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Hi i have impaired glucose intolerence, what carbs should i cut out of my diet altogether

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    Dionne my reply is based on my experience since 2007. The medical Fraternity may disagree with it however. I dropped Breads, Pasta, Potatoes and root veg, and Rice. In 2007 my numbers were heading skywards as was my weight (19st 12lb). I started walking at a brisk pace for about 5 mile pretty much most days and eating protein based meals with salads and any Leafy Veg. I also monitered my glucose levels before and after meals and any exercise and kept records for 6 months. It does work but does also require some determination. It is pretty much impossible to avoid carb altogether as they are present in all veg but much less so in Green leaf Veg
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    Hello, dont cut out carb! Ur body needs carbohydrates but you need to lose any excess weigh you are carrying bacasue this is why you have the condition. As a specialist diabetes nurse, I am asked this all the time. The insulin in your body is being produced but cant work effectively and fat tissue is usually the cause. As good and bad carbs, bread isnt great, rice, pasta and potatoes r betetr but if you ahve brfead, have brown bread as this will be more beneficial for your glucose. Try lokign at diabetes UK websire - load s of it. I know you are not classes as a diabetic but the same diet will benefit you. ( in fact the same doet woudl benefit us akll because its a healthy loving diet!) Hoep that helps x
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    I've been type 2 diabetic for 13 months now. I'm on metformin tablets. I've adopted a low-carb diet to combat sugar levels and obesity. I've lost 9 stone 9 now and gone from a size 24 to 8/10 in 13 months. No gastric surgery or anything drastic like that. Just a healthy diet (and a little exercise).

    I don't eat bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. I do, however, eat porridge or all bran for breakfast as some complex carbs are good for you. I eat at least 9 portions of fruit and veg a day. I also need to watch my cholesterol so have introduced nuts, seeds, omega-3, soya and a few food supplements to my diet. I've cut out all fried food and don't eat meat other than chicken and oily fish.

    Obviously, this is what I generally try to eat. I'm not stupidly strict as I will throw some caution to the wind at parties and such. I just make sure I'm careful the rest of the time. Cutting out treats altogether is what causes diets to fail. I consider my way of eating to be key to a healthier, happier me. It's not a 'diet' as such. With the support of friends and family, I continue to achieve this.

    Good luck out there!

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    Potty P good for you and well done, My experience since 2007 is the its not the diet per se but that you can get a little carried away with the significant weight loss. IE you can get a bit evangelical and want to tell the whole world. Trouble is The Health Pros and other bodies arnt keen and will try to pursuade you otherwise.

    I lost almost 4st and by following this lifestyle it has stayed off.

    I did have a wobble a couple of years back and it is somewhat harder to do 2nd time but it can be done. The other plus is the important numbers all pretty much come into line.

    Dont know about your Cholesterol situation but even that is up for debate as the body needs it and therefore makes it.

    I dont do Soy but eat all meats and fish but stay away from Processed as much as poss. Butter & Cream is def on the menu as is all green leaf veg. I do restrict fruits to some now and again due to the fructose.

    As far as it goes i am now able to have a bit of naan bread or rice with a curry say and dont get carb cravings and havnt for some time. The other noticeable thing is an apparent lack of hunger, I dont seem to get ravenous gnawings anymore.

    The other thing that puzzles me is that like a few others i know, my med records are in on the NHS system. Since 2007 any Hba1c tests etc are also a matter of record. My point in all this is that the treatment is supposed to be evidence based.

    But when you talk to your GP / Spec Nurse they simply say well if it works for you ! ! ! but it is working for more than just a few !!!

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    Hi DP

    Potty P here again. You raise a good point. Few professionals will encourage you to do something that goes against the NHS' 'healthy eating plate' guidelines for a balanced diet. However, in both our cases, and a LOT of diabetics' cases, low-carb diets are the way forward. You too have done well to lose 4 stone and keep it off...surely this is proof enough that it does work. True, that it's working for YOUR body and may not be a 'fits all' plan, but there are a lot of us out here for whom it does work. I only hope I can keep my weight static now.

    Regarding cholesterol, don't even get me started!!!!! Mine's been 4 point something all my life, and I've always been 'cuddly.' Since losing the weight it's gradually shot up to 6.3 and I've been threatened with statins - hence the cholesterol busting facet to my 'diet.' As you said, cholesterol is good for you. There is evidence to show you actually need more than the doctors recommend. In women, especially, there is research proving a negative corrolation between increased cholesterol and deaths by heart disease (meaning the higher the cholesterol, the less likely you are to croak it)

    More food for thought! xx

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