im stil on celexa week 15 and scared

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this is to everyone that's on Celexa and going though all kinds of different side effects

I'm in the middle of week 15 had a awesome week last week ☺ and out of no wear my last 5 days are so bad with crying and anxiety that the med for the anxiety is not helping it much to calm me down . 😢 am I the only one that this is happening to ? Thought I was on my way out back to being me again , not so 😢 I do read on the blogs about blips . Can blips take 5 days or longer to get back to the good days ? Please in need of help as I am scared of what's going on or happening to me .

yes even more side effects in does 5 days and very bad anxiety early morning . Question will the good days come again ? Thank u ahead of time for your help and respond babsyboo

p.s don't miss understand me yes even in that week of doing good I needed low dose of anxiety meds but not as much as I used to when I started the Celexa . But now in the last 5 days I am back up on the anxiety meds does that mean I'm going back words? ??????? HELP PLEASE

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    You must remember that you WILL get setbacks as you’re recovering and I suspect this is what you’re experiencing. You can’t escape them. It DOES NOT mean your meds aren’t working. They are.

    Yes blips / setbacks can last 5 days, 10 days, 4 weeks ........ there is no particular length.

    You do not start feeling better and hey presto, that’s it. Anxiety will keep coming back for a while yet AND so too will the good spells.

    May I add though that it also depends on your reaction to the anxiety too. You're frightened because you don’t know what’s happening to you - this is where learning about anxiety, how it starts, the journey on meds and recovery is so beneficial in recovering. It will help you see that this is normal.

    More patience is needed, more time, more reading ……

    Seems like you’re at last getting there.

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      Katecogs and thank u for ur fast come back to me ☺

      thank u so much

      so even in my time of almost 15 weeks I can get blips that long ???

      Was so exited about the 5 days better and thought it just can get better from here on out guess I was wrong .

      my hubby says it gets better by the week not day and that I'll be better by April and much better by may ☺ he is so sweet and good to me 😍 Katecogs u think the 5 days feeling better last week is a sign of the meds working and getting closer to being me again ?

      Please let me know what u think , can't wait to hear from u back ☺

      again thanks for all ur help to me and so many others

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      Yep. You certainly will get blips at 15 weeks - I had them all through the 6 months when I recovered, and a little beyond too. This is why I urge you to read that book as it’ll explain about everything about anxiety, thoughts, side effects, setbacks, recovery etc and what to expect. This should allay any fears because you’d then know what to expect.

      Mmm, again don’t expect to be better by a particular time. Yes it could be April ... or it could be a later month. You just can’t tell. Personally for me, it got better month by month not week by week.

      So, expect more blips to come - they will. Don’t fight them, just relax towards them and understand they’re part of recovery. Let them come, let them sweep over you and let them pass by.

      The more you fight them and tense up, the more they cling.

      Read about setbacks on the weblink I sent to you. It'll help.

      You husband sounds like he has lots of patience 😉

      K x

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      yes hubby has a lot of patience and so much more 😍 he is a big blessing to me . Thank u for ur response back . So seeing good days is a sign of meds working right ? Yes I guess got to wait it all out 😡 not happy to read that there will be more blips they are no fun to go though.

      Hope to hear back from u soon again also thank u for ur time babsyboo

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      But isn't it better to know what to expect rather than blips suddenly appear again, making you confused? Don't fear the blips, learn to ride them through, because they ARE part of the recovery process. You can't recover without them ........

      Knowledge plays a huge part of recovery along with the medicine.

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      Yes it's good to know u still will get blips but not fun

      they do go away with time or continue to get them

      they also get weaker every time u get the next set right

      because u get better and get to became ur old self again right ??

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      How are you doing are you having any therapy at all, I haven't found self help books have helped me but did see a psychotherapist who was really good but now only on skype which cant get to work at the moment. Talking to someone was really useful and I could relate to a lot more but difficult to arrange at the moment. Could be all the stress going on is affecting you as well just trying get food is a nightmare hope you soon improve.

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      They don’t always get weaker each time you have one - they’re unpredictable so you could have a bad one and the next time it could be one from hell and maybe the one after will be mild. But - again that doesn’t mean you’re worse / not getting better - its just the way it all works.

      Setbacks (as well as anxiety and symptoms) also react to your mindset and how you approach it. Fight it and they’ll cling harder - give in, relax and let it happen and it’ll ease up more.

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      When did you start improving a bit? hope your blip goes off. I'm trying get skype working as therapist is only person helped me over last year, tried 3 other therapist and several books, I know there's no quick fix but frustrating corona stuff put everything on hold.

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      how are u doing today ? Is is bad with the virus were u living @ ?

      Pray for the death rate on people to stop amen

      so sad and also scary for us that are going though anxiety

      or depression

      have a question or maybe a few lol

      I had 5 days bad like u call it blips then 1 good day and now the last 4 days hellish bad once again can that happen ? If so for how much longer I'm on week 16 and they still come for days . Will they ever lessen in days and strength ? This round of blips even brought side effects back that were gone for a good while is that normal ? I'm so scared of not getting better just worse or back to the begging. Please let me know what ur thought on this is . Thank you ahead of time babsyboo

      p.s. also I'm back with bad morning why they were doing good for awhile 😡

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      Yes, as said, unfortunately setbacks can last any length of time and they can be from mild to severe and you can get any side effects, some even starting up again …… sadly thats the nature of recovery 😦

      I had setbacks (blips) all through the 6 months I recovered - sometimes they lasted days, sometimes weeks, sometimes they were horrendous and sometimes passable. As well as having setbacks I woke everyday with anxiety, but I also started having little ‘normal’ anxiety free spells too. So all this happened altogether - a huge mix up of it all.

      You just have to ride them through like everyone else I’m afraid. Worrying about them and each side effect is pointless because they are just side effects of anxiety and / or the meds, and its often the worry that makes them worse, so try and relax towards them and just know this is how it all works.

      K xx

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    Hello there,

    Today marks 12 weeks for me on 20mg of citalopram. Like you I have had some really high highs and some really low lows. I am definitely seeing vast improvements over day 1, but for me it all started with health anxiety. Where I find myself now is wondering whether or not the side effects of the medicine are actually side effects of the medicine or something more sinister. Currently I feel like I have I lump in my throat for about the last 2 weeks. It can make my anxiety shoot through the roof at times. Before this I've spent hours and hours researching different types of cancers that I thought fit my symptoms.

    I've had so many abdominal pains and gut issues mixed in with the shakes and generalized weakness. Then comes the exhaustion and the inability to focus at times. It can be truly taxing.

    But to further add to what Kate has said, I most definitely have experienced what you're experiencing. Reading these forums has been a great help to me since I started dealing with these issues. Kate is a saint for all the communicating she does with everyone.

    I wish you the best as you continue you recover and hopefully we'll all get through it unscathed eventually.

    Best regards,


    p.s. Kate if you read this can I get you to pm me a link to that book?

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      Hi Randall

      Yes I’ll forward you the links.

      Often anxiety will make you feel like you’ve a lump in the throat - its tension. Similar to having that feeling of a knot in the stomach. Rather than spending hours researching what it could be, get checked out at the doctors.

      If you have any sort of anxiety condition then I urge you to NOT search online for any of the symptoms. Anxiety feeds on fear and tension tension and all your questions you search for as it just gives you even more questions. The majority of people who have anxiety spend hours researching online about their symptoms, about anxiety, about any health issues etc etc (the only reason I didn’t when I was ill was because the internet hadn’t been invented lol 😄 - but I’m sure I would have done). As it was, my head was full of questions and chatter 24/7. So all the searching will probably prolong the anxiety condition and makes you worse.

      This is where the books comes in - it’ll answer questions, allay fears and give you one route to follow. It helps towards recovering from anxiety.

      Many people look for instant relief - and even when reading a self help book they’re looking for that magic word or sentence, something that will make them feel better. But there isn’t any instant relief, and just like the meds, the books need to be worked at too. Also you can’t try the book for a day or a week then give up - they need time and patience just as the meds do.

      The books I talk of work. But you need to have an open mind - and patience.

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