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This is my real-life experience of taking Seroxat (Paroxetine). I am offering it in a spirit of helpfulness, even though I realise that some readers may be disturbed by what they read.

I took Seroxat (Paroxetine) regularly for many months. It helped my depression and anxiety, but I found that the side effects were really unpleasant. These were constant and included: metallic feeling on the top half of my head and metallic taste in my mouth; uncontrollable yawning spasms; loss of sex drive; nausea - that was only alleviated by eating frequently; etc.

Eventually, I decided that these side effects were worse than the actual illness and I threw away my tablets in frustration. At that time (1990s) I had not read or heard anything about patients becoming dependent on the drug (e.g. Panorama TV programmes). My body soon told me though!!!

Within 24 hours of stopping the drug, I was more ill than I had ever been in my whole life (40-odd years at that point). I could not get out of bed at all because of the dizziness, nausea and panicky feeling. My wife had to go and get an emergency repeat prescription so that I could have my "fix".

So began my long and difficult struggle to wean myself off Seroxat (Paroxetine) - a supposedly non-addictive prescribed medicine. I tried to gradually reduce the dose, but the "cold turkey" returned as soon as the dose dropped below a certain amount.

My GP was as much in the dark about this dependency as I was. I therefore did my own research and found out about a relatively new, but similar drug. Over some months, I was then able to gradually get off Seroxat (Paroxetine) by inter-weaving doses of this other SSRI.

I then found that my body could not cope with just reducing that SSRI either. I therefore had to do the inter-weaving doses method again with a third SSRI. After some months on that third drug, I was eventually able to reduce the dose and stop altogether.

For me to gradually stop being "hooked on" any SSRIs took many difficult months, and I will never, ever take any again. The Panorama TV programmes about Seroxat (referred to above) highlighted how widespread these problems are.

I now take a herbal remedy that works well for me, without any side-effects. It's called 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). As I understand it, the body can use 5-HTP to make seratonin.

My advice to individuals is to do your own research about this important issue. Do not be surprised if drug companies and the medical establishment belittle herbal remedies, and dismiss problems such as I have described. There is a lot of money involved.

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    hi, everyone who is trying to wihdraw from this drug, i have taken seroxat 30 mg for 9.5 years, for depression, and in october 2005, my gp suggested it was time to withdraw, because of the time i had been on it, and because he was retiring at the easter (march 06), and he wanted me off it before then.

    so, i began the gradual, what HELL!!!

    he suggested to take every other day for a week, and to continue this regime, missing out alternate days for the following weeks, to confuse the body, as to not expect the usual dose of the drug.

    well, the first day i missed a tablet, i was experiencing dizziness, nausea, light headedness, all the so called reported side effects of this drug.

    in short, i carried on with the withdrawal until christmas 05, i was that ill, i'd never experienced feelings like this in my life.

    the head whooshes, zaps, tingling, pins and needles, head confusion,

    the agitation, and the extreme anxiety attacks.

    I couldn't go out, i hid from family and friends because i didn't want to be sociable, i wanted to be on my own. I rang the gp out of hours more times than i care to remember, i visited endless gp's in the emergency clinic, i think i've seen all the gps at the practise i use, and none of them have the answers.

    AFTER christmas, i rang my usual gp, cos i felt to sick to go and visit, and he prescribed propanelol, prozac, diazepam, as well as the seroxat, the feelings continued, and my mood was altered because oif the way i was feeling.

    The amount of times i'd ask doctors, Was i going MAD?, why was i hiding from people?, why couldn't i just be normal again.

    AND THE SWEATS, they were something else.

    Anyway, in march 2006, i became seroxat free, i was off the drug for 2 days, along with all the other stuff i had been taking, when something happened, and i'll never know to this day, what it was.

    I had done all the usual housewife chores, and sweating profusely, and i sat in the chair, beside an open window, it was 2,25 pm, i don't know quite what happened to me, but when i came round i was sat in the chair, feeling very unwell, and with BLOOD all over me, i managed to get up and look in the mirror, and noticed i was very pale, and seeing all this blood, thought i had internal bleeding, and was on the verge of calling an ambulance, but on closer inspection had bit my tongue, quite deeply in quite a few places.

    Now, i couldn't go shopping, couldn't drive, couldn't go out, and was now afraid to stay in my own house on my own, for fear it may happen again. I consulted the gp about this incident, and he appeared to be totally unconcerned, and said to put it down to a BLIP.

    I continued off all drugs until June 2006, and because of the torturous side effects, the gp has now prescribed 20mg of YES, you got it SEROXAT.

    The drug seems to have taken longer to work this time, but, am feeling better than i have done in nearly a year.

    My husband of 29 years, I also have 3 daughters 28,25, 17, and a son 12.

    They are always saying "i am not the person i used to be", my husband says he doesn"T recognise me as the person he married.

    Would you say, that this is the drugs, as so often since w/d, i have felt like ending my marriage, and just walking away from my home, family, friends and granchildren. My family do not understand these drugs not only make you feel rotten, and are HELL to get off, they are MIND CHANGING, as well.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone else, who has had a similar problem, i'm sorry for the length of this, but just needed to get it off my chest, as i'm sick of sitting here on my own crying,i just want MY LIFE BACK.

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      Oh my dear I felt so much for you as I read your story you sound very much like me we just want our lives back as I have children and grandchildren and depression anxiety and pills seem to be the only consistent thing in my life instead of enjoying things I have been on a number of ante dep and sleeping pills for last 20years now it's hangs time again from venlafaxine to mirtazipine to seroxat and I hate it. Life is for living May God bless you and yours
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      I've been taking seroxat/Paxil for 26yrs and have been told by my neurologist & psychiatrist that it will be impossible to withdrawal....The brain shuts down its own serotonin supply which in turn also effects other brain neurotransmitters! I've tried everything, can no longer work and rely on home help to get through each day!
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      Hi I was On Seroxat/Pareoxetine for about 25years and it has completely messed me up, I tried to come off it for years,Docs had no Idea, my wife done some research, and eventually I was weaned off it slowly. It took about a year, combination of tablet and liquid form, still coping with anxiety and depression. then if your lucky some of your emotions come back, I found some came back in floods and its hrd to cope with it all,feel like I live in this weird world now where everything is strange, my advice don't ever take these and if ''you are come off themdo it very very slowly
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    I can relate to this...

    I have had to up my dose of paroxatine because as my body has become more accustomed to it I am experiencing more withdrawal symptoms. I am now on 30 mg having started out 5 years ago on 20 mg, I can feel that this is not enough for my body and will soon have to increase again.

    I don't think I will ever be able to withdraw completely as I am so dependant on it that missing a dose by a few hours sends me into massive withdrawal symptoms and I don't feel back to \"normal\" until a week or so later!

    I am a prisoner to this drug!

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      get off thi drug it evil,the only way to do it is very very slowly,took me a year,combination of tabs and liquid,go to ya docs. I was on it 25 years or so and it has done my brain seriously
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    I have just been prescribed paroxetine and am quite scared about the effects it will have on me.

    I have never had this anti pepressant before.I have been on citalapram for 2 years but my depression has gotten worse.

    Do you feel better or worse for taking these tablets.




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    Can anyone update me on how you are all doing on Seroxat. I have started taking it after 1 month i didnt feel any difference. now my psychiatrist has upped me to 30mg and i feel awful. i took this drug 15 years ago and it made me feel wonderful but came off it to try and have children. i've tryed proxac, citalapram and sertaraline none of them did anything for me.

    i cant do anything, i can't do house hold chores i cant cook the dinner. when is this going to end. will i ever get better

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    I wanted to just quickly encourage everyone to report their withdrawal symptoms through the country's respective reporting system:

    Doctors are in the dark about withdrawal symptoms, drug companies manipulate studies so that they can claim "only a low percentage of patients get withdrawal". 

    If we report the symptoms, they can't hide anymore. 

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    If U have just started taking this drug or are on have been on it for a while, try ang get off it, very very slowly, I took it for over 25 years and putting it politely it had messed up my brain!!!!! took me over a year combination of tablet and liquid form, and very very gradual, I am not a doctor, just someonewho has experience and been left with the hell of this tablet!! best wishes and good luck x
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    4 days off and feeling like turd, gonna beat this thou!... I'm going down the route of as long as I know why I feel like crap then I have nothing to worry about... 20mg a day for 6 years, 10mg for the last 4 weeks.

    All these kind of reports and posts only make me more determined! thanks for sharing!.. 

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    I notice whilst reading here that several people have used the phrase 'messed up my brain' about this drug. I am curious to know what this phrase actually means and as a long term user myself i can't help wondering if this is maybe something you only realise once you have stopped taking them? 

    any advice please?

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      Hi Sioux, 

      I could write a novel about in which ways these drugs have messed up my brain and body. Let's just say I went from a functioning but very stressed person who went to college in the evenings, worked full time and did martial arts 3 times a week to a quivering, crying mess. I would lie in bed screaming in physical and emotional pain for at least 6 months.

      I can't do anything that I used to do in my "previous life" anymore. I'm on disability allowance now and nearly collapse when I go up a flight of stairs because my heart doesn't work properly anymore. 

      This all went down within 5 days of taking and stopping the medicine due to side effects. 

      Maybe I'm an extreme case, but check Youtube for Peter Breggin's videos. He'll explain the medication's effects on the brain. 

      Also check his information on "Medication Spellbinding" He explains why while on the drug, you don't notice how it's harming you. 

      All the best, 


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      Thanks Laura, I'll certainly have a look at the info you mentioned. I hope you're better now and will continue to improve. What a horror story you have. Take Care.
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