; it can only pick up on certain conditions (ulcers, inflammation, they’ll take a biopsy too probably). It’s a really quick procedure, about 3-5 minutes start to finish. I just had throat spray and didn’t even gag once. Just remember, you can still breathe even with the scope in your throat! At any point you can get them to stop if you’re uncomfortable and then have the sedation, but it’s honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. It definitely, definitely does not hurt in the slightest. It’s just weird! Hopefully having it done will put your mind at ease that there’s nothing seriously wrong.

    What’s been going on with you since you last posted?

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      It deffo does. I am really down and just feel like crying because of this.

      It as a little knowing I could have the sedative even through the procedure.

      I came of some tablets in November, was doing ok, still had a dull ache on right side but that was it. Second week in December, I got a cold, and started feeling a dull sore ache in the middle of my chest under rib cage. After i got rid of the cold i made an appointment with the gp but was 2 days before the weekend before Christmas. I was worried that I wouldnt have a good Christmas and didnt want to let any of my family down. Luckily I managed to get a slightly earlier one by a few days. Was put on Lansoprazole 15mg gastro-resistant to take when required and was sent for a stool test. The stool test came back fine as did a blood test i had a few weeks before. I took the tablets and was fine on them. I took them everyday over the Christmas period and then on the 4th Jan I missed one and started taking 1 miss a day and was going to do that. Probably a week later I had a stretch in bed and felt something go on my right side just under my rib cage. The dull ache came back. So I started on the meds again. Late January i started to feel the pain again. I started feeling bloated as well. I was on my tablets at the time as well it would ease it but I would start to feel it again by the time i would have something to eat. Last Saturday I went to the chemist to check to see if I could have gaviscon to try and help they said yes but not straight away leave it a few hours, which I only took after my tea and then 4 hours later. It started to ease and get better. Wednesday I went to the doctor and I told her the everything and said it was getting easier so I thought it was getting under control. She said are the tablets working. Like an idiot now I said I think so, offered me to see how I go or go for an endoscopy, I said Id go for that. I left the doctors room and then it hit me what I was going to have done and started to regret it. She did say there is nothing on the tests to hint at anything sinister. I looked up about it and researched it and even watched a video on it.  I was anxious about it as i didnt know what to expect.

      Thursday morning i woke up with feeling bloated, horrible taste in my mouth, pain and feeling sick. I did not want to eat. Friday the same. So i looked at when i could see the doctor again and was 2weeks away. Luckily i looked again later and saw I could see my gp on monday. I jumped on it. 

      Since then I have continued with the tablets and gaviscon and have been eating bland since last Saturday and continued with that. 

      I have felt pretty much the same, the horrible taste in my mouth in the morning, and not wanting to eat as got wors and today started to get a slight sore throat. I am pretty much forcing myself to eat something. I have lost a few lb in a week as well. I feel like i want to burp but cant.

      Like i said this has got me really down and thinking about the past which upsets me and I want to cry. 

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    Endoscopy is not much of a problem. I had once and it took 20 mins or so. I don't think sedation is required to be taken before hand. While doing endoscopy, possibly some sort of spray is done by them to facilitate the procedure.

    In this Forum once i read usefulness of 'Slippery Elm' for stomach issues. It has herbal ingredients known to be useful. You may like to know more about it through google.

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    Hi sorry to hear of your troubles im very much the same. Ive had stomach probs for about 5 years now and just now its at its worst. It all started with h pylori infection and after eventually getting rid of it it seemed to have a knock on affect. I have sore heads,throat, chest pain, bad breath, sore stomach, short of breath etc ive had scans, blood tests and endoscopy twice. Its not the nicest thing but i would take the sedation. They found i had hiatal hernia which sounds similar to what your saying. Ive just had ultrasound scan and im waiting on appointment for gastroenterologist. Im hoping that i can get the op to repair it by pushing stomach back down as its torture suffering day after day. I really struggle with sleeping and try to more upright. Avoid spicy foods and too much alcohol (i struggle with the alcohol to be fair!) as it will inflame more. Pro biotic drinks and youghurts help me .Dont eat within 3 hours of bed time too. I also take Lansoprazole 20mg twice a day but not sure if it actually does anything tbh! Try not to get too stressed as this doesnt help but tbh ive felt really depressed for a year or 2 now mainly because of feeling like this!! I hope you are on the mend soon as it is awful and hope some of the things ive mentioned help you a bit.

    Take care.

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      Was told not to drink too much alcohol. But luckily I never really drank much. Same with currys and spicy food, im not really a fan of spicy food. I dont smoke either. 

      I think over eating set my stomach off and then the tablets arent strong enough to do the full job and cant get it to settle down again to get it back to normal. 

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    I wonder if you could have gallstones.  Last year I kept getting a lot of heartburn but also a dull pain or ache on the right side, tucked up under my ribs and would come and go.  Some days it was worse than others and wasn't comfortable if I sitting down and eating and had to keep getting up to ease it.  I could go a couple of weeks without any problems then it would come back so I went to my doctor who ordered an ultrasound scan and it was discovered that I have two gallstones that a lot of people have as they get older and to wait and see what happened and I could eventually have my gall bladder removed.  I have also had two endoscopies, both without sedation, just the spray and have a diagnosis of gastritis and oesophagitis and am taking omeprazole, but not all the time.  I have plenty of other things going on that would prevent an operation as my blood platelets are very low but thankfully I only get the occasional pain under my ribs.  Might be worth asking Dr Google about the symptoms of gallstones!

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      Just seen doctor. Checked my stomach again and couldnt feel any lumps or bumps.

      Because I had just ordered some more tablets she said take 2 in the morning and then if you need to take one at night so will be Lansoprazole 45mg gastro-resistant a day instead of Lansoprazole 15mg gastro-resistant.

      Also said about to try and fast track for the camera as well. 

      I wrote all my symptoms down and said to myself must ask if need to stop medication if having the camera, and I forgot about that bit. But will wait and see when the paperwork will come.

      Im going to ask my brother if he will go on a walk with me if he isnt going out, i doubt he will. But will ask anyway.

      Doctor did say about gallstones, doesnt think it is due my age, 25. Have to wait and see really.

      At the moment i do feel down and upset.

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      Usually with endoscopy have to stop PPIs (your meds) two weeks before procedure. Yes, try and go do something to take your mind off it. It can only help. I’m sure there’s nothing serious, but just dealing with pain and discomfort every day is exhausting! And not knowing the cause is so frustrating. Gastric problems do sometimes just clear up by themselves , hopefully that will be the case. 
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      Hopefully i will start to see some improvements soon. 

      I think the general anxiety and depression isnt helping and the time of year sucks as well, I nearly always feel down this time of year due to the dull days, not being able to get out, cold etc plus you generally have the high of Christmas and New Year and then its like a click of your fingers and back to normal, and ive hated that for years, I think it started abou 13 years ago when my brother was 5 and we would start off doing our own things and then by the end of the holudays we would do things together, then back to normal. I know at the time i liked having the tv comedy specials and the films on over Christmas. Eventhough some where repeats, because we only had 5 channels and you havent seen it a few years it was kinda new because you couldnt remember it. Then 2nd Jan, normal dull shows. 

      A few weeks ago I binged watched all of Benidorm for the first time. I really liked, think that is a good program to have on at this time of year as its full of colour even if it has got more silly than the first few seasons imo.

      I think just taking the tablet each day and it not doing much or anything it then things would come back throughout the day/evening, then go to bed and repeat just was upsetting 

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    Hi There,

    I was diagnosed by endoscopy with gastritis in September last year following 2 months of severe burning, reflux and abdominal pain. This caused severe IBS and anxiety & I felt so crappy that I actually thought I was dying. I had multiple tests, CT, bloods, stool test, H.Poly test and all came back clear. I had biopsies taken during my endoscopy and they were clear also. I have taken soman (PPI) since on and off and just didnt feel it was doing much. About 4 weeks ago my GP put me on somac again for 6 weeks, of which i have 2 weeks to go and this time round it is helping me a lot. Most days I feel completely normal. However, my anxiety is managed and most days I don't have those symptoms either. The key is really to get your anxiety under control because this definatley aggrevates gastritis. I had my endoscopy under sedation - I wouldn't have it any other way. The thought of throat spray only and being awake scares the heck out of me and effected my anxiety more. I ha a follow-up endoscopy and will do it under anesthetic again. I wish you all the best and hope you can turn a corner and see improvement soon.

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      Thank you.

      I do believe my anxiety and depression is part of this. As last Wednesday when seeing my doctor I had started to feel better then she asked me about the camera and I said yes, left the room and was like OMG! I have to go to hospital. 

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      I've been dealing with gastritis issues for 2 months this is not my first time I had it a few years ago and let assure you ,the anxiety and depression you're feeling is part of the stomach problems it's amazing how it messes with our minds right now I'm on the same boat having some bad anxiety but I learned that it is like a vicious circle anxiety creates more acid in your stomach and the stomach gives you anxiety so it Sounds easy but learning to think about something else and relax helps it takes time for it to go away but lets hope we heal up soon there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and the support from this group of people going through the same stuff is truly appreciated

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      THANk you

      i have suffered from anxiety for over 5years and depression since 09.

      Im sure it had started to be more on my when things did not get better, then had an anxiety attack pretty much when I left the drs room after agreeing with the endoscopy. But just trying to relax and get out the house more. Its hard and probably harder this time of year due to dull, cold and everything looks grey.

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