In February 1987 I was involved in a very minor road tra...

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In February 1987 I was involved in a very minor road traffic accident. At very low speed in heavy traffic I was shunted from behind, resulting in extensive damage to the LandRover I was driving, and unpleasant reaction with my body. At the time of the accident I went into autopilot to prevent other vehicles becoming involved. I noticed that I was very unsteady on my feet, but only after everyone else had left and I attempted to get back in the vehicle did I discover a real problem; loss of feeling and bladder incontinence to a marked degree. When finally seen by a GP I was told it was only a little whiplash, and a few days rest would cure it. I was finally X rayed in June following an episode while visiting a relative in hospital. Damage in the form of minor fractures was found on the pelvis and two vertabrae. The good news is I am mobile, and work a full week. However I have endured 6 years in a spinal corset, take 150mls of Tramadol and no less than 250mls codeine daily to function, still suffer bladder and bowel problems, and sleep in short bursts for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. My GP does not consider my condition to be a cause for concern, despite having received a settlement in court for the injuries sustained (just last year)! I am told that I can continue to increase the amount of codeine and paracetamol I take by a further 20% daily and people of 55 do tend to suffer incontinence problems so I should learn to put up with them.

Perhaps I should take my courage in both hands and risk the operation I am told might relieve the pain. Or leave me wheelchair bound. I have contemplated in an academic way the idea of suicide, but life is so very precious. Grown men don't cry. I am expected to smile and be cheerful, because I always used to smile and be cheerful. I'm not supposed to feel sorry for myself ever. After all, think of all those so much worse off.

I don't like drugs. But I am now addicted to my pain killers. I would like a few days completely free of pain. I won't risk surgeons experiments. So, I'll just have to put up with it, smile and say, "No I'm fine, really I am". And go on screaming inside.

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    as an arthritic i empethise with the writers comments.

    I to started with a problem with my back some three years ago

    and although i am recieving attention most of that time has been waiting time.

    I to take medication for the arthritis and the same for back pain which for the most part has little effect other than to make me feel worse.

    I to am left feeling washed out and depressed although i have not yet contemplated suicide , this may be due to the fact that i am due to see a surgeon about my condition maybe in 12 months time. :wink:

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    Hi ! --.Have had 3 traumas to my ended up in a hairline crack ,other one ina bent coccyx.Consulted various ortho paedics everybody said no caus efor worry.It was a recent visit that has troubled me the most---I have been diagnose with Pont osseux anterior au niveau L2 L3.And as if this was not enough--also a hemangiome in L3.The doctors still say no cause for worry,but need to be alert in case there is anything more abnormal seen in my future scans-----Suffer from back pain and all other sorts of pains associated with the leg and feet.

    Got a long way to go yet---just 35---do't know what to do

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    Have you try IDD Therapy? It's a non invasive treatment program that could have to bring some relief. Have a look at

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    I know what constant pain is like as I've had a back problem for just over twenty years, I have a small tear in my lower spine and what appears on my x-rays to be previous hairline fractures of the lower back. I had a road accident that appeared to be non serious at the time which probably led to the fractures, which was untreated except for painkillers.

    Many things can help improve the pain temporarily steriodal pain block and or epidural into the lumber region which can help significantly, I have had many but am no longer allowed anymore, which really helped in the past. Combination drug therapies can be much more affective than a stand alone painkiller, neuroligal drugs like Gabapentin which help with the nerve pain, amitriptiline to help with the sleeping even 5mg can often be effective, normally helps me sleep longer than two hours as the pain wakes me otherwise. If the pain is really depressing you then a mild anti-depressant which lifted your mood could be a good idea. If the muscles in your back go into spasm from pain and lock up as mine can then a muscle relaxant like Baclofen would help. Are you able to take anti-inflamatories? If you can then a good one would help to releive some of the inflamation generally associated with pain.

    Any of these combinations of drugs can be much better than just painkillers but it does depend on your physical condition and what you are able to tolerate the pain clinic at your local hospital maybe able to advise you better than your doctor. Also the way that you live and the amount of stress on the spine in your daily life may need some adjustment, heat or ice packs can help dramatically with some pain.

    But if it is a longterm problem like mine it is something you may have to get used to and adjust the way you live.

    Hope you get some more relief soon


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    It's now 2:30 in the morning and i am awake because of my back. I know exactly where you are coming from. An hour ago i was standing in my kitchen looking at the kitchen knives and thinking how easy it would be to stop this pain for good.....but then i remember that my wife and children are upstairs so i just cry some more.



    Ipswich, UK

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