im just gonna accept im dying!!!!

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constantly feeling im gonna die that never goes away, all day long all night feel like im gonna die any sec, or moment... 

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    Well Tosha, looking at it logically, if you feel like this all the time it's obviously not true, is it? I mean, you say you think you're dying but you're still here.

    I suspect you're very young. This kind of feeling is not uncommon among teens or early twenties. I went through phases like this myself between the ages of about 14 and 18. (My father thought a good beating was the way to deal with fears of this kind, but I believe society has moved on since the 1950s - fortunately.) And of course, I'm still here too and in excellent health, 60 years down the line!

    The best thing is to try and think yourself out of it. As Sara says, it's just your mind playing tricks on you.

    If you've got any specific health worry, go and see your doctor and get it checked out. You could also try discussing your anxiety with your doctor, but I'm hesitant to suggest that as far too many doctors just reach for the prescription pad. I'd hate to think of you being put on medication that would ruin your life, and would be difficult to stop.

    If you really can't get past this on your own, try asking your doctor to refer you for CBT or the more modern DBT. These are "talking therapies" that will help you heal yourself.

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    Bad day at school?

    Did you write this after a bad day or is this truly how you feel every day? Cause if so, this is a known medical condition, having this impending doom linger over you and that feeling, it's terrible, I know. I can't remember the condition and I'm too lazy to Google it right now but I can tell you in my world-I should say, my old world in my past life, I had this very thing as you only, it was my environment that mainly caused the feeling of lingering doom as I was inovled in some not so legal stuff. Then, that lifestyle, dealing with paranoid greedy men who can convince themselves that you're betraying them over the most minute evidence-or heresay, you get yourself in a jam and now you're doing anywhere from 2 to 5 years in the Can. Now in that place, you'll really feel like you're going to die-at least the first few months when you have to grow eyes behind your head and be ready to stand your ground no matter how bad you're feeling that day..

    Yes, I've felt what you've felt. Are your situations brought on by stress? Is what you're going through really that serious to cause these issues you're having with your day to day life?

    I have a feeling you're young and I'm not saying someone who's young can't feel what you say you're feeling but, your vague statement leads me to this so forgive me if I'm wrong but, can't you just look at the bright side? Sometimes we forget that no matter what we're going through or how we feel, that there really is a brighter side to chose to look at-all we have to do is chose to accept that it's there.

    Let me tell you, what I've been through in my life-and I don't believe I've lived the worst/hardest most difficult life-but, I have lived a unique life and the key about it is that I lived to tell the stories of what I've been through and what I've done. I can tell you much more about what you're feeling. You're not still feeling what you wrote 10 hours ago. You wrote what you felt 10 hours ago. Let go of anyone, anything, that is getting in the way of your happiness. Let go of negative people, places or even things. Anything or anyone with negative value is not worth having around you.. In time kidd, you feel better. Trust me, you will..

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      i feel like this constantly im not in school im 28 and ive been dealing with this since i was 20 right after my best friends mom passed away it was just sudden i don't know what is goin on but all i kno is how i feel and it's awful and its a struggle for me to deal with im currently taking xanxa 0.5mg and its just not helping but ur advice is so comforting to me and i know now that im not alone..thank u so much for all ur
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      There's so many of us feeling what you're feeling. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Today, I feel okay. It's going to be like that, Up's & Down's. One thing I stay away from is Social Media. People lie about their lives & how they're doing. A few years ago, I was stuck on that stuff and reading how so many people's lives couldn't be better and how awesome they were doing in life, causeing me to question my own life and why I dont feel that way. Then I realized that people are so full of crap on Facebook (any social media) and they just portray what they want the world to see rather than what's really going on. 

      I experienced death in the family when I was around 7 years old. You'd think a 7 year old wouldn't comprehend death and effect them as much, but it did to me. My childhood with my best friend (lived accross the street from me, our families did everything together and we were extremely close) was very full and looking back it's like we spent 20 years together! When my friend died of Leukemia, it changed me. Maybe that's why I am so depressed all the time now, I don't know. But for people like us, sometimes we have to work at feeling good. We can't depend on just letting the day go and having a good day, for us, it's a little more work.

      I see a therapist. I've had 3 different ones in the last 5 years. All of them are full of crap. Personally, from my experiences, no one gives a crap about us! Straight up! So if you see someone, remember, they're trained to help you but not all of them know how to help you. Worse, not all of them care to help you. They're getting paid and thats all they care about! So don't be discouraged when you get a lousy therapist like how I did! I'm sure there's  better one's out there, I just have yet to find one. 

      I don't know love, sometimes you have to put you first. Other times put someone or something first-for the distraction, for morally doing the right thing but-when it's a problem, then put you first. There's so much to this thing, it's impossible for any of us to diagnose are give the advise that's going to ultimately help you. Only you can do that. But you'll have to want it. And believe me, that part is WORK! But it's okay cause the end result is something beautiful. Life is strange how people come & go.. Someday, it'll be our time to go. So it's important to have an understanding of life AND death but, not to the point it causes us to be depressed. For me, I turn to my higher power (God/Christian). That helps a lot. I'm not a holy roller kind of person, I just have a relationship with God NOT a Religion with him.. I wish you the best. I hope some more of this helps you..

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