in agony painkillers dont work prolapse disc

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hi just found this webiste tonight cant belive how many people are suffering everythibg i have read it is identical to what i have is really getting me down. Have tried every pain killer the only one i have not tried is morphine as the doctor woll not prescribe me this as it is addctive. I am taking solpadol at the moment dont know why as that does nothing apart from helping me to go to sleep at night. Have tried diclofenic does nothing tramadol does nothing apart from making me feel sick with no appetite. Lost nearly stone in weight because of this. My doctor has now referred me to a neurosurgen am waiting to hear about that. I have prolapse disc which is causing sciatica. This was caused through child birth had a big baby. I also had an epidural puncture which made me poorly. I have had this disc problem since 2005. They did refer me for surgery 2007 but i had to cancel because of other health issues which turned out to be okay. I now regret cancelling the operation as the problem has got worse. I just hope i hear something soon as i cannot take anymore. Its not fair to my family as i am miserable all of the time. I just hope the op works. I am worried incase i have any prblems like spinal fluid leakage there is a name for this i am not sure what it is. I would be grateful if anybody could recommend a really good pain killer i am desperate.

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    Hello I am so sorry that you are in so much pain, I had a prolapsed disc 12 years ago, I had the operation and I am still suffering in pain with my spine. I am due to have another yearly injection which helps a little but since the operation I have never been the same. I was left like you are now which caused more damaged and now I am left with scarring. You need to get on at your doctor to rush things through, be heard! please don't end up like me, I know what you are going through, I know how bad the pain can be, I hope they sort you out, and please take care, if you want to talk about it I don't mind you sending me a message.
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    Hi Toni.

    Welcome to the legion of fellow disc sufferers!!! As you would have seen you are certainly not alone!!! You wouldn't think that one little part of your body could cause so much pain!!! You have clearly been suffering for a long time though and you will need to really bang on doors to get meaningful help. Unfortunately that is the ongoing theme here.

    The situation with the meds is that there are probably about eight in all that people use in different combinations. Different things work for different people. I am currently on the wrong meds now, because my problem is no longer the blinding pain in my back/leg, but this burning/numbness, mainly in my leg/foot. But the fact is that nobody is planing on chasnging anything anytime soon. I am luckier than most in that I am able to work, because the worse of it is at night, but right now I am knackered from lack of, and constantly broken sleep. It really is a case of trial and error! I worked my way through all sorts of drugs before settling on Co-codamal and diclofenac as a combination. Diazepam I loved but they cut off my supply because it was so highly addictive! That used to knock me out at night and boy could I do with that now!

    I was interested in your comments about being worried in case you have a spinal fluid leak from the surgery. The chances of a dural tear are less than 1% if it is your first spinal operation and you are having a discectomy/microdiscectomy. Most dural tears are spotted during the surgery and dealt with there and then so cause no problems or else they would be spotted pretty much immedicately after the surgery and can usually be dealt with by bed rest for a few days. It is really quite rare for them to be very troublesome and cause a pseudomeningocele, requiring further operation. In fact across all spinal surgery the chances of getting a pseudomeningocele are about 1 in 1500, but this includes the statistics for extremely complicated surgery too. For a discectomy/microdiscectomy the odds are much, much better than that. I did end up with a pseudomeningocele and have done extensive reading on the subject. I think that with the long odds of everything combined that happened to me during my first surgery I actually had more chance statistically of winning the lottery. Wish I had, then I wouldn't have needed to bother with the NHS at all!!!

    Hopefully, you will get to see the neurosurgeon soon. Then if you get an up to date MRI done, everybody will have a better idea of how to help you. Unfortunately these things always drag on. It isn't fair and it isn't right!!! I have learned so much through my NHS journey and trust me they don't make it easy. Just as well you have friends like us, right?????

    Best wishes


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    Hi am sorry to hear you are yet another disc sufferer that the NHS seem to be letting down!!

    I had a slipped disc and severe muscle and tissue damage 20mths ago after an accident at work. I am now registered disabled,i use crutches to walk,and really should use a wheelchair on bad days but just can not bring myself to use it....which call me stupid but its how i am!! I now have to have help and care with day to day living which my husband provides and when he is at work my best friend steps in ....they have both been AMAZING...i will always try and do what i can but do struggle with things at times.

    Both my bowel amd bladder have been affected which no 1 wants to seem to do anything about!! I suffer with pain constantly every minute of everyday in my lower left side of back and left leg. The pain can differ 1 day to the next. It can be apparent that its there but i can just about manage and stay upbeat ...and then other days its HORRENDOUS to the point i actually vomit and it totally disables me...on those days i just want to sleep and never wake up!!

    In my left leg iv been told its damage due to sciatic nerve....which you guys will know is HELL...i also have quite a bit of muscle wastage.

    my medication i think is a high dosage and alot that i have to take but perhaps you guys can tell me otherwise...??

    its...TRAMADOL 100mg, 2, lots 4 times aday...PREGABALIN 150mg, 1, 4 times aday...DIAZEPAM 5mg, 1, 3 times aday...VENLAFAXINE 75mg, 2, at night time...and i have recently been taken off AMITRIPTYLINE as the stuff just knocked me out,and i found it awfull and dangerous!! I also have LACTULOSE which they gave me for my bowels...again another joke!!

    I still get pain with all that i take and so although i can not advise you on medication that will help you,i can show you how much i take and still tell you that my life is HELL!!...Although saying that it is a case of HORSES FOR COURSES and what doesnt work for one does not mean it will not work for may be ok. I have also had an Epidural to no avail as i did not get any respite from the pain,but was then given a Dorsal root block which did not remove all the pain but it certainly helped to make my life a little more comfortable and made me feel happier because i was not suffering as much....sadly this only lasted 10-15 days but i would recommend it if you can have it.

    My situation is the same in respect of not getting any answers and just being told to WAIT!! Iv had a letter sent out to say i will never return to my work which broke my heart. I want to go back to work one day but my doc and consultant are saying NO!! I just dont understand how they can make that decision already??

    I was told at first they could operate to eliviate my problem but now they are saying there is nothing for the surgeon to get hold of...what ever that is meant to mean??

    Iv complained now as iv had enough of being IGNORED FOBBED OFF OR LOOKED UPON AS IF IM MAKING THE WHOLE THING UP!!

    I now have a meeting on monday to sort out this mess. I spoke with my doc tonight he explained im now being sent to Rheumatology because they think i may have some underlying spinal problem which has resulted from the original injury as well as the slipped disc and that this was not detected earlier on....its a joke!!

    I know it sounds easy to say but you MUST keep on at them you must keep piling on the pressure. You have a right to this service,a service that is meant to treat you correctly and they are not doing that. Ask any questions you have and keep asking till you get the answers.

    I know how frustrated and upset you must be feeling...but sadly the only way to get what you are entitlled to is to MAKE A FUSS!! Let your voice be heard let them know you are not putting up with their crap!!

    I really wish you well and hope you get what you are entitlled to. Im always here anytime if you ever want a chat...and i will always keep you posted of any new things i find out just incase it ca

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    I've a bad slipped disc, had an MRI and radiologist said it was really so bad that I need to watch out for it not getting worse and impacting ability to urinate. Most frustrating thing is, the same thing happened 2 1/2 months ago and I was just recovered when it went again. 

    Although this time it's worse. Pain is just unreal, constant throbbing in thigh, bum, calf foot and numb toes. 

    Was barely able to make it to the doc and later the clinic for MRI.

    My experience with two doctors I've been to over it haven't been great - I don't think they comprehend the level of pain. I've a referral now to see a spinal surgeon, so interested to hear what he thinks.

    my doc won't give me morphine either. Just difene, tramadol and strong solfodine. Also Valium. It's not really cutting the mustard! 

    Sleeping is tough with waking with the pain too. Have a toddler who's had to go to family as I can barely get out of bed to mind her. 

    Feeling all of your pain! 

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