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Hello everyone, today i got my prescription from my GP for weight loss, im classed as mobidly obese and i put on a lot of weight recently from stopping smoking.

I have some concerns over taking this medication, I have a few years ago took this medication before and disliked the side affects i had, I suffer from IBS which is bad enough on its on but tripple taking this medication.

My questions are.

Is there an intake of fat to be taken before orlistat works.

How soon after the medication is it safe to go out.

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    Hi Diane smile

    Not sure about your first question but its safe to go out anytime ... just as long as you are not eating more fat than your doc has stated smile

    On my 1st week I experienced some nasty side effects and learned my lesson, on my 3rd week now and watching your fat intake in meals really makes a difference!

    You can still enjoy yourself, no worries :wink:

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    Congrats on stopping smoking too!

    Im too scared to stop incase I pile more on :shock:

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    Well the sad thing is that with stopping i put on the weight , my blood pressure is high and im feel more unfit than i did when i smoked, I was a bad smoker thought up to 60 a day and at 37 years old , on my way to an early grave as my bloods were telling the gps there was something wrong.

    Anyways, I will keep you all posted . Im going to start taking them on monday .

    Thanks for the nice welcome

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    Hi and Welcome Diane,,, smile

    I know exactly how u feel. I stopped smoking in January....and the pounds piled on too.

    Im still waiting on \" u`ll feel so much better giving up the fags\" to hit. Apparently it can take between 1 and 2 years to feel good and like a non smoker. So depending on ur stop date...u might be nearer to it than me.. :lol: However, there is alot I notice. The money that I have does last longer....and I don`t smell like an ashtray...which I must have done - coz smokers smell like that to me now. I can`t stand the smell.

    Have a read through the other posts Diane. We`ve all asked the same questions as u when we joined the forum... smile U`ll find some good information, and some funny posts too. Thats what encouraged me to join. Everyone supports each other well on here, and we haven`t lost our humour.

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    Ive been thinking long and hard about giving up the fags, im on 15-20 a day.

    Skye/Diane, how did you stop? Cold Turkey? Or with help (patches etc)


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    The Doctor said i couldnt stop smoking , yes myGP said i couldnt, i was always terrified of stopping and having a bigger weight issue. Anyways

    I got a nicotine replacement, Patches and inhaler and losengers. Seems a lot does it but i can assure you i need it being 60 day. I also had to do something with my hands, Crochet , taking deep breaths with each craving lasts up to 7 mins . Money im saving is huge. Always remember that its only bad for 7 days and then after your not constantly going for a cig after every meal or having coffee. smile

    I ll have a look around the forums , me being me didnt do that when i first came here.

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    Hiya Gill,

    I made up my mind at the start of last December, that come the new year I was packing it in.

    So, 2nd of Jan, left over fags, lighters, ashtrays went in the bin and I had enrolled for the smoking cessation classes at my local health centre.

    I found these very my patches were free. They`re dead expensive!

    Went to the classes every week for 6 weeks...then fortnightly until 12 weeks.. I switched to the gum when my patches went to the lowest strength....and I stayed using the gum for about another month. I cut down my usage of the gum and just cut it out altogether.

    I smoked 20 Marlboro a day for the last 28 years....and I bloody surprised myself big time when I stopped. Im still dead chuffed with myself for stopping. In my opinion...its one of the hardest things u`ll ever do.

    Don`t just decide oh Im packing in 2moro....psych yersel up for it. Pick a date. U need to be really focused and WANT to stop. But in all honesty.....find out where ur smoking cessation classes are. Ud be amazed at the amount of people who use it. Pity half my class disappeared after week 4.... :lol: :lol:

    Good Luck with it chick...x

    I have been quit for 7 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 14 hours, 50 minutes and 56 seconds (228 days). I have saved £1,257.40 by not smoking 4,572 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Weeks, 1 Day and 21 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 02/01/2008 00:00

    (Thats info off my wee

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    Go Skye and all the others who have quit smoking!! :lol:
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    Well done on quitting the smoking everyone, I managed it October 1989 !!! you'll always remember the day !

    I think its always difficult but when you decide to do it for yourself, not because someone tells you etc you'll do it.

    Like Skye said you've just got to be focused and there is so much help out there nowadays

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    You are inspirational! All of you! hehe.

    Thanks for that smile Obv i'd like to stop now but I see what you mean with picking a date, get myself ready for it!

    Going to have a wee look at citation classes.

    Thanks again :lol:

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    Hey Y'all

    Congrats to all those quitters :!:

    I gave up Jan 1994, was on 40 a day :!: You had to BUY the patches then, so me being a scrooge (must be my Scottish heritage!! Sorry Skye, Kirsty and gill-bbz) gave up in 6weeks instead of 12 in an office full of smokers. They all said I couldn't do it which spurred me on all the more! By October me & my hubby (who gave up cold turkey in Dec) were sunning ourselves on a 2 week cruise around the Turkish coast :!: :D BEST thing I ever did.

    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    I have been looking around on this forum and something is bugging me.

    I am confused on what type of folk get this medication, I asumed that doctors only prescribe this medication for persons with weight problems , at worse being obese and morbidly obese as i am. Am i reading some of these threads wrong when i think some folk have only a few pounds to loose or am i reading it wrong.

    Also i see curves has been mentioned , the place for all women not to feel embarressed . Well last year i joined this place , Weigh in was every 4 weeks and my doctors seen me every 6 weeks for my weight to be checked, one month both curves weigh in and my gps weigh in were on the same day, Not to put folk off but my GP had said i had not lost anything at ALL but Curves said i lost almost 3kilos which is a lot . I stopped going there as i knew that there was something very wrong . I am not saying that they did something to scales but 3 kilos is almost half a stone and my doctors weigh in was around 2lb difference everytime.

    Can i suggest folk to get weighed at there doctors or at a friends just to be safe every 4 weeks smile

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    Hi Diane ...yeah I agree with you, get weighed at the doctors.

    My 1st weigh in is 2moro :shock:

    I'm not sure but I doubt people on here only have a few pounds to lose. I have 6 stone to lose in order to be the right weight for my height.

    Orlistat shouldnt be prescribed to anyone who only have a few pounds to lose.. its an anti-obesity drug!!


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    I don't think any doc would give them out for a few pounds, I need to loose at least 6 stones and then some!!!

    Its been so long since I had a chance of getting there I'm not really sure where I want to go!!!! :shock:

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    best of luck to the weigh in, small loss is better than big loss remember smile

    I am 19 stone, i need to loose 9 stone lol, seems a lot doesnt it. but take each stone and dont look at the weight on a whole .

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